Secret Societies Hancock, Houghton County, Michigan


Extracted From the R. L. Polk Directory 1895-1896


Alicia Koski Marshall © 2005




Quincy Lodge No 135, F7AM - Chartered January 19,1862. - Meets 3rd Tuesday in each month at Masonic Hall.

L. H. Richard, WM; David Evans, SW; John Wite, JW; M. C. Getchell, SD; E S Warne, JD; D. Crawford, treas; George W. Rulison, sec; Samuel Gillespie, tyler.


Gate of the Temple  Chapter No 35, RAM - Meets 4th Wednesday in each month in Masonic Temple.

Jacob Baer, HP; J. H. Rice, K; Thomas Ingram, S; Wm Bath, Ch; R. H. Brelsford, Ps; John Cameron, RAC; Adolph Ruhl, 3rd V; F. H. Rogers, 2nd V; Frank Major, 1st V; D. S. Kendall, treas; G. W. Rulison, sec; Samuel Gillespie, sentinel.


Ancient Order of Foresters


Court Rene Menard No 8054 - Meets every Monday in Scott’s Hall.

Hercules Racine, CR; Edward Roberge, SCR; Willie Champagne, FS; C. O. Oliver, RS


Ancient Order of United Workmen


Hancock Lodge No 128, AOUW - Meets 2nd and 4th Thursdays in each month at Odd Fellows Hall.

R. Cameron, MW; T. C. Murphry, foreman; John Bogan, overseer; James Cornish, recorder; R. H. Merric, financier; L. H. Richardson receiver; John Watson, guide; Ole Olson, inside watchman; Adolph Proulx, outside watchman.


Grand Army of the Republic


ER Stiles Post No 174 - Organized August , 1885 - Meets 2nd Saturday in each month in Scott’s block.

John Hummell, com; James Moore Sr., VC; Wm. H. Mason Jr., VC; James Ross, quartermaster; E. K. Lord, adjutant.


Knights of the Maccabees


Ingot Tent No 241 - Meets 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month in Odd Fellow’s Hall.

W. W.  Finch, com; A. H. Trowbridge, It com; J. E. O’Neill, FK; C. O. Oliver, RK.


Knight of Pythias


Lake Superior Lodge No 109, K of P - Instituted 1889 - Meets 2nd Friday of each month in Odd Fellows Hall.

Morris E. Wright, CC; Wm. C. Kauth, VC; Henry Funkey, prelate; Charles M. Coon, K of R&S; Andrew Bran, M of F; M. L. Funkey, M of E.



Sons of Herman


Lake Superior Lodge No 1, Od HS- Instituted July21, 1865 - Meets 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month in Masonic Building.

Conrad Reyer, pres ; Carl Voelker, vice-pres; Henry Drittler Sr., tres; Christian Ziegler, FS ; Carl Hanke, CS.


Modern Woodmen of America


Portage Camp No 2596- Organized November 27, 1894 - Meets 1st and 3rd Friday of each month in Masonic Building.

Dr. Will H. Dodge, V.C.; Horace L. Stevens, WA; John J. Eichhorn, banker; Michael J. Carroll, elk; Eugene Murphy, escort; J. B. Rastello, watchman; John Payne, sentinel.