Atlas of Gratiot Co. Michigan 1889
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Published by Lake and Hayes in 1889, Philadelphia?

This is a list of patrons or subscribers that are contained on pages 65 and 66 in the atlas for the year 1889. The book itself is an atlas that shows sections for each township and the landowners. The landowners were not indexed and so are not contained here. Town layouts are also contained as to the lots, but does not contain each owners name in each lot.

Some notes: Bethany and Pine River Township were all included in one list. Some of the post offices were not in Gratiot Co. but close to the county border in the next county.?


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surname  given  po  occupation  nativity  yr_settled  townhship  gr1889_ID 
WHEELER  A. R.  St. Louis  Physician & Surgeon  Washtenaw Co,, Mich.  1883  Bethany and Pine River  80 
WHITE  A. M.  Ashley  Book-keeper  Hillsdale Co., Mich.  1886  Elba  128 
WHITE  N.  St. Louis  Hotel Propietors  New York  1870  Bethany and Pine River  83 
WHITE  E. R.  Forest Hill  Farmer  Lake Co., O(hio)  1860  Bethany and Pine River  84 
WHITMAN  Sejar & Co.  Ithaca  Liveryman  Michigan  1865  Ithaca  197 
WHITNEY  T. W.  St. Louis  Lawyer  Michigan  1882  Bethany and Pine River  79 
WIGHT  Mason  Sickels  Millman  Ohio  1883  Hamilton  157 
WILLETT & PHILLIPS    St. Louis  Real Estate  Michigan  1882  Bethany and Pine River  78 
WILLOUGHBY  J. B.  Pompei  Township Clerk and Farmer  Will Co., Ill.  1867  Fulton  149 
WILTSE  J. M.  Ashley  Miller  Saginaw Co., Mich.  1888  Elba  129 
WINTOP  W. E. & Son  Ithaca  Lawyers  Madison Co., N.Y.  1860  Ithaca  195 
WOLFORD  J. C.  Sumner  Farmer  New York  1859  Sumner  275 
WOOD  H. L.  St. Louis  Representative  Wood Co., O(hio)  1878  Bethany and Pine River  81 
WOODIN  H. U.  St. Louis  Attorney  Gratiot Co., Mich.  1858  Bethany and Pine River  82 
WOODWARD  Bert  Alma  Real Estate  Allegan Co., Mich.  1874  Arcada  27 
WOOLSTON  Jas.  Ashley  Farmer  Ontario Co., N.Y.  1883  Elba  130 
WRIGHT  John S.  Pompei  Highway Commis's & Farmer  Suffold Co., England  1853  Fulton  148 
WRIGHT  A. W.  Alma  Hotel Propietor  Vermont  1885  Arcada  30 
WRIGHT & HOOPER    Alma  Farmers  England  1886  Arcada  29 
WRIGHT, SCHNEIDER & STUTTZ    Alma  Merchants  Vt., Prussia, & Can.  1885, 1881, 1882  Arcada  28 
WYETH  W. H.  Riverdale  Farmer and Miller  Ohio  1883  Seville  264 
YERINGTON  A.  Alma  Justice of Peace & Insurance  Lenawee Co., Mich.  1866  Arcada  32 
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