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Submitted to Lewis Cass Dec. 1st 1826 by John L. Leib Indian Agency School Inspector

SurnameGivenNativeNameDegreeOfBloodNation Or TribeAgeRemarks
DICKCharles FullMohigan19Reads Writes Cyphers has completed his course and improving a farm near Carey. Likely to do well.
ISAACSSusanna FullMohigan21Reads Writes Cyphers Spins Weaves &c with sister on Wabash prospects only middling.
ISAACSHarriet FullMohigan19Reads Writes Spins &c
ISAACSAngelina FullMohigan17Reads Writes Cyphers Spins &c with a Sister on Wabash prospects only middling.
PLUMERBetsey QuarterMohigan17R. M. C. Spins Weaves Sews &c well.
ISAACKSJemima Wikinson FullMohigan15R. W. spins &c
ASHBetsey HalfPotawatomie18R. W. spins &c
LANGLOISPeter HalfMiami23Now at Hamilton N.Y.
CORBLYJacobKonkapotFullMiami16R. W. C. Works on farm
BOURISSAJoseph HalfOttawa18Now at Hamilton N.Y.
BOURISSAMark HalfOttawa16R. W. C. Most forward in school - farmer
BOURISSAJudi HalfOttawa14R. W. taken by his people to Detroit. They have requested to take him again. Will be here and son.
LALINNEJohn HalfPotawatomie15Now at Hamilton N.Y.
BURNETTWilliam Three QuarterPotawatomie R. W. Farmer
BERTRANDJoseph QuarterPotawatomie Completed. United with his father in trade.
BERTRANDSamuel QuarterPotawatomie Completed. With his father.
BERTRANDBen QuarterPotawatomie13R. W.
BALDWINThomasManotukFullPotawatomie14R. W. Is to be sent to Vermont to receive a medical education.
THURMANRichardAnnowussareFullPotawatomie11R. W. Farmer
BARROWFrancisSoswaHalfOttawa16R. W. C. Is to be sent to Vermont to a medical education.
RICELuther FullOttawa16Now at Hamilton N.Y.
STAUGHTONWilliamJopribuFullOttawa12Spells farmer
SEMPLERobert B.ShakaunaFullOttawa13Spells farmer
BAILYEsther HalfOttawa17R. W. C. spins &c
BAILYRosann HalfOttawa15R. W. spins &c
FARMELLPrudenceSheskoHalfOttawa12R. W. sews &c
NIMHAMCelicia HalfOttawa13R. W. spins &c
BAILYEleanor HalfPotawatomie10R. sews &c
BURNETTMartha QuarterPotawatomie Taken to Detroit
PEARCESamuelShawaunukwrekFullPotawatomie20Expelled for intoxication
WILMETLewis HalfPotawatomie16R. W. apprentice to blacksmith's trade
BERTRANDLaurence QuarterPotawatomie12Spells
TURNERWilliam HalfPotawatomie5Spells
JONESJohn HalfChippewa20Now at Hamilton N.Y.
BEAUBIENCharles HalfPotawatomie18Now at Woodbridge N. Jersey
BOURISSERLazarous HalfPotawatomie10Reads
BOURISSERAcham HalfPotawatomie9Reads
WILMETTMitchel HalfPotawatomie15Spells
WILMETHLejett HalfPotawatomie12Reads
NUEKO NuekoFullPotawatomie15Now at Hamilton N.Y.
WINCHELJames M.CharikenozwohFullPotawatomie6Spells
BLAIRNeliceaJukoahFullPotawatomie14Stricken off for non attendance
BEAUBIENMador HalfPotawatomie17Now at Hamilton N.Y.
SHIELDSMarthaTerrezFullOttawa21Spells spins &c - a fine girl.
KEPENSEE KepenseeFullPotawatomie15Spells
BLAINERebeccaWauwossomoquetFullPotawatomie9Spells 1st lessons
POLKEBillyQuehknaFullPotawatomie22Was a poor off cast among his people - has made astonishing improvement in manner and industry - steady and moral but slow to learn school.
MOOSEPeter Three QuarterPotawatomie10Reads and writes imperfectly.
SHARPSAnn FullPotawatomie11Spells and sews.
KEEWEANUM KeeweanumFullPotawatomie Remained a short time - and were removed by ill natured relatives
SHAKQUETOH ShakquetoFullPotawatomie Remained a short time - and were removed by ill natured relatives
JASHEE JasheeFullPotawatomie Remained a short time - and were removed by ill natured relatives
NOLLOAnthony HalfPotawatomie22Interpreter very moral - reads writes and cyphers
FERRELGideonAnowrishmohFullPotawatomie12Spells imperfectly
JUDSONAdonidamMabeesFullOttawa8Reads and writes imperfectly.
MONITOGUA MonitoguaFullPotawatomie10Alphabet
KOPOH KopohFullPotawatomie8Alphabet
LAURENCEMargaret HalfChippewa These children wer taken by their parents to Mackinac.
BERTRANDAngelina HalfChippewa These children wer taken by their parents to Mackinac.
BOLLESLydiaCotteeshFullOttawa7Spells sews &c.
MISNOQUA MisnoquaFullPotawatomie17Made great progress in sewing and manners but little in studies.
WOLFJoseph Three QuarterPotawatomie7Monosyllables
WAUWAUKSUM WauwauksumFullPotawatomie7Alphabet
MEEKSUMAU MeeksumauFullPotawatomie7Monosyllables
MEKETAWANUM MeketawanumFullPotawatomie13Expelled
 Alexis HalfOttawa13Monosyllables
ATIVIOH AtiviohFullPotawatomie10Alphabet
KAKAUTMO KakautmoFullPotawatomie11Alphabet
BERTRANDAmiable Three EightsPotawatomie11Spells
BERTRANDTerrez Three EightsPotawatomie9Monosyllables
ETSKOZHEEK EtskozheekFullOttawa10Alphabet
CLEMENTSRichard P. FullPotawatomie1Spells
BEAUBIENGeorge QuarterPotawatomie12Taken to Mackinac School
SAUGANA SauganaFullPotawatomie8Alphabet
MONITOQUEA MonitoqueaFullPotawatomie3Alphabet
CLAREMONTCharlotte HalfPotawatomie4Alphabet
CLAREMONTJohn B. HalfPotawatomie2 
OBERHarriet EmmaOkutcheehFullPotawatomie4Alphabet
BROWNINGNaomi GregoryWauwassomsquaFullPotawatomie5Alphabet
 Antoing FullPotawatomie5Alphabet
LEIBJohn L.NicotrmaFullPotawatomie5Alphabet
SHOSHQUA ShoshquaFullPotawatomie4 
SAINT ANTOINE  FullPotawatomie7Alphabet
 Mary Three QuarterPotawatomie7Alphabet
NSHEEBAN NsheebanFullPotawatomie14Alphabet
McNEFFLewis HalfOttawa19Reads and Writes

SOURCE: Michigan Superintendency
Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs 1824-1851
National Archives Microfilm Publications M234 Roll 419 1824-1827

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