Keweenaw County Michigan

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Compiled and donated by Alicia Marshall 1999 additions later added by P.L. Hamp
Aetna Mine    December 31 1863 to 1873 
Agate Harbor Mine French Copper Mining Company of Lake Superior1858  
Ahmeek Mine USGS   March 22 1880 
Albion Mining Co.  January 12 1848 to 1852  
Alliance    Early 1850s 
Allouez Mine  Allouez Mining Co. October 12 1859Did not produce until 1869
American Exploring Co.  Before 1850 On Isle Royale
American Mining Co.    
Amygdaloid Mine    July 16 1860 
Amygdaloid and Isle Royale Mines on Isle Royale    January 02 1882  
Ancient Mining Co. Isle Royale    December 01 1874 
Anglo Mine  American Land and Mining Co. April 29 1854 
Arnold Mine  Arnold Mining Co. May 05 1864Started as Copper Falls - Owl Creek & Copper Falls
Ashbed Mine  Ashbed Mining Co. March 02 1880Work stopped July 1900
Astor Mining Co.    January 25 1883 
Atlas Mine    November 24 1863 
Bay State Mining Co.  April 25 1853  
Bell Mine French Copper Mining Company of Lake Superior  By Lake Fanny Hooe
Belt Mining Co.  January 02 1882  
Bluff Mining Co.  May 10 1852  
Bohemian Mining Co.  November 14 1845  
Boston and Lake Superior Mining Co.  March 10 1854  
Boston and Pittsburgh Mining Co.  November 14 1849  
British American  1854 to 1855  
British American Mining Co.  October 12 1859  
Calumet Belt  short lived Between Cliff and Central Mines
Cape Mining Co.  May 02 1851 
Caton Mining Co.  January 12 1869 
Central Mining Co.  October 13 1854 
Chicago Mining Co.  July 31 1870 
Clark Mine Old  French Copper Mining Company of Lake Superior Clark - Bell - Montreal First mining for copper in 1858
Clark Mining Co.  December 01 1853  
Cliff Mine Pittsburg & Boston Co.March 31 1844 Until 1878  
Cliff Mine Cliff Mining Co.  
Clifton Mining Co.  January 27 1864 
Conglomerate Mining Co. Reorganized under Lac Labelle 1888January 06 1880 See Oneida
Connecticut  Stopped in 1857Eagle Harbor
Copper Falls Mine Arnold Mining Co.   first mining in late 1840s
Copper Falls Mining Co.  October 30 1855 Originally Arnold Mine
Copper Harbor    
Copper Harbor Mining Co.  September 23 1846 Did only exploratory in 1864
Cove Mining Co. on Isle Royale  September 24 1874  
Dana Mining Co.  April 19 1886By Arnold and Central
Datolite Mine USGS 1846Isle Royale
Delaware Mining Co. Reorganized under Conglomerate in 1880December 15 1875See Oneida
Eagle Copper Works Mining Company  May 05 1854  
Eagle Harbor Mining Co.  February 25 1864 
Eagle River Mining Co.  February 21 1853 
East Mohawk  1899next to Mohawk
Empire Mining Co.  November 15 1855 
Epidote Mine USGS  Isle Royale
Essex No. 2  1864 
Federal Mining Co.  October 24 1855 
Forsyth   Became Fulton then Mohawk
Fulton Mining Co.  January 11 1853 Became Mohawk in 1898
Garden City   Became part of the Phoenix
Gratiot Mine USGS  Seneca No. 2
Hanover Mining Co.  1860  
Haytown Mine USGS  Isle Royale
Home  1863Adjoined  Humbolt
Hope Mining Co.  January 27 1864 Adjoined Humbolt
Hulbert Mining Co.    
Humboldt Copper Co.  July 13 1853 Between Arnold and Phoenix Mines
Iron City  1853 
Island Mine USGSIsle Royale Mining Co.January 15 1874 Isle Royale
Island Tribute Co. 1876Leased Island Mine
Iron City Mining Co.  July 10 1850 
Keweenaw Mining Co.  August 17 1853 Meteor and then Mendota
Keweenaw Point Mining Co.  May 08 1855 
Keystone Mining Co.  April 04 1852 
Lac La Belle Mining Co.  January 03 1846 See Oneida
Lake Mine Isle Royale Mining Co.January 15 1874  
Lake Superior Mining Co. No. 1  June 07 1843first mine in Keweenaw County
Lawrence Mining Co.  April 09 1854 
Livingston Mining Co.  November 24 1854 
Lucky Bay Mine USGS  Isle Royale
Madison Mining Co.  July 27 1853 
Mandan Mining Co.  March 09 1863 
Manhattan Mining Co.  1856 took over Albion Mine
Manitou Mining Co.  March 11 1854 
Marquette Mine Isle Royale Mining Co.March 16 1874  
Meadow Mining Co.  June 13 1853 By Humboldt & Phoenix
Medora Mine Isle Royale Mining Co. 
Mendota Mining Co.  1855 
Meteor Mining Co.  January 19 1864Formerly Keweenaw Became Mendota
Middlesex Mining Co.  1864 No mining ever done
Minong Mine USGSIsle Royale Mining Co.January 01 1874 Isle Royale
Mendota Mine Isle Royale Mining Co.January 06 1871  
Miskawabic Mine Isle Royale Mining Co.January 13 1903  
Mohawk Mine Mohawk Mining Co.March 1898 Ahmeek & Seneca to the north
Montreal Mine French Copper Mining Company of Lake Superior  Became part of Clark Mine
Natick Mining Co.   
Native Copper Mining Co.  March 24 1852 North of Oneida
Naumkeag Mining Co.  February 15 1859 
New England Mining Co.  April 01 1853 
New Jersey Mining Co.  1864 
New York Consolidated Mining Co.  September 28 1846  
New York Mining Co.  May 07 1863 
New York & Pittsburg Mine Isle Royale Mining Co.February 10 1854  
Noble Mining Co.   
North American Mining Co.  1846 Adjoins Cliff
North Cliff Mining Co.  September 20 1858 
North Star Mining Co.  March 20 1854 
Northwest   Became Pennsylvania
Northwest Copper Association Reorganized as Northwest Mining Co. 18491847 
Northwest Mining Co.  1849 to 1861 Became Pennsylvania
Northwestern Mining Co.  April 10 1846 Absorbed by Central
Ohio & Isle Royale   1845-46On Isle Royale
Oneida No. 2 Oneida Copper Co.   see Northwest
Owl  Creek Mine    Addage of Copper Falls Mine
Pawnee   see Oneida
Pennsylvania Mining Co. Merged under Delaware Mining 1876November 04 1861 
Petherick Mining Co.  July 31 1860 Became Ashbed
Philadelphia & Boston    Owned land
Phoenix Consolidated Copper Co.  October 09 1853 
Pittsburg & Boston Copper Co.   See Cliff Mine
Pittsburg & Isle Royale  1846Pioneer on Isle Royale
Providence Mining Co.  March 11 1863 Adjoined Delaware Mine
Ransom Mine USGS 1847Isle Royale
Resolute Mine Resolute Copper Co. March 03 1864 
Reliance Mining Co.  March 23 1877 
Ripley Mining co.  1853 
Royale Mine Isle RoyaleApril 09 1874 
Saginaw Mine USGSIsle Royale Mining Co.September 30 1876 Isle Roylae
Saint Clair Mining Co.  July 08 1863 Now part of Phoenix Consolidated
Salem Mining Co.   
Seneca Mining Co.  March 27 1860 Ahmeek set off from in 1880
Silver Creek Mining Co.  April 01 1857 Near end of Keweenaw Point
Siskowit USGSSiskowit Mining Co.1845Rock Harbor Isle Royale
Smithwick Mine USGS  Isle Royale
South East Cliff Mining Co.  October 6 1853 
Stanford Mining Co.  September 09 1873 
Star Mining Co.  July 12 1853 Between Clark & Eagle Harbor
Stoughtenburg   See Oneida
Summit Mining Co.  April 29 1853 East of Dana see Madison
Sussek Mining Co.  1864No mines
Union Mining Company   Isle Royale - Search Charles & Angelique Mott starvation
Valley Mining Co. No. 1  April 12 1864 No mines on land owned
Vulcan Mining Co.  March 10 1864 
Washington Mining Co.  July 09 1863 Western shore of Mosquito Lake
Waterbury Mining Co. Land sold to Eagle Harbor1850 to 1854 
Wendigo Copper Co.   1889 to 1892On Isle Royale near Washington Harbor
Wendigo Mine USGSIsle Royale Land Corp.1899Isle Royale
West Vein Mining Co.  1860 
Winthrop Mining Co.  1852 
Wyoming Mining Co. organized by Pennsylvania Co.1865 South of Mosquito Lake