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Ethnic Groups

Please look under specific counties also.

Naturalization Indexes by County 1271
Many naturalizations were done at the county level in the state. The State Archives has collected many of the county records to hold for future generations. They have started putting indexes online for the counties. Remember to BOOKMARK this site.

Michigan Ethnic Directory 1234
Very good site to look for ethnic clubs and organizations in Michigan. Lists churches also.

Italians of Upper Michigan 1073
Compiled and donated by Sara Rice. Sara has been doing research on the lives of Italian women who immigrated to the Upper Peninsula. Here she has compiled a list of names she has found with information. Also a link is included to her personal site where she will be adding more information.

Great Lakes Passenger Lists 972
Site features ongoing transciptions of the St. Alban's Border Crossings. Records in this group are primarily people who came into Canada and then to the US. The government began recording these travels in 1895.

Native Genealogy - People of Three Fires 924
This site has the 1836 Census of Mixed Blood - Surnames on the Durant Roll - Credit Census Records - Tribal Histories and more.

Michigan People of Color 883
This site offers history articles - query and other boards to post you ancestors on. This site just began in early 2000 and is growing nicely. Turn on your java to fully enjoy.

Underground Railroad Operators by County 870
This site lists the name of people who have been found that helped with the Underground Railroad to get people to a safe place and freedom in the North.

Canadian Border Crossings 1895-1954 847
Also known as the St. Albans Lists. An important tool for researching immigration into Michigan ports and over borders.

Native American Research 843
Vicki Wilson has compiled a well laid out site that features lessons to start your research. Lookups queries and data that are interesting and will give you a good base to start with on the Native Americans of Michigan.

Ancestry - The Polish Connection 749
Resource community for descendants and friends interested in their Polish genealogy, culture and heritage. Site includes forum, articles and research subject index.

Canadian Border Crossings Instructions 712
This site features a explanation on how to use the St. Alban's Records and also gives the film numbers to order them through a LDS Family History Center. Concerns crossings from 1895-1954

Genealogical Society of Finland 686
Although a world wide society this site contains many Michigan transcriptions and records. Use the menu that is on the left side to go through the areas on their site. Emigration will get you to the American records.

Cornish to Michigan 654
June and Dick Ross have collected records of people coming to Michigan with roots in Cornwall England. Their collection is going online at this site. Contains vitals newspaper clippings census naturalisations and cemetery readings.

Michigan Polonia 645
Devoted to helping researchers find their Michigan and Polish heritage. Highlights traditional and electronic research methods.

Sweetest Heart of Mary Catholic Church 578
Detroit church with mainly Polish parishioners that has a genealogy section on their website and names family names.

Polish Ancestry in Detroit and Michigan 373
Research information, blog, historical maps, Polish Churches in the metro Detroit area, local news of interest to those researching Polish ancestors in Detroit and Michigan.

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