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Surname & Veteran Submissions
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Biographies and Bibliography

Online Web Board

Bibliography of Houghton Sources


Cemeteries and Obituaries

Transcriptions and List of Cemeteries  
Obituary Web Board
Jackman-Hiltunen Obituary Collection
Richards Family Obits
Ross Collection - Obituaries


Census - Transcriptions

1864 State Census - new interface   
1870 Federal Census - Online with images



Ross Collection
Italians of the Upper Peninsula
Richards Family Obits
Jackman-Hiltunen Obituary Collection

Resurrection Church Records
Jacques' Family Obituary Collection


Land and Maps

Online Map from 1904
1895 Atlas Map - Offsite
Land Records - Land Patents




      1903-1904 Selected Entries
Harriet Rule Autograph Book
Calumet Theater Name List
Year Books or Classes
Society or Organization - Membership Lists - 



Townships Web Pages - Township Historians Needed to join Clint.  



Mail Lists & Web Board

Query Web Board - Ancestry/Rootsweb
GenForum - Query Board hosted on 
Obituaries Web Board
Biography Web Board
MIHought-L Mail Lists 



Civil War
      1883 Pensioners
      1894 State Census - Vets only
Spanish American War
World War I 
World War II
Korean Conflict 

Korea and Vietnam files are offsite

Mining Records

Accidents and Deaths
Employment Records - C&H
The Italian Hall Disaster of December 1913



Finnish -  
French - Canadian - Offsite

More are needed such as Croatians, Poles, Swedes, Germans, etc.



General Transcriptions -
Obituaries - Collections
      Richards Family Obits
      General Obituaries - Ross Coll.
      Jacques' Family
Obituary Web Board


Research Help

Bibliography - links to name lists
MIGenWeb Archives - Houghton Co.
List of Mailing Addresses



LDS Family History Center 


Vitals Online

Early Births for Houghton
          Baptismal Records
          Ross  Collection
Deaths For Houghton
          Schoolcraft Twp.
          Burial Records
          Ross Collection
          The Italian Hall Disaster
          Gendis - MI State Early Deaths
Marriages for Houghton
          Church Records
          Ross Collection
          Dibean Michigan Collection
Mining Deaths
WWII Honor List


Lookups Offered by Volunteers

Web Links or Offsite Links

Family Web Sites 

Libraries and Archives
Area History
Mining History
Newspapers Online

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Baraga County MIGenWeb
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