Welcome to Superior Heritage, the history and genealogy website for those of us with "roots" in Michigan's beautiful Houghton and Keweenaw counties. 
     The copper mines stopped long ago; however, during their glory days, the mines attracted thousands upon thousands of people in search of the "American Dream" and a better life for their families.  The population of Calumet was so staggering during this period that it is rumored that the town almost became the capitol of Michigan.
     The miners, and others who came to prosper from the industry, have long since gone, their families dispersing throughout the world, but has the grand era of the copper boom really ended?  Anything is alive for as long as it is remembered, and the tales of the Copper Country are passed on through the generations, so it is safe to say that the area is still booming, but in a more subtle, spiritual, sentimental way.

     Long ago, a visit to the Copper Country was a business endeavor or a new beginning, but today, a visit there is a retreat and a pilgrimage for all of us whose families commenced there so long ago.
     Today, we join together to remember our ancestors and our past, and it is my greatest hope to provide a place that helps everyone achieve some sort of satisfaction and/or success in their attempt to reconnect with their Copper Country roots.
     Every section of this website is designed to represent a significant aspect of Copper Country history and genealogy.  Please enjoy what I have to offer and feel free to make any suggestions or comments. 
     Thanks to all of you who have provided continuous fuel and assistance for my passion to preserve, document and share the history and genealogy of the Copper Country, it is to you all that I am forever indebted.  Many thanks to Alicia Koski-Marshall, Pat Hamp, Joyce Gardner, Don Chaput & Larry Smith.

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     Here are the different segments of the site, each representing an important aspect of Copper Country history and genealogy:

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     More sections will be added as I gain interest or amass an overflow of information about a particular topic.  Another site worth visiting, the site that inspired this entire endeavor, is the Houghton County GenWeb site, administered by Patricia Hamp.

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