1824 Students at Carey Mission St. Joseph River


Carey Missionary Establishment on the St. Joseph River of Lake Michigan

Rev. Isaac McCoy Superintendent

Students are awakened at four o’clock in the morning and go to the schoolhouse. They begin with religious exercises and disperse to their various work until breakfast. Males and females are in separate classes. Reading, writing, speaking English, etc. plus domestic jobs.

Robert Simmerwell is a blacksmith
Miss Goodridge governess

This schedule contains the names of the pupils and of the nations or tribe to which they severally belong. Their ages at the time they were received at the Institution. The time when received and their several degrees of blood.

October 31, 1824

ISAACSSusanna Mohegan141819 Sept. 15thwhole
ISAACSHarriet Mohegan121819 Sept. 15thwhole
ISAACSAngelica Mohegan101819 Nov. 4thwhole
ISAACSJemima Wilkinson Mohegan81819 Dec. 10thwhole
CORTHAYJacobKaukafootMohegan101820 Aug. 11thwhole
BADWINThomasMannotukPottawatomie81821 Feb. 21stwhole
FURMANRichardOnnowssanPottawatomie61821 Feb. 21stwhole
RICELutherNoaquettPottawatomie111821 May 24thwhole
STAUGHTONWilliamTopinbeePottawatomie71821 June 19thwhole
TEMPLERobert R.ShakaunaPottawatomie81821 June 19thwhole
Shawnaunukquuck ShawnaunukquuckPottawatomie171823 March 3rdwhole
Numpkee NumpkeePottawatomie121823 March 3rdwhole
SaukinineekBobSaukinineekPottawatomie251823 March 20thwhole
WALLINGSFORDIselAspemukquecPottawatomie31823 Maywhole
YOUNGJohnHinkoPottawatomie131823 July 24thwhole
Chaukenozwoh ChaukenozwohPottawatomie31823 July 10thwhole
BLAIRRebeccaTukashPottawatomie111823 Aug. 18thwhole
Tenoz TenozPottawatomie181823 Oct. 30thwhole
Kepemseh KepemsehPottawatomie121823 Nov. 27thwhole
Wessamwall WessamwallPottawatomie81823 Dec. 1stwhole
Wamoosemukweh WamoosemukwehPottawatomie61823 Dec. 1stwhole
Wimegoh WimegohPottawatomie51823 Dec. 1stwhole
Quehkna QuehknaPottawatomie191823 Dec. 2ndwhole
SHARPAnn Pottawatomie91824 June 15thwhole
Keewinum KeewinumPottawatomie91824 June 27thwhole
Shakusetoh ShakusetohPottawatomie71824 June 30thwhole
Saskeess SaskeessPottawatomie131824 July 4thwhole
Anewuskmoh AnewuskmohPottawatomie101824 July 4thwhole
Malves MalvesOttawa61824 Sept. 22ndwhole
Mintoqueh MintoquehPottawatomie81824 Oct. 6thwhole
Kossoh KossohPottawatomie61824 Oct. 6thwhole
DICKCharls Mohegan111818 Dec. 15thhalf
LANGLOISPeterKenozakquahMiami171820 Aug. 14thhalf
ASHBetsey Pottawatomie121820 May 29thhalf
BOURISSAWJoseph Ottawa121820 Sept. 28thhalf
BOURISSAWMarkChickiohOttawa101820 Sept. 28thhalf
BAILLEYEsther Pottawatomie121822 Jan.half
BAILLEYRosann Pottawatomie101822 Jan.half
BURNETTMartha Pottawatomie51822 Jan.half
Sheshko SheshkoMohegan81822 May 23rdhalf
Cilicia CiliciaMohegan91822 Dec. 1sthalf
BAILLEYEleanor Pottawatomie71823 Feb. 11thhalf
WILMETTLewis Pottawatomie131823 March 10thhalf
TURNERWilliam Pottawatomie31823 March 20thhalf
JONESJohn Pottawatomie171823 April 10thhalf
BEAUBIENLazarous Ottawa71823 July 8thhalf
BOURISSAWAchan Ottawa61823 July 8thhalf
WILMETTMitchel Ottawa121823 July 24thhalf
WILMETTLuzette Pottawatomie91823 July 24thhalf
BEAUBIENMadart Pottawatomie141823 Sept. 12thhalf
ROLLOAnthony Pottawatomie201824 July 4thhalf
MOSEPeter Pottawatomie81824 Aprilthree fourths
PLUMEDBetsey Mohegan121819 Nov. 4thone fourth
BOURISSAWJudeTotoOttawa81820 Sept. 26thhalf
LALINEJohn Pottawatomie91820 Sept. 26thhalf
Soswa SoswaPottawatomie111821 May 24thhalf
BERTRANDJoseph Pottawatomie131820 Nov. 25thone fourth
BERTRANDSamuelLevineekPottawatomie111820 Nov. 25thone fourth
BERTRANDBenjamin Pottawatomie71820 Nov. 25thone fourth
BURNETTMartha Pottawatomie51822 Jan.one fourth
BURNETTWilliam Pottawatomie71820 Sept. 26ththree fourths

SOURCE: Michigan Superintendency
Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs 1824-1851
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