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1851 List of Bounty Land Warrants

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Feb. 10, 1851

List of Claims for all Bounty Land Warrants under act of Sept. 28, 1850.

Detroit January 31 1851


I hereinto enclose you affidavits for Bounty Land. I also send you a description of Mrs. Connor’s Claim against the Gov. that you may ascertain whether the land appropriated for the payment of those Indian claims, has been as yet sold. I also send you a memorandum of those affidavits for Bounty Lands which we have already forwarded to the Secretary of the Interior to enable you to make some enquiries in relation to them, they are as follows:

  • John QUIRK October 17th 1850
  • Martin MYERS October 21st 1850
  • Wm. MYERS October 21st 1850
  • Ezekiel HILLS October 22nd 1850
  • Jacob BYERLY November 2nd 1850
  • Abraham BENDERHOFF November 2nd 1850
  • Therese CONNOR widow November 8th 1850
  • James THIBAULT November 8th 1850
  • Cornelius SHEA November 2nd 1850
  • Joseph CHAMPAGNE November 16th 1850


Description of Mrs. CONNORS Claim

Whereas at a treaty made and concluded Jany. 14 1837 between the ? and the Saginaw Tribe of the Chippewa Indians, there was granted to Wabishkindib or Henry CONNOR, the sum of $3,243.75 as set forth in the fourth article of said treaty, Schedule B.

You will please to see the foregoing and oblige yours.

To: Geo. C. Bates Esq.

Mackinac Agency
Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs 1828-1880
National Archives Microfilm Publications M234 Roll 403 1839-1852

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