Emigrants for America
Native of Niemis Village, Hietaniemi Parish, Sweden

by Sture Torikka © copyright 2002 all rights reserved




Additional Niemis citizens, who emigrated while residing in other villages:


These are, of course, only a few whom I have found. There must have been several more




North Norway (Alta, Kåfjord, Hammerfest Parishes)





Eva Kaisa Johansdotter Patron b. 1833 d. 1902

Husband Salomon Isaksson Nautapuodi b. 1823 d. 1898


Maria b. 1855

Johan b. 1859

Isak b. 1862

Petter b. 1864

Emigrated to North Norway as a child in 1836 (Salomon did go from a neighbor village to Norway 1847). Later they emigrated from Norway (Kåfjord) to N. America (through the harbor of Trondheim, Norway, with destination Quebec, Canada) 2.6.1866. Arrived 22.7.1866. Later residing in Lake Norden, South Dakota, USA




Maria Johanna Johansdotter Patron b. 1842

To N. America (from Kåfjord, Alta, Norway, through Trondheim) 23.5.1868. Married to Elias Andersson. Residing in Hancock, Michigan, USA



Greta Elisabet Johansdotter Patron b. 1849, d. 1935

To N. America (from Kåfjord, Alta, Norway, through Trondheim) 22.5.1869. Married Anders Lindström (Linstrom). Later residing in Florence Township, Hamlin County, South Dakota, USA




Johan Aronsson Sikainen (Sirviäinen) b. 1840

Wife Maria Kaisa Henriksdotter Kallioistenmaa b. 1835


Johan Petter b. 1864

To Norway (from Armasjärvi) 1867. Emigrated from Alta, Norway, to N. America (through Trondheim) 1870 (according to Ilmonen II:303). I have not found them in the database of emigrants through Trondheim 1867-1930. Later residing in Savo Township, South Dakota, USA


Anna Lovisa Salomonsdotter Bergdahl b. 1845

To Norway (from Armasjärvi) 13.3.1870 – ”Amer.” [difficult to read]. It seems like the writer has noted that she was going forward to N. America. In the moving records it only says “Norway”. I have not found her in the database of emigrants through Trondheim 1867-1930 or in the Norwegian census 1875. But, she is nearly certain identical to the wife “Anna Loviisa, b. 1845”, who emigrated about 1870 to the U.S. and married Johan Henrik Abramsson (Alanenpää), b. 1843 in the neighbor village Puostijärven alapää, d. 1915. They surely knew each other from childhood. He went to Norway 1866 and from there to Copper Country, Michigan, in 1870. They probably emigrated together. Residing in Calumet, Michigan, USA


Isak Wilhelm Abrahamsson Alanenpää b. 1846 d. 16.2.1915

To Norway (from Puostijärven alapää) 1866. Emigrated from Vadsö, Norway (using the name ”Isak V. Abrahamsen”), to N. America 17.6.1870 with destination Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Did travel through Trondheim 29.7.1870. Later residing in Cokato, Minnesota, USA. Returned back home from America to Armasjärvi (as a widower) 2.1.1915




Anna Gustava Gabrielsdotter Patron b. 1844 d. 1918

To Norway at latest 1869. Emigrated from Hammerfest, Norway, to N. America (through Trondheim, destinated to Hancock, Michigan) 2.6.1871. Married to Johan Jussila. Residing in Calumet, Michigan, USA




Isak Wilhelm Gabrielsson Patron b. 1845

To Norway 1865. Emigrated from Hammerfest to N. America (through Trondheim to Hancock, Michigan) 29.5.1872. Later residing in Savo Township, South Dakota, USA


Johan Johansson Patron b. 1809 d. 1880

Wife Anna Greta Aronsdotter Keksi b. 1811 d. 1888

To Norway 1836. Emigrated from Alta, Norway, to N. America (through Trondheim to Quebec, Canada) 29.5.1872. Residing in Calumet, Houghton, Michigan, USA




Johan Fredrik Persson Viippa b. 1835 d. 1916

Wife Eva Kaisa Johansdotter Patron b. 1820 d. 1910


Greta Johanna b. 1854

To Norway (husband) 1867, the others 1868. Emigrated from Alta to N. America (through Trondheim to Hancock, Michigan) 29.5.1873. Later residing in Poinsett, South Dakota, USA




Puhkuri village, Hietaniemi Parish





Frans Oskar Persson Lustig b. 1874

To N. America 7.6.1893




Petter Olof Persson Lustig b. 1872

To N. America without certificate 1898




Johan Axel Persson Lustig b. 1887 still living 1969

To N. America without certificate about 1908-1909




Elin Sofia Persdotter Lustig b. 1884

To N. America 12.9.1922




Puostijärven alapää village, Hietaniemi Parish





Johan Mariasson Viippa b. 1861

To N. America 1.6.1886. Returned back home 26.10.1894 to Puostijärvi (later moved to Sirviäinen homestead in Armasjärvi) together with wife and five children. Resided in Quincy Mine, Michigan, USA




Abraham Persson Kaarle (Viippa) b. 1851

To N. America 29.6.1887




Laitamaa village, Hietaniemi Parish





Johan Petter Aronsson Viippola b. 1842 d. 21.12.1927

Wife Lena Stina Aronsdotter Lantto b. 1848


Laura Josefina b. 1873

Kaisa Sofia b. 1875

Nancy Maria Gunilla b. 1878

Aina Kristina Hilda b. 1881

To N. America 25.6.1881. The husband returned back home (alone) 20.2.1926




Koivukylä village, Hietaniemi Parish





Isak Wilhelm Persson Patron b. 1865 d. 1941

To N. America 14.6.1881. Officially declared dead 1950 with assumed date of death 30.6.1891. Later residing in Brocket, North Dakota, USA




Petter Arvid Persson Patron b. 1869 d. 1898

To N. America 12.6.1888. Officially declared dead 1950 with assumed date of death 30.6.1898




Maria Johanna Persdotter Patron b. 1872 d. 1900

To N. America 16.5.1890. Officially declared dead 1950 with assumed date of death 31.5.1900




Hilda Maria Eriksdotter Salmi b. 1880

To N. America 12.7.1900




Isak Helmer Isaksson Piekkola b. 1879

To N. America without certificate about 1903




Karl Sefanias Honkamaa b. 1889

To N. America without certifiacte about 1910. Later residing in Royal Oak, Oakland, Michigan, USA




Johan Leander Honkamaa b. 1892

Eventually emigrated to N. America about 1911; “Non-existent” 31.12.1913. Returned back home 2.1.1914. Emigrated to N. America (again?) about 1923. Or was it that he emigrated 23.11.1919? This date is noted on his brother Emil Honkamaa, but we do know that Emil did travel to America already in 1913




Emil Honkamaa b. 1893

To N. America without certificate 1913. Did travel from Göteborg (Gothenburg) 10.12.1913 with destination New York, New York, USA. According to the Hietaniemi church records, he requested a certificate for emigration to N. America on 23.11.1919, but this information seems to be a reference to his brother Johan Leander Honkamma (above)




Erik Axel Honkamaa b. 1898

To N. America about 1923. Returned back home 27.11.1933




Oskar Honkamaa (Koski) b. 1903 d. 1997

To N. America about 1924. Later residing in San Bernardino, California, USA




Gustaf Adolf Honkamaa b. 1905 d. 1973

To N. America 1928. Did travel from Göteborg 16.11.1928 with destination Detroit, Michigan, USA. Returned back home together with wife and children 1939




Persomajärvi village, Hietaniemi Parish





Johan Petter Salomonsson Juntti (Puhkuri) b. 1860

To N. America 7.6.1891. Returned back home in late summer 1899. Did emigrate again 1907 (from Persomajärvi)




Nedertorneå Parish / Haparanda City





Emanuel Andersson b. 1832 d. 1904

To N. America without certificate during the fall of 1875. Returned back home some years later. To N. America again without certificate about 1896, but returned back home again mid-summer 1902 (see above under Niemis 1853)




Frans Emanuel Andersson b. 1857

To N. America 1883. Did travel from Malmö, Sweden, with destination Black Hills, South Dakota, USA, 28.6.1883


Wife Sofia Josefina Jakobsdotter Hiukka (Andersson) b. 1859


Frans Hjalmar b. 1881

Maria Karolina b. 1882

To N. America 29.9.1883. Married to Frans Emanuel Andersson (above)




Petter Abraham Persson Matkajärvi b. 1873

To N. America 8.6.1893


Greta Vilhelmina Persdotter Matkajärvi b. 1876

To N. America 8.6.1893




Karl Johan Henriksson Kaarle b. 1868 d. 1916

To N. America without certificate at the latest about 1902. Returned back home together with wife and two children about 1907




Ruskola village, Övertorneå Parish





Petronella Salomonsdotter Bergdahl b. 1858

To N. America 1.6.1880




Haapakylä village, Övertorneå Parish





Olof Edvard Wikström b. 1876

To N. America 30.9.1895




Amanda Kristina Wikström b. 1878

To N. America 1.6.1896




Johanna Josefina Wikström b. 1879

To N. America 25.8.1898




Abraham Persson Tiensuu b. 1875

To N. America 17.7.1900 (farm-hand)




Matarinki village, Övertorneå Parish





Maria Matilda Isaksdotter Korva b. 1857

To N. America 1.6.1883 (maid)




Karl Gottfrid Lustig b. 1907 d. 1968

To N. America (Canada) 1929. Did travel from Göteborg 4.5.1929 with destination Reverstoke, British Columbia. Resided in British Columbia, Canada. Returned back home early 1930s




Turtola village, Övertorneå Parish



Jöns Henriksson Kaarle b. 1843

Wife Sofia Karolina Pääkkönen b. 1832

To N. America 27.5.1887




Pajala village, Pajala Parish



Karl Emil Frisk b. 1891 d. 1982

To N. America ?? Returned back home to Niemis ??




Närkki village, Alkkula – Ylitornio Parish (Finland)





Maria Josefina Aronsdotter Tiensuu b. 1856 d. 1893

(widow 1889 after Isak Persson Heikka)


Karl Gustaf b. 1882

To N. America 1891. This mother and her son is the only ones in this list who emigrated from the Finnish side of the border




Malmberget Municipality / Gällivare Parish





Frans Gustaf Wennberg b. 1879 d. 1970

To N. America 1902. Did travel with the ship Salmo from Trondheim, Norway, 3.7.1902 with destination Hibbing, Minnesota, USA. Returned back home (to Kiruna) together with wife and three children 1907. Emigrated again to America (from Kiruna) 1909 and did travel from Trondheim 6.10.1909.  Returned back home again about 1910




Karl Johan Persson Patron b. 1861 d. 1950

To N. America (Canada) 19.5.1909 from Trondheim, Norway. Destination: Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Returned back home after some years




Kiruna City, Jukkasjärvi Parish





Karl Ludvig Kalliainen b. 1897

To N. America without certificate about 1924




Hanna Matilda Kalliainen b. 1899

To N. America 21.4.1928




Nederkalix Parish





Anna Vilhelmina Forsman b. 1887 d. 1975

Husband Johan Arvid Nilsson b. 1880 d. 1942

To N. America 29.7.1909. Residing in Ishpeming, Marquette, Michigan; USA







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