Transcription of Forest Hill Cemetery
Houghton County, Michigan
(ongoing updates)

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SurnameGiven NameMiddleMaiden NameNick NameBirth DateDeath DateInscriptionMilitaryBlock Lot GraveNotesPhoto
AbleJoseph   18791946  Jewish SectionPicture1058
AbrahamsHarold   3/23/19074/20/1994 LTJG US Navy World War IIJewish SectionPicture962
AbrahamsMorris   18721943Father Jewish SectionPicture1310
AbrahamsPaul   19091936Son Jewish SectionPicture1326
AbrahamsRebecca   18711949Mother Jewish SectionPicture1333
AbramsonAnn   18981955Daughter 19Picture3581
AbramsonEdla   18731954Mother 19Picture3581
AbramsonHerbert   19031991Son 19Picture3583
AbramsonMatt   18881925Father 19Picture3582
AbrelatEleanoreM  19172005  19Picture3472
AbrelatPaulE  19061988  19Picture3472
AdamiJean   19272009  6Picture2918
AdamiPrimoJ  10/29/19229/29/1998 SGT US Army World War II6Picture2917
AhoAndrew   18771964Father 40Picture100
AhoAndrewArthur  2/28/18977/7/1976 OS US Coast Guard World War I39Picture594
AhoEdward   19051981Son 40Picture887
AhoHilmaJ  18821956Mother 40Picture366
AhoIdaM  19041990  39Picture593
AhoJosephineM  18971921  19Picture1751
AlceniusAmanda   18741954Mother 7Picture281
AlexanderCharles   18971969  39Picture1221
AlexanderJohn   19001951  39Picture4
AlexanderJosephine    1988  39Picture4
AlexanderPeterS  18621931  6Picture3046
AlfordJohn    10/24/1899  3Picture1012
AllardAlbertA  18971917  6Picture2641
AllardHortence   18671953  6Picture2640
AllardJoseph   18661943Father 6Picture2639
AllenEA  18221901Mother 5Picture1907
AllenElizabethC  18921961  39Picture576
AllenElizabeth   7/7/18875/20/1922Wife of Wm Allen 3Picture902
AllenJohnMatt  18951975  39Picture3
AllenJoseph   18271911  5Picture1908
AllenKatherineA  19251991  39Picture522
AllenPerenaV  19091979  39Picture3
AllenWilliamJ  18881984  39Picture576
AllieAlbert   19081968Son 2Picture3249
AllieBertrand   19161929Son 2Picture3250
AllieGeorge   18811950Father 2Picture3252
AllieOlive   18871929Mother 2Picture3251
AlloriaEdith   18911927Wife of William Allaria 6Picture2761
AndersenBrett   19601960Baby 39Picture692
AndersenEinerEarl  4/28/19375/3/1963 Michigan 1st LT US Air Force39Picture693
AndersenEjnerAnton  18991994  39Picture691
AndersenFlorence Jandron 19101989  39Picture691
AndersonAmeliaL  18611951Mother 19Picture3593
AndersonAndrew   18591925Father 19Picture3592
AndersonAnna   18791952Mother 6Picture2401
AndersonCarlH   1918  6Picture2403
AndersonCarlJ  18731960Father 6Picture2401
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