Indexed from:

Pelkie, its Past and Present. L'Anse, MI: L'Anse Sentinel, 1990 by: 
Sturgeon Valley Historical Society, Pelkie, MI 49958 (Baraga County)

   Indexes compiled by Colleen Caudle 2002

WWI         KOREA       VIETNAM    

Last Name First/Middle Rank
    PFC (Private First Class)
Erickson Elmer E. Apprentice Seaman -U.S. Coast Guard
Friisvall Elmer PFC
Friisvall William PFC
Haka Wilbert J. PFC
Hakala Reino Tech Sergeant
Hakala Reino J.  
Hakala George Military Police
Heinonen Adrian Carpenter’s Mate
Heinonen Clarence Staff Sergeant
Heinonen Raymond J. PFC
Heitikko Wilho S. T/5 Surgical Technician
Hendrickson Aldrick C.P. T5
Hietikko Donald I. PFC
Hietikko Raymond R. Staff Sergeant
Hill John J. PFC
Honkala George A. PFC
Honkala Norman E. Technician 5th Grade
Ikonen Arthur Private
Jacoby Reuben H. Sergeant
Johnson Kaino T/4
Johnson Fabian Staff Sergeant
Johnson Arvo  
Johnson Francis O. Technical Sergeant
Johnson Toivo  
Johnson Edward PFC
Johnson Walter S. Sergeant
Jokipii Paul (Gordon) S 1/C (Navy)
Jokipii Ed. R. T/4 Sergeant
Jolgren Gordon A. PFC
Jolgren Raymond T/5
Jolgren Roy Staff/Sergeant
Jolgren William D. T/5
Karvakko Hubert Corporal
Kemppainen Felix Corporal
Keranen Matt E. PFC
Ketola Ralph E. PFC
Klemett Arvid W. Sergeant
Kuivinen Eino Corporal
Lehto Rudolph MM 1/C
Lein Sulo PFC
Lein Toivo Corporal
Lytikainen Carl T/5
Lytikainen Lauri J. PFC
Maki Albert M. Staff Sergeant
Maki Edward G. PFC
Maki George (Joe) Staff Sergeant
Maki Lauri M. PFC
Maki Reuben Corporal
Marshall Norman PFC
Marttila Benjamin S 1/C
Marttila Lauri L. Army T/5
Mattson George C. 1st Sergeant
Miller Roy W. PFC
Moilanen Reino E. T/5
Moilanen Waino PFC
Mustonen William J. T/5
Mutkala Edwin Corporal
Mutkala Ernest  
Mutkala Waino 1st Lieutenant
Mutkala Wesley Corporal
Narhi Arvid M. Sergeant
Niemisto Hubert Sergeant
Niemisto Reuben CM3C
Nulu Arthur PFC
Nulu John N. PFC
Parkkila Arvo A. PFC
Pelto Gunnard W. T/5
Pelto Oliver G. PFC
Perander Edwin J. Corporal
Perander Walfred Private
Phillippi John E. Navy-Seaman First Class & Air Force-Technical Sergeant
Plough Robert O. Master Sergeant
Porhola Stanley Navy-EM3
Porhola Morris Harvey Navy-Seaman 1/C
Ravi William Staff Sergeant
Sandelin Alfred Air Force
Sandelin Carl Army
Schwalm Fred W. Private
Sheets (Meining) Viola Navy-Nursing-Lieutenant
Takalo Arne J. PFC
Takalo Arnie W. T/5
Tervo Emil Captain
Turpeinen Eli O. Tec-4
Usitalo Oiva PFC
Uusitalo Toivo E. Sergeant
Uusitlo George Sergeant
Weiland James W. Sergeant
Wertheimer(Liimatainen) Helvi 2nd Lieutenant, Army Nurse Corps.
William Huttunen Corporal

Copies of "Pelkie Its Past and Present, Volume II can be
purchased for $5.00 from the Sturgeon Valley Hist. Society president at:
Jack Lehto
Route 1 Box 466
Baraga, MI  49908

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