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A list of the names of all persons employed in the Indian Department at Detroit, under the Superintendency of Lewis Cass, Governor of the Territory of Michigan & Superintendent of Indian Affairs therein between September 1, 1834 and September 1, 1825.

NamesNature Of The ServiceWhere EmployedPay Per MonthFor What Time PaidRemarksAmount Paid
GODFROY, GabrielSubagent InterpreterMichigan82.00Sept. 1824 to Aug. 31 1825 984.00
KNAGGS, WhitmoreSubagent InterpreterMichigan82.00Sept. 1824 to Aug. 31 1825 984.00
LAFOY, AugustinArmourerDetroit44.18 2/3Sept. 1824 to Aug. 31 1825including the services of an asst. shop rent & use of tools530.00
FORSYTH, R. A.Subagent InterpreterDetroit82.00Sept. 1824 to Aug. 31 1825 984.00
McDOUGALL, GeorgeTranslatorDetroit8.33 1/3Sept. 1824 to Aug. 31 1825 100.00
TROWBRIDGE, Charles C.TranslatorVarious Posts40.00Sept. 1824 to Aug. 31 1825Employed in various missions to the Indian Country during 103 days of this time – employed as subagent.480.00
MORRAN, IsidoreBlacksmithDetroit25.00Sept. 1824 to Aug. 31 1825resigned Nov. 15 1825300.00
BAKER, CalvinSaddlerDetroit36.25Sept. 1824 to Mar. 31 1825Term of service expired253.75

SOURCE: Michigan Superintendency
Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs 1824-1851
National Archives Microfilm Publications M234 Roll 419 1824-1827

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