Michigan Federal Census Houghton Country

1930 Houghton County (Copper Country Sanatorium)

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1930 Houghton County (Copper Country Sanatorium) list of Patients.  Stanton Township, ED31-38, SD1, pages 12A&B.

Last Name First Name Age Marital Birth Place
Kaippla Mamie 23 S Michigan
Turunen Toivo 17 S Michigan
Johnson Clarence 24 S Michigan
Ivancovich Andrew 48 S Serbia
Mills Russell 10 S Michigan
Ford Lawrence 16 S Michigan
Fercha Mike 22 S ?
White Elwin 19 S Wisconsin
Oja Robert 19 S Michigan
Hantala Jacob 56 Wd Finland
Jarvi Edwin 17 S Michigan
Jarvi Lemina 15 S Michigan
Campione Carlo 42 S Italy
Rompainen Oscar 50 S Finland
? Ralph 8 S Michigan
Moilanen Signe 16 S Michigan
Moilanen Impi 17 S Michigan
Moilanen Aili 12 S Michigan
Moilanen Edwin 10 S Michigan
Lynch Tom 61 S Ireland
Roberts William 19 S Michigan
White Bernice 16 S Wisconsin
Sormunen May 20 S Michigan
Leary Gertruce 14 S Michigan
Leary Verna 12 S Michigan
Wertanen Esther 25 S Michigan
Zimmerman Rose 19 S Michigan
Karvonen Helen 19 S Michigan
Andrey Jennie 21 S Michigan
Peteran Anna 21 S Michigan
Paynick Louise 35 M@16 Croatia
Geandio John 60 M@27 Italy
Niemi Sulo 11 S Michigan
Stimac Dana 20 S Michigan
Stimas Rose 18 S Michigan
Strand Florence 29 M@21 Michigan
Hearter Fgrutrude 24 S Michigan
Philioho Agnes 31 S Michigan
Polkinhorn Dalone 36 S Michigan
Simac Crecence 20 S Michigan
Murphy Gertrude 33 Wd Michigan
Pietala Lillian 25 S Michigan
Susctarich Anna 20 S Michigan
Sweid Florence 22 M@21 Michigan

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