1837 List of Villages under Mackinac Agency

An abstract of the several Rolls or lists of valuation of Indian improvements owned individually, as well as the improvements held by the said tribes collectively as property common, appraised by Messers. McDonel and Clark Commissioners appointed by the War Department to carry into effect the Eighth article of the Treaty of March 1836, with the Chippewa and Ottawa Indians.

Date of Valuation 1837Names of Reserves or of the Indian Villas or present locations where the said several tribes are located.Number of ImprovementsState in which they resideThe water course on which they are situated.No. of Houses of All Classes
Roll N1. May 29. June 5-6. July 28-29-30-31. August 1-2-3.Grand Rapids Village48MichiganOn Grand River46
Roll N2 July 20-21Crockery River10MichiganEmpties in Grand River17
Roll N3 July 22-23-24Flat and Maple River35MichiganEmpties in Grand River35
Roll N4 July 25Forks of Grand River7MichiganEmpties in Grand River7
Roll N5 July 26Thorn Apple River7MichiganEmpties in Grand River7
Roll N6 July 27Little Prairie Village12MichiganEmpties in Grand River12
Roll N7 August 7-8-9Fort and Prairie Villages on Grand River15MichiganEmpties in Grand River15
Roll N8 August 11-12-13Muskegon River15MichiganEmpties in Lake Michigan9
Roll N9 August 15White River20MichiganEmpties in Lake Michigan11
Roll N10 August 18-19Pierre Marquette River16MichiganEmpties in Lake Michigan10
Roll N11 August 20-21Manistee River11MichiganEmpties in Lake Michigan8
Roll N12 August 24-25Plate River2MichiganEmpties in Lake Michigan3
Roll N13 August 27-28Carp River13MichiganEmpties in Lake Michigan17
Roll N14 Aug. 29-330-31Grand Traverse Bay50MichiganEmpties in Lake Michigan42
Roll N15 Sept. 1-2-3L'Arbre Croche and Middle Village112MichiganEmpties in Lake Michigan181
Roll N16 Sept. 5-6-7-8Village of the Cross55MichiganEmpties in Lake Michigan110
Roll N17 Sept. 7-8-9The Reins Band Village21MichiganEmpties in Lake Michigan21
Roll N18 Sept. 11-12Chaboigan Village15MichiganEmpties in Lake Huron24
Roll N19 Sept 16-17Meck-ko-ta-wa-ga-mis Band on Forks of the Chaboigan10MichiganEmpties in Lake Huron9
Roll N20 Sept. 19-20The Beaver Island Indians27MichiganIn Lake Michigan31
Roll N21 Sept. 21-23Mackinac Indians MichiganStraits of Mackinac 
Roll N22 Sept. 24-25Thunder Bay Indians4MichiganOn Lake Huron 

The undersigned commissioners would respectfully recommend the following ruled or principles to be adopted in paying the Indians for allowances made to them for improvements valued in accordance with the 8th Article of the Treaty of March 1836.

1. Where an appraisement shall have been made in favour of an Indian for his, or her improvements at one Village or place, such Indian shall not be entitled to receive any allowance whatever for property claimed at another village or place, unless it shall clearly and plainly appear that such Indian owns, and has actually cultivated lands at such other village or place, and that the same as such shall have been duly appraised by the Commissioners on their Roll or List.
2. If the property shall have been inadvertently appraised on the roll or list in favour of an Indian more than once at any one Village or place under a different name or otherwise, such Indian shall receive payment only for the appraisement, which shall not however exclude him or her from receiving any just proportion for other property owned by such person in partnership with others, or which such person shall hold in trust for the benefit of others provided the same shall as such in all cases appear on the Roll or List.
3. Any sum that shall have been allowed for property in Common appraised to the Indians in any one Village or place to be equally divided share and share alike, each man, woman and child to be enumerated, and to be paid to the head of the family or as the chiefs may otherwise direct. The same person to receive but one share only whether he or she shall claim under a different name or otherwise, provided that every such Indian if living, shall continue to be, and shall have been living and a resident of the same village or place at the time of making the appraisement, and any Indian a resident of such village or place as aforesaid whose name may have been intentionally omitted to be place on said roll or list, shall not with standing be paid his or her equal dividend for the allowance made for property in common, in same manner as if such name had been inserted on said roll.
4. No one Indian to receive more than one share or one equal dividend, of the amount allowed for property in common as aforesaid, and any Indian to whom such share or dividend shall have been already paid for one village or place, shall be excluded from receiving any further allowance for the like property claimed for any other village or place.
5. Any Indian to whom an allowance shall have been made by the commissioners for his or her improvements, or who is entitled to a share or dividend for property in common and who may have died since the appraisement was made, such allowance or share to be paid to the next of kin to the deceased, or to such other person for the benefit of his or her surviving relatives as the chiefs of the village or place may designate, without the necessity of producing letters testamentary.

John McDowell
John Clark
Detroit 17th December 1837

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