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Detroit Dec. 2nd 1824

List of places licensed for the Indian Trade, within the Superintendency of Lewis Cass, Governor of the Territory of Michigan.

(Note: returns not received from Michilimackinac by Dec. 2nd see end of document)

Within the Agency of Detroit

  1. The Ottawa reservation on Miami Bay
  2. The Chippeway reservation at the mouth of the Saginaw River.
The following are within the boundary as established by the treaties of Chicago and Saginaw, but the country is unsettled and wholly occupied by the Indians. As the act of Congress, regulating Indian trade, use the terms “Indian Country,” without defining whether the country inhabited by the Indians, or the country to which the Indian title is yet unextinguished, is intended, and as every principle of beneficial construction would affix the former meaning to the terms, I have thought it not improper to designate places of trade in the district of country. At all events, the issuing of licenses under these circumstances can do no injury and may be useful, by operating to restrain the traders.
  1. Kaukaulin
  2. Saginaw
  3. Shiawassee
  4. Village of Cocoche on Grand River.
  5. Village of Motshelpiningsiwish on the Kekalemaazoo.
  6. Village of St. Joseph.
  7. Village of Mangokois.
  8. Village of the Prophet.

Within the Agency of Fort Wayne

  1. Forks of the Wabash.
  2. Mouth of the Massissineway.
  3. Thorntown
  4. Aupinaubee’s Village – Tippecanoe River.
  5. Mouth of Elk River.
  6. English Lake Kankakee River
  7. Morrain’s Village
  8. Flat Belly’s Village
  9. Muskweegwinong

Within the Agency of Sault Ste. Marie

  1. Sault Ste. Marie – on the south shore of Lake Superior
  2. Grand Island
  3. Ance Kweewyweenon
  4. Ontonagon River
  5. La Pointe

In the region between Lake Superior and the Mississippi
  1. Lac du Flambeau
  2. Lac Ch Tac
  3. Lac Contereille
  4. Chippeway River
  5. Yellow River
  6. Snake River – Folle Avorne Country

In the Department of Fond du Lac, N. W. of Lake Superior
  1. Fond du Lac
  2. Landy Lake
  3. Leech Lake
  4. Red Lake
  5. Crow Wing River
  6. Rainy Lake
  7. Pembina
  8. War Wad
  9. Vermillion Lake
  10. Round Lake

Within the Agency of Green Bay

  1. Bay de Noquet
  2. Munoaminee River
  3. Kaukaulin
  4. Winneebaagoa Lake
  5. Butte des Morts.
  6. Portage of the Ouisconsin
  7. Upper Ouisconsin
  8. Millwaukee

Within the Agency of Chicago.

  1. Millwaukee
  2. Chicago
  3. St. Joseph’s at or near Pare and Vaches
  4. Riviere des Iroquois of the Kankakee
  5. Grand Detour on the Rocky River
  6. Lawton’s House on the Sanganio

Within the Agency of Michilimackinac

Letter sent later by Mr. Boyd dated Dec. 19, 1824

  1. Cheboigan
  2. La Riviere Au Sable
  3. Grand Traverse
  4. Grand River
Letter from Mr. George Boyd follows with details of places covered with Indian Villages named. The letter itself is extremely hard to read due to handwriting, back bleed and age. Not transcribed at this time.

SOURCE: Michigan Superintendency
Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs 1824-1851
National Archives Microfilm Publications M234 Roll 419 1824-1827

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