Keweenaw County Michigan

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Cliff Mine Cemetery

Also listed as Cliff Protestant or Hillside Cemetery

This cemetery is located on Cliff Drive in Keweenaw County at the old Cliff Mines site at the at the base of  Cliff Range. It has few stones left but many depressions. We searched the depressions but could find no stones that had perhaps broken or fallen over and were covered by the forest floor and overgrowth.

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BENNEYFrancis  13 Nov. 185236 yrs.His labors securely laid in this his last retreat, unl???ded our his silent dust we ????? Of friendship ????   Patricia Hamp 1999Cliff Protestant
EVERETTIsabella  27 Jan. 18649y 8mEldest Daughter of Harlow & Jane Everett - Sacred to the memory of…eldest daughter of…who departed this life….aged…Blessed are the death that die in the Lord Weap not for me my parents dear, I am not dead but sleeping here, I am not yours but Christs alone, He loves me best and takes me home.   Patricia Hamp 1999Cliff Protestant
GEORGEThomas  01 Feb. 186511y 20mSon of Henry & Jane. Son of: Heaven retaineth now her treasure earth the lovely casket keeps, and the sunbeams love to linger, where our little Thomas sleeps.   Patricia Hamp 1999Cliff Protestant
GEORGEWilliam R.  14 Oct. 186422 yrs.Brother of Henry George   Patricia Hamp 1999Cliff Protestant
GIBSONAndrew  18 May 185729 yrs.In Memory of….married Conney Fermanuagh Ireland   Patricia Hamp 1999Cliff Protestant
HARVEYJames  30 Jan. 185642 yrs.In love he lived- In peace he died- His life was craved- but God denied. A Native of England   Patricia Hamp 1999Cliff Protestant
JENNINGSElizabeth  09 Sept. 185247 yrs.In memory of…wife of Edwd. Jennings late of the Cliff Mine who died….Beloved, thou shalt survive in the hearts of thy Husband & Children   Patricia Hamp 1999Cliff Protestant
JENNINGSElizabeth  10 Oct. 185223 yrs.Daughter of Edw. & Elizabeth Jennings   Patricia Hamp 1999Cliff Protestant
PETERSCatherine J.  05 July 18745m 9dChild of Wm. & J. Peters - So He giveth his beloved   Patricia Hamp 1999Cliff Protestant
PETERSElla S.  16 Sept. 18655m 16dChild of Wm. & J. Peters   Patricia Hamp 1999Cliff Protestant
PETERSJane  28 June 187437 yrs.In memory of……..The beloved wife of Wm. Peters   Patricia Hamp 1999Cliff Protestant
PETERSWilliam J.  29 Apr 186710m 5dChild of Wm. & J. Peters   Patricia Hamp 1999Cliff Protestant
SIMMERERMaria  01 May 18534m 15dMaria Tochter Von J. & G. Simmerer Starb. May -1, -1853, Alt. 4J/M.-15T   Patricia Hamp 1999Cliff Protestant
WILSONCarrie  22 Nov. 187211m 22d    Patricia Hamp 1999Cliff Protestant
WILSONJohn T.  01 July 18644y 6 or 8 ms.    Patricia Hamp 1999Cliff Protestant
Notes: Read and photographed by the Hamp Family in 1999.