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  • Home: Little Traverse, Emmet Co., Michigan
  • Enlisted: 7 July 1863 Dearborn, Wayne Co., Michigan
  • Age At Enlistment: 45
  • Term: 3 years
  • Mustered In: 20 July 1863 Co. K, 1st Michigan Sharpshooters
  • Rank In: First Sergeant
  • Mustered Out: Killed in action at Spottsylvania, Virginia 12 May 1864

Source: Record of Service of Michigan Volunteers in The Civil War 1861-1865 Michigan Adjutant General Dept. Call No. E514.3 M62 V. 44 First Michigan Sharpshooters


Alternate spellings of Last Name:



Roll Of Honor Michigan

  • Graveraet Henry G.
  • Co. K 1st Michigan Sharpshooters
  • Age 46
  • Residence: Little Traverse Emmet Co.
  • Died: May 12 1864
  • How: Killed in action at Spottsylvania Virginia


Pension Card

  • GRAVERAET Henry G.
  • Late Rank: Sgt.
  • Co. K 1 Reg. Mich S.S.
  • Date Of Filing: 1865 January 9
  • Mother: Application No. 78414 Certificate No. 61869
  • Remarks: See moth. C.Y. 177583 Gerrett A. Graveraet K 1 Mich. S.S.

Source: NARA Film T289 Roll 244 Organization Index to Pension Files of Veterans Who Served Between 1861-1900


History of the Grand Traverse Region

By Morgan Lewis Leach published 1883 Page 143

In the fight before Petersburg, on the 17th of June, 1864, Lieut. G. A. Graverat, a gallant young officer from Little Traverse, laid down his life for his country. He was the second lieutenant of Company K., First Michigan Sharpshooters. While fighting by the side of his father in the trenches, he saw his parent shot dead. Bearing the body to a safe spot, weeping bitterly, he dug a grave with an old tin pan in the sand, and buried it. Then drying his tears, the devoted son returned to the battle. His rifle told with terrible precision among the rebel officers, till he was disabled, wounded in the left arm. He was brought to Washington, where the arm was amputated at the shoulder, resulting in his death on the 10th of the following month. Lieut. Graverat was partly of Indian descent. He was but 24 years old, was highly educated, being master of several modern languages, besides being a fine portrait and landscape painter and an accomplished musician.


Non Military Vital Record Data



1850 Federal Census

Michigan Michilimackinac Mackinac 3rd October 1850
  • Graveraet Henry G. Jr. 34 M Fisherman Michigan
  • Graveraet Sophia 40 F Michigan
  • Graveraet Alice 14 F Michigan
  • Graveraet Garrett 10 M Michigan
  • Graveraet Rosine 8 F Michigan


1860 Federal Census

Michigan Michilimackinac Holmes Twp. P.O. Mackinac Page 69 2nd July 1860
  • Graveraet Henry G. 45 M W Laborer Michigan
  • Graveraet Sophia 48 F Ind M Michigan
  • Graveraet Rosine 16 F M Michigan
  • Graveraet Garrett 21 M M Clerk Michigan
  • Graveraet Joseph 12 M M Michigan


Michigan Business Directory, 1863

Little Traverse (note: now Harbor Springs)

A township and post village in Emmet county, and the county seat of the same, situated south of Little Traverse Bay, on the steamboat route from Detroit to Chicago, 225 miles from Detroit by water; fare $5 00. It contains three general stores, and a few mechanic shops, one Catholic and one Presbyterian church. It has two mails per week, Postmaster--W. H. Fife.p.386

A treaty was made by the United States government with the Chippewa and Ottawa Indians in 1856, by which a large tract of land in Emmet county was reserved for the Indians, from which they were permitted to make selections each Indian being entitled to 40 acres, and having five years to make his selection, and five years more to purchase any additional land he might desire; during which time no white person is permitted to locate any land on the reservation. The county contains several Indian villages, and they have in all, six good common schools, supported at the expense of the general government. The land is of excellent quality, the timber being chiefly beech and maple There are many hundreds of acres of what is called the "old Indian fields," which have been deserted by the Indians, which may be converted into excellent farms; and will soon come into market. There are large orchards on some of them, producing annual crops of native apples. The purchasers will have little else to do than build their houses and fences, and go to plowing. Fishing is extensively carried on by the traders at Little Traverse Bay. Little Traverse is situated on what is known as the harbor of Little Traverse Bay. There is a good dock, with plenty of wood for steamboats and propellers.

List of Professions, Trades, etc.
  • Graveraet Henry G, lawyer.


Various Listings for Henry G. Graveraet Sr. and Jr.

  • Henry G. Graveratt MI Michilimackinac County No Township Given 1820
  • Henry G. Graveratt MI Monroe County Voters 1820
  • Henry G. Graveratt MI Michilimackinac County No Township Given 1821
  • Henry G. Graveratt MI Michilimackinac County Voter 1821
  • Henry G. Graveratt MI Michilimackinac County No Township Given 1823
  • Henry G. Gravernet MI MacKinac County Voters 1825
  • Henry G. Graveraet MI Michilimackinac County Michillimackinac 1825
  • Henry G. Graveraet MI Michilimackinac County Michillimackinac 1825
  • Henry Graveradt MI Michilimackinac County Pokagon Township 1830
  • Henry Graveradt MI Michilimackinac County Pokagon Township 1834
  • Henry G. Graveraet Jr. MI MacKinac County Isle of MacKinac 1860
  • Henry Graveralt Sr. MI Marquette County Marquette Township 1860


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