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Detroit, June 12, 1826


I have the honor to enclose the copy of a speech from the principal Potawatomie Chiefs, requesting an exchange of their reservation upon the Chicago road, for land upon the Iroquois River and also a consolidation of their various reservation.

The proposition appears to me to be proper in itself, and advantageous to the United States. It would remove the Indians from the vicinity of our population and would give the publick the intire jurisdiction of that important road. I request that I may be authorized to negotiate with them for the accomplishment of the object.

Very respectfully,
Your obt. Servt.
Lewis Cass

To: Thomas L. McKenney Esq.


Your people have mad a road through our reservation at Coldwater. They drive cattle through and our corn is destroyed. We can raise nothing there. Our women and children will starve. They also bring whiskey there and our young men get drunk. We wish our great Father, the President, would take this piece of land and give us another piece upon the Iroquois River, out of the way of the white people, where we can raise corn and keep our young men from the whiskey.

  • Mi ki sa bais
  • Hache ki bi
  • Con chai wais
  • Piai ni che
  • Pok ki to
  • Naimi
  • Hatisse
  • Wahogan
  • Mi chi mi nan nak Rote
  • Mai chi ki a chi
  • Fracois
  • Wabenichekam

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SOURCE: Michigan Superintendency
Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs 1824-1851
National Archives Microfilm Publications M234 Roll 419 1824-1827

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