Elsie Historical Society

Many of our ancestors ignored county and township borders when it came to family, friends, places of worship, or their favorite place to do business. Elsie, Clinton County, Michigan is so close to Elba Twp., Gratiot County that you could say it overlaps, in that, many people from Bannister are buried in Clinton County. Elsie has two cemeteries.

Cemetery Books

The Elsie Historical Society is offering fourteen books with information concerning the individuals buried in surrounding cemeteries. Most of these books have been updated as of 2002 and include a wider format with more information than previous versions. Please follow the instructions below when ordering.

Cemetery Name, Location, and price of book.
  1. North Star Cemetery - North Star Twp. (section 22), Gratiot Co. ($13.00) 1998
  2. Ford Cemetery - Elba Twp., (section 36), Gratiot Co. ($16.00) 2002
  3. Riverside Cemetery, Elsie - Duplain Twp., Clinton Co. ($15.00) 2002
  4. Elsie Village Cemetery - Clinton Co. ($4.00) 2002
  5. Duplain Cemetery - Colony Rd., Duplain Twp., Clinton Co. ($7.50) 2002
  6. Eureka Cemetery - Hyde Rd., Greenbush Twp., Clinton Co. ($8.00) 1997
  7. South Ovid Cemetery - Parks Rd., Ovid Twp., Clinton Co. ($5.00) 2002
  8. Maple Grove Cemetery - Ovid ($24.00)
  9. Blood Cemetery - Victor Twp., Clinton Co. ($4.00) 2002
  10. Stilson Cemetery - Victor Twp., Clinton Co. ($5.00) 2002
  11. Fairfield Township Cemetery - ($7.50) 2002
  12. Middlebury Township Cemetery - Shiawassee Co. ($7.00) 2002
  13. Ridge Road Cemetery - Brady Twp., Saginaw Co. ($7.50) 2002
  14. St. Theresa Catholic, St. Johns Lutheran South, St. Johns Lutheran North, and Marion Springs Cemeteries - Marion Twp., Saginaw Co. ($6.00) 2000
  15. Eureka Cemetery - Clinton Co. ($8.00)
  16. Marion Township Cemetery - Saginaw Co. ($6.00)
  17. Reed Cemetery - Clinton-Shiawassee Co. ($5.00)

  Postage and Handling - $2.25

Ordering Cemetery Books

The cemetery books above may be purchased from the Elsie Historical Society. To purchase, send a request listing the title of the cemetery and location. Include payment of price plus postage and handling of $2.25. Please include your name, address, and phone number, and send to:

Elsie Historical Society
c/o Doris Gregor
Box 125
Elsie, MI 48831

Offer to help.

The EHS is a small, friendly society and have offered to help with some research, for the area.  Send requests to the above address and enclose a SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE for a reply. They do not have a computer and so are not on-line. 

The Elsie Historical & Genealogical Society is open each Wednesday from 2-5 pm. Located in Elsie about half a block W of the stoplight, the Historical Room is connected to the Elsie Public Library. The village of Elsie (Duplain Twp, Clinton County) is located 2 miles S of the SE corner of Elba Twp, Gratiot County. Some of the local area information they have includes their close northern neighbors located in Gratiot County.

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