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Inmates at the Houghton County Infirmary 1930

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Inmates at the Houghton County Infirmary in Stanton township, ED31-38, SD1,sheets 13A-14A, taken on April 25, 1930.


Last Name First Name Age Marital Birth Place
Johnson Charles 68 S Sweden
Helman Amelia 60 Wd Norway
Marichian Mary 48 S Michigan
Deubuque Louis 76 S Can/French
Sedford Carrie 78 Wd England
Lang George 71 Wd Michigan
Olette Fred 54 M@36 Michigan
Passonen Isaac 80 Wd Finland
Lindskig Magnus 71 Wd Sweden
Honon John 67 S Germany
Puska Jacob 88 Wd Finland
Kujander Oscar 62 Wd Finland
Lowery Horatio 79 S England
McArthur Duncan 83 Wd Scotland
Adrien Katy 61 S Ireland
Peters Minnie 73 Wd Wisconsin
Schoknel Mary 71 S United States
Carlson Alfred 73 S Sweden
Harvath Luke 53 S Austria
Tredeu Cardelee 45 S Michigan
Jaskela Sakri 59 S Finland
Bugberger Jacob 79 Wd Germany
McCleod Muldock 65 S Michigan
Richard Edward 63 S Michigan
Marconitich George 78 Wd Croatia
Salmi Jack 48 S Finland
Shanghan John 58 S Ireland
Crowley Patrick 58 S Michigan
Evans William 67 S Ireland
Haapa Mary 70 Wd Finland
Backman Emel 47 M@20 Sweden
Tobin John 58 S Ireland
Passenen Otto 57 S Finland
Petrie Madline 80 Wd Finland
Lethti Jacob 83 S Finland
Colombe Annie 57 Wd Michigan
McCray Charles 78 S Scotland
Dibuque Meda 19 S Can/French
Snelzringer Dewey 27 S Michigan
Bumback Henry 71 Wd Wisconsin
Dunn Ellen 81 Wd Ireland
Perala Anna 72 Wd Finland
Perreault Meda 73 S Can/French
Donovan Duncan 38 S Michigan
Archambeau Alex 59 S Can/French
Moilanen Andrew 84 Wd Finland
Magar Thomas 81 Wd Michigan
Kokko Adam 65 Wd Finland
Legare James 72 Wd Can/French
Chanlier Joseph 68 Wd Can/French
Kolaski Steve 39 S Michigan
Nelson Edward J. 74 S Finland
Glazier Frank 74 S United States
Goodreu Avelard 64 M@21 Michigan
Luiennease Mike 64 Wd Can/French
Snyder John 64 Wd Wisconsin
Donahue Joseph 65 S United States
Vertatick Joseph 79 Wd Austria
Jutin Andrew 69 S Finland
Greb Henry 52 M@21 Germany
Gerbe Anton 40 S Michigan
Lebault Adolph 47 S Can/French
Kanniainen Laura 72 Wd Finland
Heikkinen Annie 76 Wd Finland
Alexander Peter 67 Wd Ireland
Stei?nd Peter 77 Wd Finland
Birk Martin 72 Wd Germany
Wagner Matt 59 S Michigan
Champion Thomas 57 S Vermont
Erickson Matt 72 Wd Finland
Johnson Peter 75 Wd Sweden
Fish Joseph 64 S Can/French
Mannesto Saimi 24 S Michigan
Miller Peter 72 S Finland
Hynia John 61 S Ireland
Duere Joseph 69 S Can/French
Haapakangas Mary 80 Wd Finland
Ellia James 75 Wd England
Marttila Eli 58 Wd Finland
Hill John P. 77 Wd England
Rautio Matt 25 S Michigan
Nardi Joseph 53 S Italy
Wiitala Oscar 46 S Finland
Johnson Charles 65 S Finland
Gagnon Joseph 60 S Michigan
Holmes Henry J. 61 S Michigan
Inders Matt 69 Wd Germany
Rova John 65 S Finland
Riopelle Joseph      
Gatrel John 21 S Michigan
Aho John 67 S Finland

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