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Dick and June Ross went to various cemeteries in Houghton County and transcribed all stones that contained a Cornish or English surname.  This is a database of the collection for the county and contains the following cemeteries transcriptions.

Mount Calvary Cemetery  -  Database ID code is MtC
Place: West of Lake Linden
Founded: 1876
Forest Hill Cemetery - Database ID code is FH
Place: Off US-41 at Michigan Tech University - Houghton
Founded: 1862
Lakeview Cemetery - Database ID code is LK
Place: 2 miles West of Calumet on M-203
Founded: 1894
Maple Hill Cemetery - Database ID code is MH
Place: West of Lake Linden
(note: Map shows north of Lake Linden by Mount Calvary Cemetery)Founded: 1880

Schoolcraft or Centennial Cemetery - Database ID code is SCH

Place: Between Laurium and Calumet or
1 mile north of Calumet on US-41
Founded: 1865
 Liminga Cemetery or Redridge Cemetery - Database ID code is Lim

Place: 1-1/2 miles east of Redridge
Founded: 1912

There are 1117 records contained in the database of the above cemeteries only.  They have been put into a searchable database so you don't have to go through numerous web pages to find the names. 




Also check the cemetery transcriptions at the link below for more Cornish names.


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