A Dick and June Ross Collection File  

The Italian Hall Disaster 

December 1913 - Calumet, Houghton County, Michigan

This file was donated and is under © copyright by Dick and June Ross from their collection of Houghton Co. records.  It is a transcription of the newspaper article in the Daily Mining Gazette for that day.   

1913 December 25 Thursday - The following listed persons died in a fire at the Italian Hall at Calumet and they were families of strikers who were celebrating Christmas. A stupid person yelled fire and caused a great panic . 

The dead are -

Herman ALA of Tamarack, aged 50

Lempi AHO of Calumet, aged 8

Wilma ASITONEN, aged 7 - Mrs Oscar ASITONEN aged 50 - Silvia ASITONEN, aged 6 all 3 of Florida location

Mrs BRANZO of Laurium , aged 28

Ilko BUEFF of Calumet, aged 4

Joseph BUTALA of Centennial Heights, aged 8

Victoria BURCAR, aged 12 of Kearsearge

Kate GREGORICH of Centennial, aged 10

Mrs Henry ISOLA aged 35 of Raymbaultown

Mrs Barbara JESIT, aged 55 and her baby of Raymbaultown

Jennie JACKELETTI of Wolverine, aged 6

John KEMPPI of Centennial Heights, aged 4

Christiana KLARICH, aged 5, Kate and Mary of Calumet

Amy KOTAJARVI aged 3  Annie, aged 4, Mary, age not shown, all of Florida location

John KARKELA of Copper City, aged 7

Mrs Peter KALUNKI, aged 35 and 2 girls named KALUNKI, ages 6 and 4 names unknown all of Centennial Heights

Jacob LUSTIG of Raymbaultown,  aged 5

John LAURI, of Centennial Heights, aged 4

Ralph LESAR, aged 5, Mamie LESAR aged 11 both of Red Jacket

Arthur LINDSTROM of Red Jacket ,aged 12

Lydia LUOMI of Centennial Heights aged 5

Mrs Peter LANTIG, farm near Dover, aged 35

Mrs Herman , aged 35 and an unknown boy Manley, aged 12 and girl MANLEY aged 4, all 3 of same family of North Tamarack

Agnes aged 4 and Paul MIHELCHICH, aged 5 both of Calumet

Matt MURTO, of Tamarack, aged 6

Albert, aged 3, and Edrom MONTONEN, aged 5 both of Tamarack

names not shown boy aged 5 and boy, aged 3 sons of Matt MILLYKANCAS of Osceola

Abram NIEMELA, aged 40, and Mrs NIEMELA, aged 35, both of Wolverine

Samma NAUER, aged 5

Mrs Kate PETERL (sic) of Calumet, aged 66

William PLIRA, address unknown  aged 5

Antone aged 52 and girl unknown PAPSH, aged 20 of Osceola

Ellen RISTALL of Laurium aged 5

Miss RENOLDI, of North Tamarack, aged 13

Ahta SATIO of Centennial Heights, aged 6

Frances STADUHAR of Osceola, aged 10

Mamie SMUK of Raymbaultown, aged 7

Nick SWIKEVEITCH of Red Jacket aged 40

Mrs TUOPPO, aged 42 and Mamie TUOPPO aged 4, of Florida location

Helga WUOLUKKA of Calumet, aged 42

J. P. WESTOLA of Calumet aged 48

Elena TAIPALUS aged 6 and Sandra  aged 5 both of Centennial Heights

Juto TALLBACK of Tamarack, aged 4

Uno JOKIPL of Raymbaultown  aged 16

John HEIKKENEN, age 9 and 2 boys, ages 7 and 5 first names unknown of Wolverine

Mary KRUNIC of Tamarack Jr. aged 12

Mrs Matt KOTAJARVI of Florida location

Henry TAKOLA of Laurium

Yalmer SAARI of Laurium, aged 5

Ysdra PHILOMENA, baby of Calumet.


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