Keweenaw County Michigan

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Keweenaw County Marriages

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IDDatePlaceGroomGroom GivenGroom RaceGroom ResidenceGroom AgeGroom Birth PlaceGroom OccupationBrideBride GivenBride RaceBride ResidenceBride AgeBride Birth PlaceOfficialWitness 1Witness 1 ResidenceWitness 2Witness 2 ResidenceNotes
kew1p16r5405 June 1869Phoenix Mine?OYRichardwhitePhoenix Mine28Redruth Cornwall EnglandMinerSMITHElizabeth Junewhite 31Illogan Cornwall EnglandJoseph Retallack J.P.James DowerPhoenix MineMartha DowerPhoenix MineBride - note of Maiden Name and Widow
kew1p2r25Oct 5 1868N/AAmessa/AmepaJohn Eagle River23CanadaSaloon KeeperParksNancy Eagle River22CanadaJohn Burns PastorJacob AgauklenCopper FallsGela HemensEagle River 
kew1p10r114August 26 1876Eagle RiverAnslowJohnwPhoenic Mich30FinlandMinerKimmerAnniewPhoenix Mich16Teaborg FinlandJohn W. Leighman Justice of the PeaceJohn PimfrusPhoenix MichLou P. LeighmomEagle River 
kew1p10r111August 6 1876 AstinWilliam H.     StevensElizabeth    William Jossenham? Justice of the Peace    Most of record left black - officiating very hard to read
kew1p15r4516 June 1869Eagle HarborBAMMERTEngelbert Central Mine26BadenMinerWABELEPaulina Central Mine17Copper FallsJohn Brown - Pastor of Our Holy RedeemerJohn BammertCentral MineKate WittsteinCentral Mine 
kew1p3r3May 3 1873Eagle HarborBawdenFrancis J.WCopper Falls20WisconsinEngineerCockingElizabeth R.WEagle Harbor16Dodgeville, WisconsinT. G. Omans M.E. MinisterSam.l M. CockingEagle HarborEmma J. CockingEagle Harbor 
kew1p11r135December 11 1875AllouezBawdenThomas H.wAllouez Mine31Breage Cornwall EngMinerFredriaMary AnnwAllouez Mine21Northumberland EngJames CruseMrs. M. J. Crui???Allouez MineMary Jane Tragonbo?Allouez Minespellings as in record when readable
kew1p16r5319 September 1869Cliff MIneBEAUCHAMPJoseph Eagle River28CanadaLaborerMARCIEREsilda Cliff16CanadaJohn Burns Pastor of Our RedeemerCharles GoulettiPhoenix MineJoseph MarcierCalumet 
kew1p4r21Sept 22 1873CliftonBeauchampLewisWPhoenix Mine30St. ParmalittsWood DriverRockZoeWPhoenix32Arimus M********* CanadaLuke Mozina Catholic PriestCharles Rock Moyses Rock  
kew1p2rN/A BeekerOtto Clifton Michigan   T****beyerEmily Clifton Michigan  George Stowe M.E. MinisterGeorge Bollemty* Ferdina*** F**mer Record on bottom of page 2 Book 1 from page 19? recorded at clerk 1878
kew1p15r3224 December 1868ShermanBENNETSJohnwSherman25Cornwall EnglandMinerCOXLaurawSherman18Hazel Green WisconsinEdward Seymour - Rector of Gr??s? ChurchJonathan CoxShermanJane CoxSherman 
kew1p11r130December 30 1876Allouez Keweenaw Co MichiganBennettWillain HenrywAllouez Mich24Cornwall EngClerkHockingMary ElizabethwAllouez Mich22Dodgeville WisJohn G. Sparling Minister of the GospelJohn WyanbathClifton MichElizabeth Ann BennettsAllouez Mich 
kew1p2r114May 29 1868CliftonBennettsJohn ? St. Clair23  YuotynElizabeth A. St. Clair18 James R. Noble M.E. MinisterHenry Herman Mary L. Herman Record on bottom of page 2 Book 1 from page 19? recorded at clerk 1878
kew1p16r4621 January 1869Cliff MineBIDLINGMERYERJoseph Cliff Mine50Germany MEHSNERAnne Cliff37GermanyJohn BrownJohn BlankCliff MineSebastian BrennerCliff Mine 
kew1p16r4711 April 1869CliftonBLANKJohn Clifton37WirtemberghMinerKIRSHWINGSarah Ann Clifton28?ingingJohn Burns Pastor of Our RedeemerJoseph BidlingmeyerCliftonSebastian BrennerClifton 
kew1p1r1327 June 1868DoverBlumPeter Grant Twp35PrussiaLaborerHartemanHanna Grant Twp41PrussiaWm Webb JPGeorge Kuids**Grant TownshipJohn Roten***Grant Township 
kew1p5r31March 9 1874CliftonBondJosephWClifton20EnglandMinerRichardsLouisaWClifton19EnglandPhilip J. Wright M. E MinisterJohn H. RichardsCliftonSalina A. RichardsClifton 
kew1p11r126December 30 1876Eagle RiverBondsWilliam H.wCalumet22Redruth Cornwall EngMinerGrinsingerBerthywCalumet18Detroit MichiganJohn Seiphman Justice of the PeaceHarriet TrucanCalumetJames JankinCalumet 
kew1p9r104June 29 1876Eagle HarborBoucherJohnwDelaware Mine Mich30New YorkEngineerBawdenKatie LylewEagle Harbor18Eagle Harbor MichGeorge Nixon M. E. MinisterDoctor SolosIsle RoyaleElizabeth WallsHancock 
kew1p13r4June 3 1871CliftonBOURGUINIJohnwCentral30CanadablankMOSERD?JoannawCentral27EnglandJohn Bisons Pastor of Our RedeemerBernard Heyhis?CentralMary FallowyCentralInk was leaving blobs on page
kew1p5r32February 28 1874CliftonBranJosiah R.WClifton21WisconsinMinerEadeMary J.WClifton16EnglandPhilip J. WrightMary EadeCliftonJames RuleCliftonGroom's surname hard to read poss. Brun Brnn
kew1p6r48August 5 1874Eagle Harbor TownshipBriggsWilliam  26  MartinElizabeth  19 Arthur Parks Justice of the PeaceFrank LovejoyRed Jacket Houghton Co.Fred CovillCentral Mine Keweenaw Co. 
kew1p6r54September 30 1874St. Clair MineBrintinMarshallwDelaware Mine35Delaware Co. Penn.ClerkMastersRosamond C.wSt. Clair Mine25Bruce Mine CanadaT. G. Omans M. E. MinisterElizabeth GriggSt. Clair Mine Mich.Elizabeth Ann RichardsSt. Clair Mine Mich. 
kew1p14r2917 September 1868Eagle HarborBRUNEAUAlphonsewEalge Harbor22CanadaCarpenterSELVOYMarywCalumet16CanadaP. C. Binet? - Justice of the PeaceH. E. BeaubienDetroitSarah E. GoodrickEagle HarborOfficial last name not readable
kew1p8r76June 7 1875Clifton Keweenaw Co. MichBryantEdwardwCentral Mine24EnglandMinerKry?JanewCentral Mine21EnglandThomas Wilkinson M. E. MinisterWilliam BryantCentralEllen JacksonCentralbride's surname as close as can be determined
kew1p11r134August 29 1876CliftonBurhamWebsterwPhoenix Houghton Tp.25CanadaTeamsterBrownMarywAllouez Township21AmericaJoseph Paull Justice of the PeaceAlex JohnsonPhoenixMary A. PaullCliftonsurname of groom questionable
kew1p6r56November 16 1874Eagle HarborCarahJohn H.wHancock Mich.27Cornwall EnglandMachinistCockingCarriewEagle Harbor Mich.22Dodgeville WisconsinT. G. Omans M. E. MinisterWilliam HarryHancock Mich.Matilda CockingAllouez Mine Mich. 
kew1p1r98 Feb 1868Eagle HarborCarsan*Richard Grant Twp21EnglandLaborerJefferyJescia* Grant Twp16EnglandArthur Parks JPEdward R PenberthyShermanJohn FoleyEagle Harbor 
kew1p8r86November 13 1875Pethrick MineCegar??RichardwPethrick Mine28EnglandMining CaptainStephensElizabethwPethrick Mine16Pethrick Mine MichGeorge Nixon M. E. MinisterWilliam NicholsPhoenixMarie TrengovePhoenixGrooms surname could also be Augar
kew1p2r1623 July 1868Eagle HarborChadbourneThomas L. Houghton Mich.27MaineLawyerKery/KayGeorgia Eagle Harbor20Point Edward IrelandEdward Seymour-RectorE.W. GrayEagle HarborGeo. R. DervelleyEagle Harbor 
Notes:  BookPageRecord: The number code kew=Keweenaw Clerk, the first number after kew is the volume number,  p=page, r=record number on that page. 
All spellings are those that are found on the county clerk's records.  If you find yours and there is an incorrect spelling please don't ask to change the spelling as these are the ones that are contained on the records themselves.
The current records had very tiny, and cramped writing which is making some of the letters and words nearly impossible to read.  I have been scanning and blowing the image up to a larger (huge) size and it seems to be helping.  When letters were impossible to read or questionable as to what they were - is in the place of the letter.
For earlier marriage records (pre-1867) go to Houghton Co. records as Keweenaw was part of Houghton Co.