Italians listed in the 1900 Federal Census of Adams Twp.

compiled by Sara Rice

Name Given Relationship Birth Month Birth Year Birth Place Marital Married How Long US arrival Occupation
Agulini Eli boarder/? Sept 1875 Italy m. 5yrs 1897 Trammer
Amidoniti Angelina wife Mar 1878 Italy m. 2yrs 1898
Amidoniti Lorenzo Head Mar 1872 Italy m. 2yrs 1898 Trammer
Bea John boarder/? Apr 1879 Italy s
Beritina Paul boarder/Amidoniti Jan 1880 Italy s 1900 Day Labor
Beritino Dudimio boarder/Amidoniti April 1875 Italy s 1899 Trammer
Bussio James boarder/Massa July 1876 Italy s 1898 Trammer
Centanino Antone boarder/Massa Apr 1875 Italy s 1897 Trammer
Chimino Grace daughter March 1894 Michigan s school
Chimino John Head Apr 1853 Italy m 21yrs 1886 Rock house
Chimino John son Jun 1890 Michigan s at school
Chimino Joseph son Nov 1892 Michigan s at school
Chimino Margaret wife Aug 1859 Italy m. 21yrs 1890
Chimino Margaret daughter June 1898 Michigan s
Dinetti James boarder/Massa July 1854 Italy m. 17yrs 1890 Rock House
Enrico Louis boarder/Massa Mar 1875 Italy m. 4yrs 1899 Trammer
Godiasi Ernest boarder/? Dec 1864 Italy m. 11yrs 1897 Day Labor
Gottini Adolph boarder/? May 1866 Italy s 1900 Day Labor
Gucci Amelia daughter June 1892 Michigan s
Gucci Emma daughter Aug 1897 Michigan s
Gucci Guerino son April 1894 Michigan s
Gucci Henry son 1900 Jan Michigan s
Gucci Henry brother Sept 1864 Italy m. 7yrs 1899 Trammer
Gucci Natalina daughter July 1896 Michigan s
Gucci Nick Head Dec 1868 Italy m. 10yrs 1890 Rock House
Gucci Paul son May 1895 Michigan s
Gucci Salomina wife Feb 1869 Italy m. 10yrs 1890
Massa Angelina wife Feb 1870 Italy m. 9yrs 1899
Massa Deanaredo son Jan 1894 Italy s 1899 at school
Massa Ernani Head Jan 1869 Italy m. 9yrs 1897 Carpenter
Massa John son June 1892 Italy s 1899 at school
Massa Mario son Aug 1895 Italy s 1899
Milano Joseph boarder June 1869 Italy s 1896 Lander
Minetti Joseph Head May 1867 Italy m. 3yrs 1890 Day Labor
Minetti Josephina Wife July 1877 France m. 3yrs 1897
Moalli Nick boarder/Amidoniti April 1855 Italy s 1883 Copper Mine
Nelli Joseph boarder/Amidoniti April 1873 Italy s 1897 Rock House
Nugero Antonio boarder/Massa May 1872 Italy s 1896 Trammer
Nuzero Peter boarder May 1867 Italy m. 18yrs 1896 Trammer
Orci Giaccinto boarder/Amidoniti Jan 1875 Italy s 1899 Trammer
Rafelle Dominick boarder/Amidoniti Dec 1872 Italy s 1900 Day Labor
Rock John boarder/Massa Nov 1877 Italy s 1895 Timberman
Toscolini Head Oct 1868 Italy m. 8yrs 1896 Trammer
Toscolini Amelia daughter July 1899 Michigan 1900
Toscolini Ellen daughter Jan 1896 Italy 1900
Toscolini Eugene son June 1893 Italy 1900 at school
Toscolini Natali daughter Dec 1891 Italy 1900 at school
Toscolini Nunciatta wife Mar 1874 Italy m. 8yrs 1900
Battistoni Amy boarder/Rafelle May 1880 Italy s 1900
Cuffia Batiste boarder/Zanotti Feb 1869 Italy m 5yrs 1900 Rock House
Naretto Antone boarder/Zanotti Jan 1860 Italy s 1885 Timberman
Paulini Joseph boarder/Rafelle May 1872 Italy s 1895 Day Labor
Rafelle Kate Wife Feb 1869 Italy m. 14yrs 1900
Rafelle Anita Daughter Nov 1887 Italy s 1900 at school
Rafelle Italo son June 1889 Italy s 1900 at school
Rafelle Minnie Daughter Jan 1900 Italy s
Rafelle Raphael Head Feb 1863 Italy m. 14yrs 1893 Trammer
Zana Antonia grandaughter Jun 1899 s
Zana Dominick son-in-law Sep 1875 Italy m 2yrs 1898 Rock house
Zanotti James boarder/Zanotti Sept 1863 Italy s 1897 Trammer
Zanotti Joseph boarder/Zanotti Dec 1865 Italy s 1895 Trammer
Zanotti Katherine Head Apr 1846 Italy wd 1882 boardinghouse
Zanoti Victor son Dec 1876 Italy s 1882 Trammer/champ


Index to Italians In the U.P.

Sara Rice has compiled her family history and has written a paper on Italian women and their lives in the U.P.  She will be adding more information on Italians in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on her site.  Her web site: La Famiglia Zanotti

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