Upper Peninsula Italians 

mostly from Houghton County

compiled and donated by Sara Rice

Most of these names were found in Miners, Merchants and midwives by Russell M. Magnaghi, Some fatal Accidents by Clarence J. Monet and the newspaper Il Minatore Italiano.  A few are from the Adams TWP 1900 Census. 

Alfonso, Anne Sault Ste. Marie

Andreani, Count Paolo 1791 - 1st known European to circumnavigate Lake Superior at one time.

Andreni, Giovanni   Hancock to Illinois to Alabama to Jacksonville, FL

Angeli, Alfred   meat producer

Antilla, Charles killed June 22, 1908 Trimountain Mine

Baggione, Attilio b. Hancock Singer Opera

Baggiore, Francesco member of Italian Mutual Benefit Society

Baidrica, Sofia & Carocci, Carmela beautician Iron Mountain

Bandoni, Giachino    member of Italian Mutual Benefit Society 1875

Bangiovanni, Joseph Professor of music; string Orchestra in Negaunee

Bagnole, Frank killed in Champion Mine April 13, 1908

Barasa, Batista real estate  Barasa Iron Mining Co.  son-in-law of Marchetti Negaunee

Barasa, Bernard   lawyer

Barasa, Mary Ann Marchetti married to Batista daughter of Phillip Marchetti

Barasa, Peter b. 1842 came to US in 1877. Negaunee in 1880

Bario, Batice 1830 census Chippewa County

Barolomei, Santana killed Champion Mine Feb.. 11, 1908

Barsotti ice cream wagon in Calumet

Bartoma, Maria came age 23

Basso, Stephen 1840 Mackinac Island Census

Bastedo, John purchased land in Negaunee 1873 wagon maker

Battea, Joe played cello Iron Mountain

Battista, Orlando killed at Baltic Mine Feb. 17, 1910

Battistoni, Amy   b. 1880 listed as a boarder  I the 1900 census

Beltrami, Giacomo Constantino 1779-1855  b. Lombardy writer

Benetti, Antonia “Nina” Gogebic County  husband died 1937 8 kids dairy

Benglia, Paulina m.1899 came to US in1910 boarding house operator

Bessolo, Carlo worked at State Savings Bank as a Comesso

Black, Mary from Piedmont, Italy servant in 1860 was 29 yrs.

Bolio, Paul 1830 census Chippewa County

Bonetti, Anthony 1872 land purchase Negaunee

Bonno, John Battese   1830 census Chippewa County

Borbonno, Francis 1830 census Chippewa County

Bonesso, Candida 48 in 1910 arrival to Negaunee Operated a boarding house  Marquette Co.

Borgi, Eugenio 1st known Italian in Marquette b. Naples in 1836  day laborer in 1860

Borgo, Dominic caterer

Borgo, Michael 1875 village councilman of Calumet

Bracco, Bernard baker

Bracco, Carlo Christopher Columbus Calumet

Bressani, Francesco Giuseppe    Missionary   1626-1672

Brula, J.B. 1830 census Chippewa County

Bussio, John killed in Baltic Mine April 6, 1911

Cannoni, Josephine wife of  Phillip Marchetti

Cantania, Felix band director in Ishpeming 1919 from Chicago left after one year

Cappo Cesar South Range policeman

Castiligno, Atillio tailor

Centanino, Dominic member of Italian Mutual Benefit Society

Centoria, Amerigo lived in Hancock in 1908

Chiabotto, Felix Negaunee merchant representative of 2nd ward 1897.

Ciabitari, Nerce   husband Angelo Franklin Mine 6 kids

Colombo, Joe Coburntown Quincy Hill

Colombo, M. resident of Hancock 1908

Constantini, John Christopher Columbus Club Iron Mountain1900

Conta, Henry violin Iron Mountain

Contratto operated a grading and coal delivery business

Coppo, Joseph

Coppo, Mary organist at St. Mary’s

Coppo, Paul 1845-1896 Potage Lake in 1866  dairy farm

Coppo, Vital   1842-1910 from Piedmont  in Calumet 1860 timber went to Owosso  

Coppo, Vitale member of Italian Mutual Benefit Society

Cuffia, Batista boarder 1900 b 1869 Italy rock house laborer came in 1900

Curto, Jack owner of a saloon called Jack’s Place on main floor of the Italian Hall

Curto, Marco member of Italian Mutual Benefit Society

D’Angelo, Josephine Gwinn from Central Italy

DaPrato, John 1894 businessman Iron Mountain

DaPrato, John Iron Mountain 1st Italian born state rep 1913 –1920

De Martin, Dora Princeton , Marquette Co. boarding house operator

DePetro, Antonia married in 1908 baby 1909 boardinghouse operator, Marquette, MI

Dighera, Dominic late 1870’s Negaunee

Fenili, Joe Royal Carabinieri Society of Quincy Mine 1915

Fiori Beverage Company in Bessemer

Flora, John land purchase 1872 Negaunee

Formento, Leza Candy store Iron Mountain – husband barber

Galletti lived in Houghton County around 1922

Gamitro, Giuseppe member of Italian Mutual Benefit Society

Gardeto, Margaret   & daughter Mary owned a Grocery  husband miner

Gatan, Joseph married to a Canadian named Penney  

Gaviliglia, Catherine 4 kids, Negaunee boarding house operator Negaunee

Gedda, John   bakery owner 1898 Hancock

Giacoletto, Victor 1930’s Vic’s cabins in Wolverine

Gianelli, Raffaello killed in Baltic Mine March 5, 1913

Giorgetti, Filomena   arrived in Hancock 1919 m. Freddie Lavorini –Lavorini Macaroni Factory

Gingari, Egedieo killed in Trimountain Mine March 17, 1910

Girodo, Domonick   Baltic mine August 7, 1912

Grindatto, Vincent choir conductor for St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Calumet

Gronada, Louis 1840 Mackinac Island Census

Izzo, Tony owner of Izzo Shoe Repair 1922 Iron Mountain

Jacobetti, Dominic early settler

Julio, Tony liquor store 1907

Lancina, Bernard member of Italian Mutual Benefit Society

Lisa, James Calumet m. Martha Nida 1851-1934  businessman & civic leader

Lucchesi, Cesar bus service between South Range & Houghton 1920’s

Magnani, Felice killed in Trimountain Mine March 21, 1912

Mamula, Peter   killed in Trimountain Mine Feb. 11, 1910

Manci Family Iron Mountain to Alabama

Manzini Rev. St. Mary’s

Marcelini   Greenhouse (recent)

Marchetti, Antonio member of Italian Mutual Benefit Society

Marchetti, Phillip and Josephine 1864 from Corsica

Marietti, Mike saloon owner of Hogan’s Place 1907

Marinelli, August C.   began Newspaper Il Minatore 1896 

Marini Paul 1692-1753 son Joseph Marin served at Fort Michilimacinac

Marta, Catherine Laurium widow 1909 bakery owner

Martini, G. wholesale Liquor

Martinucce, John killed in Trimountain mine May 16, 1908

Mazara, John 1873 employed by Jackson Mine

Mazzuchelli, Rev. Samuel O.P. 1806-1864

Menghini, Annie Norway Twp. Listed as farm laborer in 1900 census

Menghini, Cornelio guitar Iron Mountain

Menistrina, Julius M.D. Iron Mountain

Meola, Leonard Resident of Hancock 1908

Messano, Mrs. Candy store in Wakefield

Milano, Bartholomew owner of B. Milano Saloon on Shelden St. ca. 1916

Mocatti, Leomide accordion Iron Mountain

Molinari, Rev.   pastor of St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Monta, Charles 1867 land purchase

Monticelli, Carolina acted in a play put on at the Italian Hall by Trimountain Drama Circle

Naretto, Antoni boarder 1900 census b. Jan 1850 came 1885 Trimountain Mine

Nelli, George Royal Carabinieri Society of Quincy Mine 1915

Pantera, Joseph 1870

Paquinelli, Leone member of Italian Mutual Benefit Society

Paris, Antonia boardinghouse operator Princeton, Marquette Co.

Patrito, John Ironwood

Paulini, Joseph boarder b, 1872 1900 census

Paveglio Brothers  Paveglio Granite & Marble Co.  Marquette

Pelon, Eva around 1920 lived in South Range

Perona, Batista   Florist

Petriella, T. editor of the newspaper La Sentinella  1906

Petriella, Teofilo 1906 La Sentinella  socialist paper

Peutrillala, Teresa Crystal Falls 7 kids

Pinnochi, Peter member of Italian Mutual Benefit Society

Pisani Company in Ironwood

Piza, August killed in Trimountain Mine may 22, 1912

Pocca, Antoine 1840 Mackinac Island Census

Prati, A . 1917 Hancock  editor of L’Independente agent E. Pupilli

Pricco’s Bakery in Bessemer

Pricora, Benjamin from PA

Pucci, Charles killed in Baltic Mine October 18, 1911

Quello, Bart went to Quebec 1859 Franklin Mine until 1863  lumber contractor

Rafelle, Anita b. 1887 1900 census child of Rafael

Rafelle, Italo   b. 1889 1900 census child of Rafael

Rafelle, Kate b. 1868 came in 1900 1900 census wife of Rafael

Rafelle, Minnie b Jan 1900,  1900 census child of Rafael

Rafelle, Rafael head of house 1900 census b. 1863 came in 1893  worked as a Trammer

Rastello, Mary healer

Richetta, Michael undertaker and livery

Rizzardi, Augusta Iron Mountain laundress

Rodi, C.H. M.D. of Calumet

Romano, Amelia widow before 1910 8 kids had a farm

Rostello, John   tailor shop in Calumet

Saladini, John m. Mary 1870 first married Italian Woman to come to Houghton

Santelli, Rev. Toussaint Mackinac Island 1838-1843

Santone, Louis 1840 Mackinac Island Census

Santori   Grocery store with ballroom on second floor South Range, Hancock.

Santori, Pierina acted in a play put on by the Trimountain Drama Circle

Santorno, Edward b. Canada

Servio, Herman killed in Champion Mine August 3, 1907

Sinvioni, Rev. Aneceto   Italian Language summer school

Solivanti, Julio Christopher Columbus Club Iron Mountain 1900

Sutrarro, Joseph 1830 census Chippewa County

Toscana , businessman daughters : Mary, Margaret and Minnie

Tasson, Michael Policeman Ishpeming

Terzaghi, Angelina matchmaker Negaunee “Grandma” b. 1874

Tonti, Alfonso de , 1659-1727 AKA Baron of Paludy

Tonti, Enrico de , 1649/50-1704 died in Alabama

Torreano, James merchant

Toti, Secondo mine foreman 1920’s

Umberti, Joe Royal Carabinieri Society of Quincy Mine 1915

Vairo,Vincent contractor

Valesano Wakefield mother ran a boarding house

Vampa  Pofessor Ishpeming 1915 led 34 member band moved to Flint, then Italy and back in 1921

Vercellini, Joseph M.D. Negaunee

Viola, Giuseppe Christopher Columbus Club Iron Mountain1900

Violetta, Joseph leader of the Negaunee City Band1925

Zana Dominic Costa RR office, steamship ticket sales, storekeeper at Trimountain mine

Zanotti, Antonio elected Sargente of the Cristoforo Colombo Societa in 1916

Zanotti, Catterina Meinardi boardinghouse keeper

Zanotti, Catherine Vincenti seamstress wife of Peter

Zanotti, James boarder 1900 worked Trimountain Mine came to US in 1897 b. 1863

Zanotti, Joseph boarder b. 1860, Italy work : Trimountain Mine 1900 came in 1895

Zanotti, Peter Leader of Negaunee Star Band 1916


Index to Italians In the U.P.

Sara Rice has compiled her family history and has written a paper on Italian women and their lives in the U.P.  She will be adding more information on Italians in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on her site.  Her web site: La Famiglia Zanotti

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