The 8th Michigan Infantry
from Gratiot County

The 8th Michigan Infantry, Company C was made up of men from Gratiot County. The majority of volunteers enlisted on Aug. 12, 1861, rendezvoused at Grand Rapids, Michigan and were mustered into service on Sept. 23, 1861. They left on Sept. 26th with Col. Wm. F. Fenton in command.

8th Michigan Infantry, Company C officers were as follows

Captain - Ralph Ely 
1st Lieutenant - George S. Gordon 2nd Lieutenant - Charles B. Holiday Sergeant - Frederick M. Badger
Sergeant - Henry F. Waymire Sergeant - James H. Sweeting Sergeant - Nathan Church
Sergeant - Wilbur Nelson Corporal - Simon McLaughlin Corporal - Charles Trevoy
Corporal - Garwood E. Kress Corporal - John W. Doane Corporal - Davis M. Waite
Corporal - Lucius C. Knapp Corporal - Ephraim Brown Corporal - Dorr Gould

Enlistees were as follows:

The following enlisted on Aug. 12, 1861

Adams, Emery Harris, William B. Rooks, Charles
Adams, Ephraim L. Hart, Hinsdale S. Rowley, Joel
Badger, Frederick M. Hickman, Clement Schlappi, Constantine
Bell, Phares Hickman, Zachariah Scott, John C.
Boyer, Israel Hildreth, William I. Smith, Albert
Brown, Ephraim Hines, Jas. M. Strayer, Michael K.
Brooke, Eli S. Holiday, Charles B. Strayer, Nathaniel
Buic, Jas. Hull, George Strayer, William H.
Burgess, Clarkson Husted, Norman B. Sweeting, Jas. H.
Burwell, John R. Jack, Alonzo Thornton, P. S.
Chaffin, Daniel Kimmel, Enos H. Trevoy, Charles F.
Church, Nathan Knapp, Lucius C. Turner, Silas
Clark, Amasa Kress, Garwood E. Vanderbeek, Harrison
Clymer, Isaac H. Mecomber, Joseph Vanderbeek, William
Cronk, Cyrenius Minica, Fred. W. Van Leuven, Alfred
Cramer, Martin W. Moore, Franklin Walker, Benjamin L.
Doane, John W. Mull, Edwin E. Waymire, Henry F.
Dickinson, Jas. Nelson, Wilbur Waite, Davis M.
Eastman, Alonzo Packard, Elmer Y. Waldron, Welcome
Ely, Ralph Parker, Jas. B. Walker, Chester
Ellison, Jacob B. Parker, Martin R. Willetts, Edwin D.
Feaster, George W. Pegg, Joel A. Weaver, Henry C.
Flanigan, Henry Phelps, Orin Williams, Jefferson M.
George, Jonathan K. Piper, Lewis Wolfe, Solomon
Gordon, George S. Ring, Jacob C. Wurts, Alexander
Gould, Dorr Rockafellow, Joseph C. Young, Stephen

The following enlisted on various dates

Andrews, Lyman A. Jan. 9, 1862 Holmes, Wm. Aug. 21, 1862
Amsbury, Ira Oct. 1864 Huntington, Wm. B. Aug. 12, 1862
Barnes, John W. Jan. 9, 1862 Loomis, Edgar Aug. 23, 1861
Brady, Samuel S. Jan. 9, 1862 Lowery, Robert Aug. 14, 1862
Ely, Townsend A. Feb. 1865 Pritchard, Chas. H. Aug. 17, 1862     
Evans, Lorenzo Jan. 9, 1862 Rogers, William N. Feb. 1, 1862
Ferris, Henry C. Jan. 9, 1862 Thornton, David M. Jan. 9, 1862
Halstead, Erastus Dec. 30, 1863 Train, Azro Jan. 9, 1862
Hamp, John Q. Aug. 25, 1862 Turner, Burr Jan. 9, 1862
Hamp, Napoleon B. Feb. 1, 1862 Ward, W. E. Aug. 17, 1862
Harrington, A. J. Mar. 14, 1862 Wiley, Alex. M. Oct. 1863
Harris, Lionel W. Dec. 30, 1863


The above names were extracted from the book "Gratiot County Michigan, Historical, Biographical, Statistical" by Willard D. Tucker: Published 1913 by Seemann & Peters, Saginaw, Michigan

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