1855 Little Traverse Plea For Education

Nov. 22, 1855

General Council Convened at Little Travers, Michigan

Hon. Marrypenney Superintendent of Indian Affairs.


We the Ottawa and Chippewa nation of Indians, who in time past have striven with earnestness to attain the arts and civilization, Christianizing like people, and hope for the future prosperity of our children, our brethren and all!

Would respectfully represent, that our Great Father the Government of the U.S. would set apart a fund for the purpose of educating some of our Indian youth among the whites, whom we may see fit to educate, and that they may be fitted for the usefulness among their people, at least, a fund enough to educate from ten to twelve persons at a time for the term of ten years, or, as long as the Congress may appropriate for this object. Judging from the past we think it is the only true and best policy in order to become acquented (sic) with the arts and sciences, language, manners, and custom of the white man.

And we doubt not, that our great father the Government will not hesitate to grant our request since the commissioner (Hon. Marypenney) knowing our true condition as in regard to our educational affairs as it appears on the last council which was held at city of Detroit July, 1855.

We further represent that another Blacksmith should be appointed by the Department here at Little Traverse Michigan for the benefit of many Indians here resided, also a sawmill to be located at the same place for the good of the Indian common.

Your petitioners will ever pray.


Witnesses: Nov. 22, 1855

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