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This site is a part of the USGenWeb project and our home port is the Michigan USGenWeb project, although it will encompass "all" Great Lakes shipping areas.  

The USGenWeb and Canadian GenWeb Project are made up of volunteers who donate their time, resources, and expertise in genealogy and web page coding to create databases and pages on the WWW that people can search freely for names of interest.

Much of the web pages' data on this site has been donated by a volunteer to be shared with other researchers.  

  1. Area Resource Sleuth: If you have searched for records in shipping of the bordering states or provinces to the Great Lakes we could use your help. We need someone in each state and province to help compile addresses and resources that are available in your area. This can be done as you visit different libraries and archives in your area while doing your own family history. This information would be sent to me by e-mail to be put on a WWW page for that state or province. Please contact:  

  2. Lookup Volunteers: Do you have a resource at your disposal that has to do with Great Lakes Shipping and contains names? You can be put on the Lookup Volunteer page with your e-mail address and the source you have. Please Contact:  

  3. Volunteers to Index or type/scan: So the libraries are all closed, you've come to a standstill in your family history (Sorry!), and television is boring? Scan or index a resource that you can find in your area library. You can do searches on the web of your area at the following:
    Just type in Keywords Great Lakes, or Ships or Shipwrecks or one of the Great Lake's names.
    HYTELNET on the WorldWideWeb
  4. We are always in need of photos and data about the photo.  Ships, sailors, crews are especially liked by site visitors. 

When done it will be put online and the credit will go to you.  We appreciate the help we have received in from all the visitors to the pages. Please Contact:  

If you would like to know more about USGenWeb or CanadaGenWeb you can visit their WWW site at:
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