Narol (Lubaczˇw), Rzeszˇw, Poland

Families and Individuals originating from Narol (Lubaczˇw), Rzeszˇw, Poland now in the Podkarpacki Province

1888 Baptisms have been added in December 2003.

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Welcome to the new pages for the Narol Parish records.  6 years of baptismal records are now online.  I decided to celebrate by making a fresh new look for the pages.  I have also changed the software that I use for this database to Legacy 5.0 so that I can exchange gedcoms and files with those who don't use PAF.  There are a few glitches that have to be worked through in the change, but not many.  Diacritics have been removed that won't be recognized by the majority of programs.  This has eased entry of new records into the database also. 

The records I am working on are extracted from Parafja Narol (Lubaczˇw) (Main Author), Narol (Lubaczˇw), Rzeszˇw, Poland Births 1880-1893, LDS Family History Center, FHL 2003606. The records are in Latin for the main part.  The notes contain all the information in each baptismal entry with the name spelling in Latin.  The names in the database have been changed to the Polish equivalent with the English spelling of the first name in parentheses for easier searching by those not used to Polish.  

This file currently contains people in the villages of Chyze, Kadlubiska, Narol, Narol Wies and Podlesina taken from the birth-christening records. The years 1888-1893 are done. Families are coming together and growing. A few surnames have slightly corrected spellings.

When looking at the records for this parish I noticed that there were many records with surnames in our family tree. So the best solution, I felt, was to start transcribing the records into my PAF program to hopefully make connections.

Some parts of records are hard to read and I am sure that some of the surname spellings will change as I go along in the records. Some names are questionable and I have found spellings that make more sense later on in the records, and a cousin who was born in Narol has helped greatly with spelling corrections. The actual transcription has been left as is for each record with names in Latin terms as they are in the records.

I have now added my cousin's and my family lines to the database as it tied some lines together and gives more information on those lines.  The Wazny names are being put into the data online from the Ruda Rozaniecka Parish records, also.  Many of the surnames in the Ruda Rozaniecka records are also in the Narol records.  This village within the Parish of Plazow and Podkarpackie Province now.  

Please do not ask for lookups in the films. I only have the year I am working on within reach and upload new pages as I get each session done. Please come back often.

Photo credits: Cliff Holtz 1986, from a trip to Narol.  The photography is great and captures the people so well.

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Narol (Lubaczˇw), Rzeszˇw, Poland Births 1880-1893,  microfilm FHL 2003606.  Original records in Polish and Latin transcribed by Patricia Wazny-Hamp ę 2000-2004.  To be used for personal family use only. Copying of files for publishing to another web site, book or other printed source record is not allowed without  the express permission of the author and citation of source and copyright notation. Photos by Clifford Holtz. Family files and spelling corrections by Jolanta (Hass) Skalski.


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