1st MI Sharp Shooters Co. K - Indian Agency Report 1864

No. 247.

Office Mackinac Indian Agency,

Detroit, Michigan, October 1, 1864.

I am assured, by the officers of the regiment, that the company of Indians in the 1st Michigan sharpshooters have proved very efficient soldiers. They have been engaged in several bloody battles, and have, on all occasions, shown that they possess all the qualifications for successful soldiers. Lieutenant G. A. Graveraet, his father H. G. Graveraet, chief Man-ke-we-nan, of the Bear River band, and quite a large number of privates have fallen in the service, thus proving their devotion to their country. Several are now held as prisoners, by the rebels.

My statistical report is unavoidably delayed for a few days for want of returns from two leading reservations.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

D. C. LEACH, Indian Agent.

Hon. Wm. P. Dole,

Commissioner Indian Affairs, Washington, D. C.

Source: Annual Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs By United States Office of Indian Affairs