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Detroit Dec. 11, 1825

Report by Judge Leib respecting the condition of the Missionary Establishments at Upper Sandusky and at the Miami.
Dated October 1st, 1825


Miami Missionary Establishment – empty school due to sickly season.

On Miami River, 650 acres

  • Isaac Van Tassel has charge of the literary department aided by his wife
  • Mrs. Leander Sacket literary department
  • Mr. Leander Sacket superintendent of the agricultural department

The judge advised against the children having a holiday to visit their family because he felt they lost their education.

A list of the Scholars belonging to the Missionary School on the Miami with their ages, degree of blood ad present state of advancement in their education.


No.SurnameGivenAgeBloodState of Advancement
1KINGLewis27halfReading Writing
2WILLIAMSFrancis22halfReading Writing Arithmetic
3CLARKJames17quarterReading Writing Arithmetic
4THIBAULTHirem17halfReading Writing Arithmetic
5LUMBARPeter16halfReading Writing Arithmetic
6THIBAULTSidney B,15halfReading Writing
7BROWNJohn15three quartersReading Writing
8HUNTJohn13three quartersReading Spelling
9HOLMESSamuel13halfReading Spelling Grammar
10CLARKPeter9quarterReading Spelling Grammar
11BROWNFrancis9three quartersReading Spelling Grammar
12BLUJACKETJohn9three quartersSpell in 3 Syllables
13RAUDCharles11quarterSpell in 3 Syllables
14RAUDDavid9quarterSpell in 3 Syllables
15LEBRESHGabriel8quarterSpell in 3 Syllables
16BROWNPeter6three quartersSpell in 3 Syllables
17THIBAULTAngeline19halfReading Writing Geography
18CARTWRIGHTCatherine19quarterReading Writing Geography
19HOLMESSally18halfReading Writing Geography
20HOLMESEliza16halfReading Writing Geography
21BLUJACKETBetsy19halfSpell in 3 Syllables
22GUIRKPhillis17halfReading Spelling
23BROWNCatharine16three quartersSpell in 3 Syllables
24LEBBICASVictoire18quarterSpell in 3 Syllables
25TAITEAmelia14quarterReading Spelling
26CARTWRIGHTMaria10quarterReading Spelling
27HOLMESBetsy9halfReading Spelling
28RAUDKersede6quarterSpell in 3 Syllables
29DREORLucy7quarterSpell in 3 Syllables

SOURCE: Michigan Superintendency
Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs 1824-1851
National Archives Microfilm Publications M234 Roll 419 1824-1827

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