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  1. Please do not send more than one name and ask for more than one resource at a time. Make your query as specific as possible. Make sure to include the person's name, a date, place and the resource you want the lookup in. Anything beyond this should be taken to a paid genealogist.
  2. Remember these people have jobs, families, a life, etc., and are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts.
  3. Make sure you put HOUGHTON CO. LOOKUP in the subject line of your e-mail and make your inquiry as complete as possible with dates or approximate dates, first names, place names if known, etc.
  4. DO NOT ask for all of one surname in the records, this may result in your e-mail being deleted without an answer.

"Tamarack Town: Mines - People - Places," by Paul T. Steele (1982)

This book deals with people in the Tamarack section of what later became Calumet. The book contains lists of names and addresses of people from the 1903 and 1916 Houghton County directories for South Tamarack and North Tamarack and lists of the Tamarack Mining Company employees from the same two years. Please do not request a search unless there is some connection to Tamarack Town or the Tamarack Mines. The book does not have information about people from Calumet, Red Jacket, Osceola, Laurium other adjacent locations.

Joseph Martin
Sources Available for search: To request a lookup in any of these sources, Please have a good idea of what you want me to look for. Example: I will not take requests such as "Everything you have on the name Johnson." This is a volunteer service, and lookups can take a good amount of time so please be patient and realistic with your lookups. Thank you! Look forward to helping soon!


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Trond Ballo 

Alta/Talvik and Vads?Varanger parish immigrated to the Michigan area. I have church books at  home for Alta that covers the years 1799 to 1892, and for Vads?the years between 1854 to 1901, I also have the census records for both cities at home. Many people who live in MI, MN are descendents from people who emigrated from the area I cover.

I do not make lookups if people are not sure their ancestors came from one of
these cities.

Web page: Emigration site for Finnmark County, Norway 

Colleen Caudle 

Colleen has the is offering to do lookups in the following:

Houghton County Federal Census for the years of 
(note: The 1870 Census is online and searchable.  The 1883 and 1894 Veteran's Censuses are online and searchable. )

    Kathleen Atwood ADDRESS NOT WORKING March 2006
    Houghton County, Michigan, USA           

    Kathleen has offered to do lookups in the following: 

    *Vital records 

    *Census records 

    *Cemetery records 


    *Take photos of homes, locations, etc.
    Please be very specific as to what you need and only submit one name. 

    Joan LeVeque  

    *Memorial Record of the Northern Peninsula of Michigan, published in 1895. 

    *History of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan published 1883 

    *Biographical Record of Leading citizens of Houghton, Baraga Counties, Michigan published 1903 

    *Schoolcraft Township Centennial book which is the History of Schoolcraft Township and the Village of Lake Linden 1886-1986

    *Surname list of persons researching Cornish names for the Gathering of Cornish Cousins held in Calumet, Michigan in 1995.

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