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Onominee Indian Cemetery - Leelanau County

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Section 5 Leelanau Township, Leelanau County, Mich. Off Carlson Rd. northwest of Northport.
Commonly known as: Onomonese Cemetery, Leelanau Township, Leelanau County, Michigan

Source: Michigan State Archives MS 72-162 (large oversized hand drawn map) Title: Roy H. Steffens Collections ca. 1912

An early atlas of Leelanau county shows a government school near this cemetery.
Shows evidence of 150-200 graves


Gravesites listed on large map of graveyard

Alexander Wasaquom WW2 VET Died 10-25-1936
Louis Shawandasse War of 1812 (white cross)
Edward Hall WWII (stone)
Daniel L. Wayashe D. 6-19-1907 Age 5m. 22 days (stone)
Angelina L. Wayashe D. 5-28-1907 age 22 years (stone)
Joseph Wanegeshik WWII
Alex Wasgaguom WWII
Mother of Jonas Shawandasse (white cross)
George Askberg G.A.R. stone
Thomas Redbird b. 3-14-1875 d. 8-1-1900 was singer in MEC (stone)
Peter Shawandasse ( two crosses shown on map)
Joseph Prickett G.A.R. stone


List of graves on typed sheet in with map:

File MS 72-162-A of Roy H. Steffens Collections ca. 1912
Title: Onominee Indian Cemetary (sic) Leelanau Township

Following are the Veteran Graves:
Askberg, George GAR Gov. Stone Co. K 1st Mich Sharp Shooters (no dates)
Hall, Edward WWI died 3-19-1936
Prickett, Joseph Co. L. 3rd Mich. Cav. GAR (no dates)
Shawandasse, Peter GAR (no dates)
Shawandasse, Louis War of 1812 no dates
Wanegeshik, Joseph WWI Gov. stone died 4-1-1922 PVT. ORD. DEPOT
Wolfe, Payson GAR Co. K 1st Mich. Sharp Shooters (extra note: presumed buried here)
Wayashe, Angelina L. age 22 died 5-28-1907
Wayashe, Daniel age 5 mos. 22 ds. Died 6-19-1907
Redbird, Thomas b. 3-14-1875 d. 8-1-1900 Singer in MEC (presume Methodist Church)

This cemetery is presumed to be connected with the Methodist Church that is on M22 West of Northport approx. 6 miles.

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Onomese Cemetery - another transcription online
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