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Washington City D.C. Feby. 27, 1855

To our Father the Comm. Ind. Affs.

The Chippewa and Ottawa of Michigan parties to the Treaty March 28th 1836, respectfully ask that you furnish them with information upon the following subjects.

Treaty March 28, 1836

Article 4th. How much has been paid by the U.States to the Indians under the several heads named in this article, and how much remains unpaid under each as a bal. due and to be paid to them. Total amt. to credit of C & Ottawas under this article as amended including the $200,000 at end of 20 years?

Article 5th. What amount has been paid from the sum set apart under this article?

Article 6th. Has any disposition been made of the ?? amt. to be paid to minors and orphans under this article?

Article 7th. How long is it proposed to extend the discretionary part of this article. Is the Dormitory considered the property of the Indians or the Government, and was it constructed from the consideration money in the Treaty or otherwise? What amt. has been paid under the several heads, and the amt. balance due the Indians under each?

Article 8th. We desire to be informed of the probable extent and value of the lands secured to us under provisions this article as amended, and would be pleased to be furnished with a map and description to carry to our people of the same. Also the estimated cost to the government of carrying out the provision in regard to removal should it be determined upon?

With such other information as it may be useful and important to communicate hereby for its object the acquisition of such knowledge or the part of the Indians as will qualify them to act understandingly in their affairs with the government. As they have been informed it is the desire of the government to make some conventional arrangements and adjustments in reference to their general business, they would be glad to be informed, if consistant, at what time it is proposed to transact the same.

We further desire a statement of our rights, and of the amt. of money due us under the old Treaties made with our ancestors.

Delegates from the Ottawas Grand River
  • Na bun e ge zich, his x mark
  • Ne ben e zec, his x mark
  • Chin g wash, his x mark
  • Pa paw me, his x mark
  • Esh co mon gee, his x mark
  • Joseph Elliott, his x mark

Delegates from Little Traverse
  • Ke nee chon gun, his x mark
  • Ke way tun do, his x mark
  • Maw que we naw, his x mark

From Cheoboygan
  • Mis qua wauk, his x mark

Delegates Grand Traverse
  • A ko say, his x mark
  • Nam o neese, his x mark
  • Pes shaw bay, his x mark
  • O jib way, his x mark (very faded)
  • Pes nace e way ge zich, his x mark

The above was fully interpreted and explained to the Indians in our presence and they signed the same at the city of Washington the 27 day Feby. AD 1855.

L. Campau
L. Patterson
Wm. A. Richmond
Paul ?. Beuabien
Joseph Elliott

Mackinac Agency
Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs 1828-1880
National Archives Microfilm Publications M234 Roll 404 1853-1855

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