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1838 Provision Issued at Michilimackinac

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Provisions issued during the Payment of the Ottowas and Chippewas at Michilimackinac in September 1838.

Pork ration=3/4 lb. second column =1/2 lb.
Flour ration=1 lb.
Bean ration=3/4 qts.

DatesTo Whom IssuedNo of PersonRations of PorkRations of FlourRations of Beans
1838 Sept. 9Oshawanon20606060
1838 Sept. 9Nad quay shkum5151515
1838 Sept. 10Nah ba na ghe ghik94188188188
1838 Sept. 10Na ga na bay40808080
1838 Sept. 10O ge ma ge ke too69138138138
1838 Sept. 10Nad guesh cum108216216216
1838 Sept. 10Sha wa ni ki zhik161322322322
1838 Sept. 10O day ni nund139278278278
1838 Sept. 10Ma ni do wa bi10202020
1838 Sept. 10O ko we say134268268268
1838 Sept. 10Esh quay gwa nay bee97194194194
1838 Sept. 10Sa gee maw42848484
1838 Sept. 10Ta ba see gee djeck118236236236
1838 Sept. 10Cha boi way way50100100100
1838 Sept. 11Bo co djish60120120120
1838 Sept. 11Sault and Tequeonenon15303030
1838 Sept. 11Ma ka day o quot7141414
1838 Sept. 12Sha wa ne gwa ne be or Wing Band80160160160
1838 Sept. 12Ma jec Kee wis anse40808080
1838 Sept. 12Ma co sec wa gaan89178178178
1838 Sept. 12Ki mi wan181181181181
1838 Sept. 12Naa quay shkum4888
1838 Sept. 12O gee ma wi nini200200200200
1838 Sept. 13O saw gee qua 35 lbs.70 lbs32 bushels
1838 Sept. 13Kickin ka si mo na win74747474
1838 Sept. 13Ance127127127127
1838 Sept. 14Naa quay shkum4444
1838 Sept. 14Sault and Tequeonenon19191919
1838 Sept. 14Ga noa be kis zy142142142142
1838 Sept. 14Og gi ma gi gi doo70707070
1838 Sept. 14Shaw way way57575757
1838 Sept. 14Ta ba see gee djeck106106106106
1838 Sept. 14Naw maa skootay192192192192
1838 Sept. 14A daw way way o go117117117117
1838 Sept. 14Kay gway do she12121212
1838 Sept. 14Kee me waan162162162162
1838 Sept. 14Maa jec kee wee sand35353535
1838 Sept. 14O gee ma wi nini327327327327
1838 Sept. 14Kee way ka schkum38383838
1838 Sept. 14Bo co djish60606060
1838 Sept. 14Sha way nee gee djeck139139139139
1838 Sept. 14Apan go zi kan357357357357
1838 Sept. 14Sha wa ne gwa ne be or Wing Band83838383
1838 Sept. 14Ma co sec wa yaanse89898989
1838 Sept. 14Ki chin ka simo na win98989898
1838 Sept. 14Ma za na qud do139139139139
1838 Sept. 14Chi bi yaw bose8161616
1838 Sept. 15Na ba na ge ghick79797979
1838 Sept. 15Sault and Tequeonenon19191919
1838 Sept. 15Naa quay shkum4444
1838 Sept. 15A ko wi say134134134134
1838 Sept. 15Ma ka day o quot7777
1838 Sept. 15Sa gee maw42424242
1838 Sept. 15O ge ma gi gi do70707070
1838 Sept. 15Co co djish60606060
1838 Sept. 15Sha wa nee gee djeck139139139139
1838 Sept. 15Esh quay gway na bee97979797
1838 Sept. 15A da way way go117117117117
1838 Sept. 15Ga noa be kis zy142142142142
1838 Sept. 15Ma co see wa yaanse89898989
1838 Sept. 15Majec kee we zance35353535
1838 Sept. 15Ta ba see gee djeck118118118118
1838 Sept. 15A pau go zi keen357357357357
1838 Sept. 15Ke nu wan181181181181
1838 Sept. 19Chee by au bose825 lbs.5064 qts.

SOURCE: Mackinac Agency
Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs 1824-1881
National Archives Microfilm Publications M234 Roll 402 1828-1838

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