Michigan Native American Iron Works List 1835 Mackinac Agency

1835 May 11Sow on o quot
1835 May 19Pow neede
1835 May 19Bou gwon a geich
1835 May 21Sagan osh
1835 May 21Gan ga owk
1835 May 21Nau do way quay
1835 May 21Anin au ba quay
1835 May 25Ocuck og ceshe
1835 May 29Mong o quay
1835 May 29Osaw wouck Koda wa quay
1835 May 29Pauk au an ga
1835 May 29Wau be ske be shi?e
1835 May 30Gau be bone e ca
1835 June 5Shu wa wa
1835 June 5Sau ge ge wa o sa quay
1835 June 15Ah be tau com ig
1835 June 22Ne che gum a chin
1835 June 22Gau ge ge do quay
1835 June 22Mong o quay
1835 June 22Ba mau sega
1835 June 23Shud a gone
1835 June 29Gau ge do so
1835 June 29Gau dau ga
1835 June 29Show won a banace
1835 June 29Wau be sha ba
1835 June 29Gau jah au sing
1835 June 29Sow ou o quod do
1835 June 30Na on o quot
1835 July 1Ne gan ub
1835 July 1Tai bain dum
1835 July 8Won o quat
1835 July 9Bau be go na gwon
1835 July 10Nau me ke wau de ga
1835 July 10Mau dau gum ce
1835 July 10Antoine
1835 July 10Nau wau bau no
1835 July 10Oskau ba wis
1835 July 13Meis co gwon
1835 July 13Audonce
1835 July 20Wau be ske be nace
1835 July 20Mon e to ge ick
1835 July 20Ah be tau ge ick
1835 July 20Au nau mic qua um
1835 July 20Mau co qua
1835 July 20Nain do me way
1835 July 20Osau woush do day wa qua
1835 July 21Ih pau one
1835 July 21Macada enin ey
1835 July 21Wau bong ga
1835 July 21Gaun au wau be
1835 July 21Ka ba o sa
1835 July 21Nau we qua um
1835 July 22Osaw weh wa
1835 July 22Esqua on o quah
1835 July 23Saganosh
1835 July 23Po need
1835 July 23unreadable in fold
1835 July 23Aske bug a ge sis
1835 July 23Be daw wa bego
1835 July 23A nau wa be
1835 July 23Au be tau ge ick
1835 July 23Akewansey
1835 July 23Mis qua bow a Ka
1835 July 24Ba bau ge me wong
1835 July 24Show one
1835 July 24Ne she ca be nace
1835 July 24Mau ore stan ish
1835 July 24Nau au bown a
1835 July 24Ghe wau me quo ga
1835 July 24Nee o gau da
1835 July 24Gitchey be na ce
1835 July 24Esqua be na ce
1835 July 25Kewa qum um
1835 July 25Be shiw
1835 July 25Ne gaun au go mood
1835 July 25Kewa coosh cum
1835 July 25Pa ba mau she
1835 July 25Ase bun
1835 July 25Macada we nin ey
1835 July 29Antoine
1835 July 29Ke no she maig
1835 July 29Sage me waib be
1835 July 29Ke wad din o quay
1835 July 29Naud ge wun a
1835 July 29Mon o do wosh
1835 July 29Ke nis Egeezhig
1835 July 29Tabus Egeezhig
1835 July 29Wa wau ga bo
1836 July 30Ish qua be naib
1836 July 30Go sec gwod
1836 July 30A ske bug oshge
1836 July 30Gau go ga gum au
1836 July 30Mau ne do wash
1836 July 30Ba bau me dau as
1835 July 30Ba bau me dau be said
1835 July 30Pa bau one said
1835 July 30Au dau weish
1835 July 30Odane
1835 July 30Tawa
1835 August 1Ke wa obin o qua
1835 August 1Is coda wa
1835 August 1Ish qua ge ic
1835 August 1Nau ge ick was gun
1835 August 2Wau be gaug
1835 August 3Au gaw wan tau
1835 August 3Adow a mau
1835 August 3Show un abi
1835 August 3Negu au wemub
1835 August 3Pa ba nong
1835 August 3Oog oge ga o da quay
1835 August 10Ochaw won o quay
1835 August 10Wabojcib
1835 August 10Pa sigk obe nace
1835 August 10Odawa we be na sheen
1835 August 17A ce bun
1835 August 17Ogag
1835 August 17Au go o day
1835 September 1Gitchey na gwoc
1835 September 1Oge mau ge godo
1835 September 1Keogemau
1835 September 1Nau wa quo ge ick
1835 September 4Mese nust codawa
1835 September 5Oge mau wan be
1835 September 6Mau ke wis
1835 September 6Shaub e quay skin
1835 September 6Ka ga osh ing
1835 September 6She wan bic
1835 September 6unreadable
1835 September 10Gesis wan ba
1835 September 10Sene a way
1835 September 10Wasaw e quon ia
1835 September 11Ghe au won o
1835 September 11Nana au go mood
1835 September 11O na nau go
1835 September 11Megwonce
1835 September 11Oshaw was co be nace
1835 September 11Godau ge won
1835 September 14Ahbe tau ge ick
1835 September 16Ogemau we mis? ey
1835 September 16Tau com e sa
1835 September 16Oge mau wis
1835 September 16Peshe ba
1835 September 17Shob a quish ing
1835 September 17Wau wong e bo
1835 September 17Ghe o da qua ge wong
1835 September 17Augustain Ahniuk?
1835 September 17Naqua wau ne go
1835 September 18Ghe bau te go kay
1835 September 18Sau sau ge ge ?? be img
1835 September 18We me te gooshe
1835 September 18Ance
1835 September 19Negan a qua gau be wa
1835 September 19Me sha ?a
1835 September 19Bago na os sing
1835 September 22Now ish co da
1835 September 22Eshaw ke da
1835 September 22Shog e be wone
1835 September 25Shob was song
1835 September 26Tau gan on o quay
1835 September 29Chaub wa wa
1835 September 30Paw we tig o quay
1835 September 30Me shaw boose

Source:  Mackinac Agency
Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs 1824-1881
National Archives Microfilm Publications M234 Roll 402 1828-1838

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