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1825-1826 Trader Licenses Page 2

Mackinac, Sault Ste. Marie

Abstract of Licenses issued within the Superintendency of Lewis Cass Governor of Michigan Territory; between the 1st day of September 1825 and the 1st day of September 1826

Date of LicenseSurnameGivenAt What AgencyPlace of TradeAmount of CapitolAmount of Bond
1826 May 6MITCHELLWilliamMackinacSandy River Lake Huron$444.12$1,722.06
1826 May 6McGULPINMatthewMackinacGrand River Lake Michigan$67.50$1,033.00
1826 May 7GUTHRIEThomasMackinacGrand River Lake Michigan$400.00$300.00
1826 July 11HOLLIDAYJohnMackinacAnce Quiwinan Lake Superior$1,800.00$4,900.00
1826 July 20WARRENLyman M.MackinacYellow River$5,200.00$5,600.00
1826 July 20CORBINJean Bte.MackinacLac Court' Oreille$1,600.00$2,800.00
1826 July 20DINGLEYDanielMackinacFalls of St. Croix$1,600.00$3,300.00
1826 July 26AITKINWilliam A.MackinacSandy Lake$4,500.00$2,000.00
1826 July 26ROUSSAINEustacheMackinacLeech Lake$2,400.00$4,500.00
1826 July 26CHAPMANBelaMackinacFond du Lac$3,250.00$1,500.00
1826 July 26DUFAULTLouisMackinacRed Lake$2,750.00$1,500.00
1826 July 26BERKETHGeorgeMackinacGrand Portage$800.00$2,900.00
1826 July 26DAVENPORTWilliamMackinacLeaf Lake$1,400.00$4,200.00
1826 July 26BEAULIENPaulMackinacVermillion Lake$1,000.00$3,500.00
1826 July 26DAVENPORTAmbroseMackinacLac Lapluie$1,600.00$3,800.00
1826 July 26FAIRBANKSJohn H.MackinacCassina Lake or Red Cedar$100.00$2,000.00
1826 July 26BELANGEAugustinMackinacCrow Wing River or Island$1,500.00$5,250.00
1826 Aug. 1GRAHAMDuncanMackinacRiver du Rocher Mississippi$2,000.00$4,500.00
1826 Aug. 1ROCKAugustinMackinacRed Cedar River$3,000.00$4,500.00
1826 Aug. 1PROVINCALLELouisMackinacTraverse des Sionc?$2,000.00$3,500.00
1826 Aug. 1FRENIERNarcisseMackinacWhite River$1,500.00$3,250.00
1826 Aug. 1FISHERHenry M.MackinacLac Travers$3,000.00$4,500.00
1826 Aug. 1MOOERSHazenMackinacRiviere de Chayennes$3,000.00$4,500.00
1826 Aug. 1DUBOISEtienneMackinacOld Mines$3,000.00$4,500.00
1826 Aug. 1PIZANNEEdwardMackinacMontagne qui tremps a L'eau$2,000.00$4,000.00
1826 Aug. 1MAYRANDJean Bte.MackinacBlack River$1,000.00$3,000.00
1826 Aug. 1LAFRAMBOISEJosephMackinacRiviere des Moines$1,500.00$3,250.00
1826 Aug. 1HERTUBISPierreMackinacRiviere aut Embarras$2,000.00$3,500.00
1826 Aug. 7ROBINSONRixMackinacGrand River Lake Michigan$6,400.00$6,700.00
1826 Aug. 7CAWNEPierreMackinacTeaondung on the Kinkakee$2,000.00$2,500.00
1826 Sept 4BAILLYJosephMackinacLittle Kalleeminek$1,200.00$2,600.00
1826 Sept 5TROQUEFrancoisMackinacBeaver Creek$500.00$1,750.00
1826 Sept 5HUBBARDGurdon S.MackinacOminica Village Iroquois River$1,200.00$2,600.00
1826 Sept 12LASHLEYSamuelMackinacKinkakee$796.45$1,898.22
1826 July 20DINGLEYDanielSault Ste. MarieYellow River$1,600.00$3,300.00
1826 July 20HOLLIDAYJohnSault Ste. MarieOntonogon River$500.00$1,000.00
1826 July 20HOTLEYJohnSault Ste. MarieGrand Island$600.00$1,200.00
1826 July 27ERMATINGERJamesSault Ste. MarieRed Lake$451.00$1,000.00
1826 Aug. 1BELANGERJosephSault Ste. MarieRed Cedar Lake$500.00$2,500.00
1826 Aug. 1GENDRONPerishSault Ste. MarieOuisconsin River$375.00$1,000.00
1826 Aug. 1BELONGERAug.Sault Ste. MarieMille Lacs$500.00$2,500.00
1826 Aug. 1GAUTHIERJosephSault Ste. MarieChippewa River$400.00$1,200.00
1826 Aug. 1CADOTTEAugustinSault Ste. MarieChippewa River$600.00$1,300.00
1826 Aug. 1OAKSCharles H.Sault Ste. MarieSnake River$650.00$1,400.00
1826 Aug. 1OAKESCharles H.Sault Ste. MarieYellow River$800.00$2,000.00
1826 Aug. 1CONNORThomasSault Ste. MarieSnake River$800.00$2,900.00
1826 Aug. 1CADOTTEMichelSault Ste. MarieLa Pointe$1,000.00$2,000.00

Detroit, Fort Wayne, Chicago, Green Bay

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SOURCE: Michigan Superintendency
Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs 1824-1851
National Archives Microfilm Publications M234 Roll 419 1824-1827
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