Saginaw First Land Purchases



The purchasers of the United States lands within the township of Taymouth are named in the following list:
SAH-GA-CHE-WA-OSA-SAGA211851 Feb. 1TaymouthSaginaw
PAM-WA-NE-DUNG211855 March 1TaymouthSaginaw
ME-SA-BE211855 March 1TaymouthSaginaw
KAB-BE-WA-WE-DUNG211855 March 1TaymouthSaginaw
AH-NE-ME-RE-GUN211855 March 1TaymouthSaginaw
MAU-GUE-TO-GUMA221845 Dec. 3TaymouthSaginaw
MA-OO-E-BE-VACY221845 Dec. 3TaymouthSaginaw
LAH-GAH-CHE-WA-OSA281856 May 20TaymouthSaginaw
NAH-WA-DA-GE-ZHICK281856 May 20TaymouthSaginaw
AN-NE-ME-KNAH-UNG281856 May 20TaymouthSaginaw
NA-ZHE-YAH-LUNG281856 May 20TaymouthSaginaw
ASH-DAH-NE-QUA-BY281856 May 20TaymouthSaginaw

Source: History of Saginaw County Michigan, By Michael A. Leeson, Damon Clarke, Published 1881 Chas. C. Chapman & Co., Chicago pages 917-937.