Rev. Ilmonen's Michigan Finnish Index


Extracted from: Michigan American Suomalaisten Historia 1926 by Rev. Ilmonen

Transcribed by and copyright © 2002 Alicia Marshall

These people are listed in the book as living in the following towns in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Some listings contain where they were born in Finland, that will follow the last name. The ones in parenthesis are their original name in Finland. 

I believe if there were just a few people living there, such as a  farm, then they called it by the persons last name.  Example: Jarvenranta was most likely the Jarvi family who lived in Ahmeek for instance which is not too far from Lake Superior.

If I could not figure out the English spelling I left it as written in the book.  I have no further information on any of these people.

This list may contain errors.  

Rubicon Ja Pori

Matti Johnson from Nurmo. Erkki Myllymäki from Töysä. Akseli and Antti Kaurala from Rantsila. Erick Posti from Simo.Johan Krekilä from Hailuto. antti Friski from Seinajoelta. Matti Ahola, Johan Miilu.


Ontonagon, kauntin pääpaikka, jossa asuu vain muutamia heimolaisiamee: Edward Hutula, Herman Letho.

Green Superior-järven

Nikolai Hokkonen from Korpilahti. Aron Savela From Karstula. Fredrick Carlson from Lohjalta. Samuel Silander from Joensuu. Joonas Ruuttila from Sievi.antti Kirjavainen from Viipurin tienoilta. Myöhemmin tulleita: Victor Kangas, Kalle and Rudolf Koistinen. Matti Utteri, Kustaa Hill.


Johan Pakkala from Alajärvi. Matti Mäkelä from Vimpeli.Edward Hill from Parkano. David Kantonen from Suomusalmi.


Eino Keränen, Johan Kinnunen, Samuel Vainio, Victor Männikö, Nels Rajala, Aug. Niemelä


Woodspur, farmiseutuajossa asuvat William Huuskonen, Johan Laine, Kalle Kinnunen, Johan Pesonen.


Seudun tienraivaaja August Nissula asettui sinne v. 1900, nykyään assu Minnesota. Muita seudun varhaisimpia asukkaita: Peter Hiltunen, Enock MATERO, Lauri Lauronen and Herman Heikkinen from Suomussalmi. Jacob Rinta, Johan Kuivinen and Johan Eklund from Kyröstä. Matti Savela from Oulu.antti Lipasti and antti Lehto from Reisjärvi. Johan Simmi from Kalajoki. Isak Kinnunen, Abel Luntunen from Suomussalmi. Salom Jouppi and Kustaa Saari.


Sakari Rahkola, Emil Pyykkönen, Johan Luomanen, Samuel Kauranen, Peter Kyllönen, William Väisänen.


Kalle Keräanen, Henry and Charles Kauppinen.


Samuel Viiki, Adolf Väisänen, Daneil Erickson, Matti Turunen, Johan and Matti Mantila.  H.R. Härkönen, Matti Oja, Matti Pelttari , Esa Härö.

Heusan Kylä Baraga

Adolf Vaara from Sodankylästä. 
Isak Holsti from Ylistaro.
Kalle Heusa from Sievi. 
Matti Räsänen from Tuusniemeltä.

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