St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery

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The records can be searched above by Surname, Given, or Maiden names.  Use the the links at the top of each column to order the records in the way you want.  The column marked MAP NO will order the stones to show which are next to each other or on the same stone.  The layout of this field is Section-Row-Grave No.  Section 1 is the eastern newer section and 2 is the western old section.

St. Patricks - Irishtown
Surname Given Middle Maiden Birth Death Age Relative Inscription Notes Map_No
UNKNOWN                  Double base without stones  01-11-03 
UNKNOWN                  Metal pole marking grave  01-08-07 
DUGGAN  Michael  M.    1920          one stone  01-12-28 
LESTRANGE  Unknown            Father    no other writing on stone  01-12-15 
DUFFY  Doris  J.    1924          one stone  01-12-02 
COUGHLIN  Laura  R.    1919      Married June 13, 1944    one stone  02-cz-14 
FLORIAN  Monument                  01-11-07 
KIRWIN              Father (John)      02-cz-17 
COUGHLIN  Pearl  D.    1910      Married 23 Jan. 1933    one stone  02-cz-04 
WIEFERICH  Carrie  M.    1923          one stone  01-11-04 
CAIN  Unknown            Mother      01-12-31 
CONNELLY  Monument                  01-10-17 
MOEGGENBORG  Oliver  H.    1923        Married 25 Nov. 1944  one stone  01-10-06 
MOEGGENBORG  Zelma  L.    1927        Married 25 Nov. 1944  one stone  01-10-06 
CAMPBELL  Jacqueline      1930      Married 1951    one stone  02-cz-23 
KENNEY  Monument                belongs to Kenney graves in 01-10-23 & 24  01-09-12 
BATTLE  Monument                belongs to Battle graves in 01-10-21 & 22  01-09-11 
PRIOR  Thelma  G.    1913          one stone  01-09-10 
DUFFY              Father    probably P. F. Duffy  02-cz-39 
MURRAY  Frances  N.    1927      Daughter      01-08-09 
KIRWIN              Mother (Adelia)      02-cz-18 
MCLOUGHLIN  Monument                  02-ph-24 
CONNELLY  Willie            Son of F & S Connelly    Stone is broken the rest is unreadable  02-ph-37 
EGAN  Monument                  02-ph-40 
EGAN  Broken Stone            Children of Patrick and ? Egan    Stone leaning on Egan Monument with base next to it. Very worn and hard to read.  02-ph-41 
O'BRINE  Catherine                small separate stone from monument  02-ph-30 
O'BRINE  Catherine      20 September 1822    72y 9m 22d    Born County Galway Parish of Kilchreest, Ireland    02-ph-29 
O'BRINE  Thomas      1816    79 yrs.    Born County Mayo Parish of Ballenrobe Ireland  Correct spelling of parish is Ballinrobe  02-ph-29 
MANION              Father    probably John  02-ph-45 
UNKNOWN                  Broken worn and can not read any of it - sits next to Roberts Monument above  02-ph-28 
TRECHY  Richard  P.    1936      Married Jan. 8, 1955 - Son    one stone  02-cz-06 
ROBERTS  Jos.      November 1827          one stone  02-ph-27 
SHAW  Sharon  A.    1940          one stone  01-10-15 
FANNING  Broken Stone                Right next to Fanning Monument  02-ph-20 
MCLOUGHLIN  Bridget            Infant daughter - Children of A & E.A. McLoughlin    one stone  02-ph-55 
WHITE  Georgie                No other inscriptions  02-ph-57 
WHITE  Ida  May    06 January 1873    5 mos.        02-ph-58 
CARROLL  Sabina            Wife of Martin    No other inscriptions  02-ph-62 
RECKER  Margaret  E.    29 September 1916          one stone  02-ph-09 
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