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Downward Bound - Great Lakes Shipping Ancestors

COLE, ROBINSON, TAYLOR posted by Loretta Scott on Wednesday, July 1, 1998

Researching information for my husband's family. G.G.Grandfather: Capt. Henry John Taylor, b. 7/2/1828 in England, married Mary ann Robinson in Port Royal, Canada. G.Grandfather: Capt. William Henry Taylor, b. 6/1/1858 in Newfoundland, d. 7/14/1931 in Saginaw, MI. married, Frances Cole, b. 10/28/1864 in Ontario Canada, d. 5/25/1906 in Winsor, Canada. Both men were sea captains on the Great Lakes and lost ships in Thunder Bay.

RILEY posted by Brent Bouwens on Wednesday, July 1, 1998

Seeking info on my grandfather, Clark Francis RILEY, born 1905 in Ashland, WI, left home at 16 (1921?) to work on Great Lakes freighters for approx. 5 years.

LAFORGE posted by Peter LaForge on Thursday, July 2, 1998

I WAS a coalpasser on the "Thomas Wilson" June to August to 1946 I am looking for a pictlire of the "Thomas Wilson". of the Wilson Steamship Co. out of Cleveland.

BARROWS posted by Nicki Barrows on Friday, July 3, 1998

I am searching for my husband's ggggrandfather that went down in a shipwreck on Lake Michigan between 1853-1900 he is buried with the ship. Can someone help? Thank you Nicki

JONES posted by Sarah Kay Zuber on Friday, July 3, 1998

JONES, Levi Reed: family history says that he worked on a ship on the Great Lakes. It probably would have been about 1880-1890. In 1880 he is listed on the Flint MI census.

MADISON posted by Cheryl Bernard on Monday, July 6, 1998

Looking for information on my grandfather, Olaf Jacob Hartwig Madison. He was born in Norway in 1891. Known to working for the Roen Steamship Co. in the early 1940's as a cook. He did in 1942 or 1943. This is all the information that I have about him. If anyone can help me with information I would be very greatful! Thanks Cheryl Bernard

HARRIS, SPERRY posted by L. C. Atiemo- Obeng on Tuesday, July 7, 1998

My Gr-grandfather, John H. Sperry was a longshoreman based in Bay City Mi. His son William also. Wm died aboard ship. Any info? Timothy C. Harris Sr. Shipbuilder from NY he settled in Oakland co. MI in the 1850's. I appreciate any info. Thanks, Linda

HEATH posted by Alan Heath on Tuesday, July 7, 1998

My father told me when I was young that his grandfather worked on the Great Lakes. I know they lived in the Harbor Beach or Port Austin area. This would have been in the late 1800's. Any help would be immensely appreciated. Thank you.

GROULX, NEERING posted by Tim VanWert on Wednesday, July 8, 1998

My father told me that most of the GROULXs and NEERINGs worked on the ships in Bay City, MI. Even my grandmother, Evelyn NEERING (1903-1978) worked on the ships for a time. Both families came to the US in the 1860s, the GROULXs from Canada and the NEERINGs from Belgium.

THIBERT posted by Dann Dancey on Thursday, July 9, 1998

Owner of the schooner "JOANNA"

ESSELSTYN, FOWLER, MERRICK posted by Linda K. Gould on Friday, July 10, 1998

I am related to John Nash Fowler, who owned a ship building company with an Eldridge Merrick and Mr. Esselstyn based in Clayton NY first and then in Detroit around 1820-1860. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

LEASK, MILLER, MYOTTE, PEON, SEARETTE, SERRETTE, STRAUBEL posted by Delores Leask Bowers on Friday, July 10, 1998

Looking for information on Henry LEASK, Master of the schooner "Whitefish" owned by Hudsons Bay Company. Did shipping on the Great Lakes. Also looking for information on Straubel men who did shipping on the Great Lakes out off Frankfort, Mi. Worked on the Great Lakes car ferries out of Elberta, Mi.

KISSACK posted by Edith (nee Revilee) Gise on Saturday, July 18, 1998

KISSACK. My mother's father was Chief Engineer on the Great Lakes prior to the new Soo Locks. He begain while the Lakes were still under sail. I believe he died approximately in the mid-thirties or before. The name Kibbler, (spelling ?) he used as his middle name. I have photos which may assist others. Mom's brothers also worked on the Lakes.

BANNICK, KESTRABA posted by Richard Fred Bannick on Saturday, July 18, 1998

Father; BANNICK Mother; KISSNER (adopted) KESTRABA (surname) Mother's family possible West Virginia. Former sailor moved to Michigan. Involved in shipping between Port Huron and U.P. of Michigan.

BARRY posted by Kathryn Gasser on Saturday, July 18, 1998

Looking for information on John V. Barry and Barry Barge Line from Illinois. His barge was named "Anna" and was listed for 1938 and 1940. Any information concerning this request would be greatly appreciated.

HEATH posted by Roy (Jr.) Heath on Sunday, July 19, 1998

Looking for additional information on the schooner, "Grace Whitney" captained by Ross (Roswell Heath), that was hit off Bar Point by a ship named "Ogdensburg." Mrs. Heath and one of two children aboard drowned. This article was published in the Detroit paper August 1, 1910 and I have the first page but it was continued on page 5 and I do not have pg. 5 and have not been able to obtain a copy of that. Please let me know if anyone has any additional information. Thank you.

HARMS posted by Edward L. Harms on Monday, July 20, 1998

I would like any information that might be available on the "Julia B. Merrill", a three-masted schooner owned and captained by my grandfather, Valentine Harms. His son, Val, Jr. (my father) also sailed on this ship early in this century. Thanks.

CARTER, REEVES posted by Suzanne Reaume on Wednesday, July 22, 1998

Looking for any information on William(?) Reeves. He and his wife were drowned in a storm sailing the great lakes around 1870-1875. Their daughter Louisa Elizabeth Reeves (m Charles H. Carter ab 1881) was put into an orphanage in Cold Water, Michigan. William worked the Steamboats for a living. Any information would be greatly appreciated

MACDONALD posted by Jen Hoeltzel on Wednesday, July 22, 1998

Looking for information on John George MACDONALD. He worked on the "W.B. Morely", which was an iron ore boat? He worked on ships sometime between the late 1800's and 1920's.

MACDONALD posted by Jen Hoeltzel on Wednesday, July 22, 1998

Looking for information on John Gordon MACDONALD who worked on the ship the "Pat Doris" about 50 years ago. This ship was owned by the Swords Coal Co. Went from Kingston to USA, Lake Erie. Would like to know more on the ships and the person.

MACDONALD posted by Jen Hoeltzel on Wednesday, July 22, 1998

Looking for information on Donald Macdonald and the ship, "Coal Haven". The ship was owned by Canadian Steamship Lines. This was about 50 years ago.

ROGERS posted by Devillo J. Rogers on Wednesday, July 29, 1998

My gr-grandfather William ROGERS was Capt. of the Schooner "Andes" and plied the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River during the 1860s. He died 3 Dec 1868 of typhoid fever in a "marine hospital". He was abt. 34 years old at the time. I have a photo of him taken in Toledo, Ohio. He may have had something to do with towing rafts of lumber: I have no proof of that. I would like to find the "marine hospital" location to see if I can get his death certificate. It would hopefully show his parentage. He was born in New York state, probably Jefferson county and lived in Alexandria Bay (heart of the 1000 Islands).

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