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Photo Title : Alfred and Bessie (Frasier) Brown

Alfred Walter Brown -- 2 Nov 1875 - 28 Dec 1934. He was born, raised, married, divorced, remarried & died in North Star. He is buried there with his 2nd wife, Martha Jane Knowles, and a son from his 1st marriage who died at just a few months of age. His 1st wife was my great grandmother, Bessie Frasier. Her parents, Alexander & Alice Brewer Frasier, lived next door to Ambrose & Mary Jane Iles Brown. (Although they couldn't have lived there for long. All of their kids were born in Shiawassee County, the last in 1897, and my grandmother said they moved back there around the time she was born in 1907.) Alfred & Bessie were married in Ithaca, but lived on a 40 acre farm in North Star adjoining those of their parents. Alfred raised horses & broke them to harness, and was a farmer all his life.

Bessie Frasier -- 11 April 1886 - 1 April 1980. She was born in Shiawassee County & died & is buried in Mason, MI. Her 5 kids, including my grandmother, Irma Neita, were all born in North Star. Around 1923, she took her daughters and left poor old Alfred. (Not sure when they were divorced, but Alfred remarried in 1929, so...) Not sure if she "ran away" with a traveling preacher named Baldy Walters, or whether she met & married him later. Her son, Joy Alanson (yes, his name was Joy) was left on the farm with Alfred. It's possible that Alfred's farm was on Roggy Road.

Submitted by: Martha Watson

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Alfred and Bessie (Frasier) Brown
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