MINUTES of the OLD MISSION and NEW MISSION (Grove Hill) CHURCH 1843 - 1871

These records were extracted from the above title on film. The Native names were spelled in different ways through out the record. To ease your search the spellings were normalized into one main spelling. You can go through each page of the records by clicking on the numbered links or alphabetize the records by one of the columns.

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The Mission Church was organized on 3 Jun 1843 in the present town of Old Mission, Grand Traverse County, Michigan. When the Indians moved across Grand Traverse Bay to Leelanau County, Rev. Dougherty moved the Mission to the present town of Omena.

  NeyahnegezhikEmma BaptismAugust 5 1855  
  NeyahnegezhikNancy BaptismAugust 5 1855  
 JosephTabuhkeshnot recorded BaptismNovember 1855  
 JamesWahsagezhik  BaptismDecember 30 1855  
 JaneOgezhwa  BaptismDecember 30 1855  
 StephenShahbwahsong  BaptismDecember 30 1855 In school
 DanielTuhbuh sosh  BaptismDecember 30 1855 In school
 WilliamMegisinine  BaptismJanuary 6 1856child 
 JohnEtuhwahkahnage  BaptismJanuary 6 1856child 
 BenjaminMo awa  BaptismApril 1856 In school
 AlfredMezhenushkedawa  BaptismApril 1856 In school
 AlfredNa da er Nawuhdagezhik  BaptismApril 1856  
AhgosaGeorge H.   ReceivedJanuary 6 1861 father Addison Potts or Ahgosa. George Hale who was baptised here May 18 1845. Member of Grove Hill School
AllenMary Ann   ReceivedJanuary 6 1861 Parents Allen - Moses and Emma. Mary Ann was baptised here June 1846. Member of Grove Hill School
 Mary Mrs.Petosega  BaptismJanuary 6 1861 brought up in Catholic faith. Member of Grove Hill School
AllenMoses and wifeNaishkazeNancy BaptismJanuary 6 1861child 
 John C. L.KesisJane BaptismMay 26 1861  
 Edwin and wifeMemgoweneSophene BaptismOctober 6 18615 weeks 
CrakerGeorge A. and Mrs.  Alonzo Custer BaptismOctober 6 1861  
PottsDavid and MaryMadwagonasheBenjamin BaptismJanuary 5 1862 Grandfather Addison Potts or Ahgosa Father David Madwagonashe Mother Mary daughter of Peninwon
 AlfredMezhenushkedawaGeorge Henry BaptismJanuary 5 1862  
 Joseph and Mary JaneTabuhkeshSophia BaptismJanuary 5 1862  
 James and wifeAhkeWilliam BaptismOctober 19 1862infant 
 EnosKahmenotagezeJohn BaptismOctober 1 1863childGrandfather Thomas Father -Enos Kahmenotageze was baptised here June 20 1852
 ElizaSahgah  ReceivedMay 8 1864 In School
 Mary Jane   BaptismMay 8 1864 In School
 Emma   BaptismMay 8 1864 Wife of Enos formerly in school
 AaronSahgahnakqud  BaptismMay 8 1864 formerly in school
DoughertyIsabella Jane   ReceivedMay 8 1864  
 EdwinMemgoweneWilliam BaptismMay 8 1864child 
 Paul Mary Ann BaptismMay 8 1864child 
 JohnKesisBenjamin BaptismMay 8 1864child 
CrakerMr. and Mrs.  William Adelbert BaptismMay 8 1864child 
WalkerSusan AmeliaAngelise  MarriageDecember 11 185716 yrs.Married to Frances son of Shagonabe at Grove Hill.
 StephenPamesa  BaptismOctober 4 1864 husband of Sophia Omuhzagezhickequa
 SophiaOmuhzagezhickequa  BaptismOctober 4 1864 wife of Stephen Pamesa
AllenMargaretMagezanuqua  BaptismOctober 4 1864  
 ThomasOgemahgegeTeresa BaptismOctober 4 1864  
 StephenPamesaTenace BaptismOctober 4 1864child 
 StephenPamesaMary Ann BaptismOctober 4 1864child 
PorterLouvisa   ReceivedJanuary 1 1865  
 David and MaryMadwagonasheBenjamin BaptismJanuary 1 1865 named after brother Benjamin who died recently
 Enos   RestoredJanuary 1 1865  
 Aaron   RestoredJanuary 1 1865  
 EnosKahmenotagezeSusan BaptismMarch 14 1865 child was sick
AllenMary Ann Mary BaptismJune 18 1865  
MorganAnn Mrs.   ReceivedJune 18 1865  
MorganMrs.  Norman BaptismJune 18 1865  
 James and wifeAhkePeter BaptismJanuary 7 1866  
 Stephen and SophiaPamesaTenace ReceivedMay 20 1866  

SORUCE: MINUTES of the OLD MISSION and NEW MISSION (Grove Hill) CHURCH 1843 - 1871

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