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Downward Bound - Great Lakes Shipping Ancestors

NORDOFF, SAUNDERS posted by Alfred SAUNDERS on Sunday, February 1, 1998

Theodore SAUNDERS was born circa 1890 in Collingwood ON. Father: Norman SAUNDERS; Mother: Emma NORDOFF. Theodore was a seaman (non-officer) aboard lake freighter(s) circa 1910 to 1925. He was serving a board a lake freighter which sank in Lake Superior circa 1915 - 1925. Name of ship unknown. I am seeking any information possible about his service on freighter(s) - shipping line(s) vessel(s),etc. I am particularly interested in the ship on which he served at the time of sinking - location, cause, date, etc.

AMES, PORTER, SEBRING posted by Margo Ames on Monday, February 2, 1998

Looking for a "Commodore" PORTER, B. NY c. 1782, whose daughter Phila was b. in Ontario Co/Munro/Henderson. c. 1810. Phila was widow of Mr. SEBRING by 1836, when she m. Orin AMES in Cayuga Co. NY. A "'Commodore' L.[/J,?] PORTER, 68, Miller", is listed as living with their family in Scipio Center, 1850. There is no applicable PORTER in U.S. military records; he may have been in some sort of service on the Great Lakes. Any ideas about where the gentleman would be found would be appreciated. Thanks.

LALONDE, PERRY posted by Katharine Ott on Tuesday, February 3, 1998

In speaking with descendants of LaLondes, I was told that many of them were ship captains on the Great Lakes. I was also told that Commodore Perry of the Battle of Lake Erie was related to this family. I would be interested in any info regarding these two items. Thank you.

CARSON, SAWYER posted by Toni Lattimer Briggs on Tuesday, February 3, 1998

My great grandfather, Charles Wesley Carson and his brother, Claude Carson, both were merchant seaman. They were born in White Rock, Wisconsin but their family moved to Michigan. I believe they were living in St. Clair when they were working on the freighters. Charles Carson was born on December 4, 1880 and died on March 14, 1945. Claude Carson died in 1954. They are both buried in Maple Grove Cemetery in St. Clair, Michigan. Their parents were James Carson and Abigail Sawyer. I would like to know what freighters they worked on, what their jobs were, etc. This would have been in the early to mid-1900's. Charlie left St. Clair and moved to Detroit around 1912 or 1913. I'm not sure about when Claude moved to Detroit.

CRAWFORD, SAUERS posted by Chris Morrell on Tuesday, February 3, 1998

Looking for any information regarding my Great Grandfather Thomas CRAWFORD who is said to have been a Captain on the Great Lakes late 1800s. Born Wolfe Island, Frontenac Ontario Canada. Death 1879. Also looking for information regarding my Grandfather Ernest CRAWFORD 1889-1978 who also sailed the Lakes, also from Wolfe Is. Married Sarah SAUERS of Escanaba MI. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

LAMARE posted by Rich POHLMAN on Tuesday, February 3, 1998

Peter, Peter Sr. LAMARE, Engineers on Great Lakes Steam. I have two volume history of the Great Lakes (1890) with hundreds of bio.'s and Co./Ship information and history.

CASCADDEN posted by J. Cascadden on Thursday, February 5, 1998

Looking for Hubert CASCADDEN, a sailor, said to have died on the Lakes in a shipwreck in late 1884 or early 1885. Brothers or a son may have gone down with him.

PEDERSEN, PETERSON, SVENDSEN, SWANSON posted by George E. Schupp on Thursday, February 5, 1998

Looking for ANY information on: Benjamin PEDERSEN/PETERSON, born in Oslo, Norway about 1870. Sailed on several ships, both Atlantic and on the Great Lakes about 1890/1895. Died in Joliet, IL about 1947. Julia SVENDSEN/SWANSON, born in Joliet IL 1873. Married Benjamin PEDERSEN about 1895. Died in Chicago, ILL in 1949.

ROSE posted by Linda Herber on Friday, February 6, 1998

Looking for ways to obtain additional information on my gr. grgrandfather, Henry Rose, who captained schooners on the Great Lakes out of Detroit from 1855 to 1895. Does anyone know of a "Seaman's union" that would have operated out of Detroit? And is it still in existance?

MCKIE posted by Captain Bob McAlear on Saturday, February 7, 1998

Searching for information on Thomas (Vince) McKie. Vince was a nickname given by his family. His given name, I believe, was Thomas. He worked the Great Lakes I believe in the 40s and 50s. It is believed he died in Chicago in the 80s. Any information would be appreciated.

MICKLE, TURNER posted by Irene Ram on Saturday, February 7, 1998

William MICKLE born 1765, immigrated to America ca 1788. William was a ship carpenter and shipyard worker in Detroit, Amherstburg and Lake Erie. He made his home in Amherstburg and married Hannah TURNER. William apprentised in Scotland.

ROONEY posted by William (Bill) Warnick on Monday, February 9, 1998

I am looking for information regarding the Rooney family of Toledo OH. Captain James Rooney owned a number of tugs and dredges which worked in the western Lake Erie region. (Circa. 1860 - 1920) He also worked in Chicago IL and had a serious accident in apx 1880.

OWENS posted by Gregg Watts on Tuesday, February 10, 1998

Looking for information re: John Owens - served as a seaman aboard the Homer D. Williams, in 1934. Wilbur, or Bill, Owens - (John's brother) worked in some capacity on the lakes, and served in the Merchant Marine aboard the Liberty Ships in WWII. John Owens, Sr. - (their dad) worked in some capacity on a run between Buffalo, NY, and Conneaut and Cleveland, OH, aboard the steamer City of Erie.

MYERS posted by Amy R. Briggs on Wednesday, February 11, 1998

Seeking any information about van Rensselaer ("Rance") Myers (1824-1912). He worked in shipping on Lake Michigan as a young man, circa 1850 to 1860. By 1860 he had settled as a farmer in Illinois. He was married briefly during this time; his wife (name unknown) died suddenly (childbirth?) while he was away. Would love to know what ships he sailed upon.

JAMES posted by Jerry James on Wednesday, February 11, 1998

I am looking for any information about a Great Lakes captain named Harry James. He was active around 1900. He is my great-grandfather, but he and my great-grandmother, Ida Mae Poth were not married. Maybe he was one of those "a girl in every port" captains! Anyway, I can't find any trace of him except he lived in Chicago. I'm not even sure if his name was really Harry, or if Harry was short for something else, like Harrison.

HART, PARSONS posted by Donald H. Gordon on Thursday, February 12, 1998

Searching for information regarding two families, PARSONS and HART. 1) PARSONS, Joseph, Captain/Owner of schooner "Herbert Dudley" 1875 to 1907. Operated coal and lumber yard in Kingston, Ontario until 1890s, then moved to Detroit. His sons were also Captains of lake boats, later with connections to ship building in the Detroit area. They were:Herbert PARSONS, Dudley R. PARSONS, Joseph PARSONS (2nd), and George Kirk PARSONS. Joseph Jr. was Captain of the "Calcite", Bradley self- unloader. Dudley R. managed Great Lakes Shipyard in 1920s. Joseph was born in St. Johns, NF around 1850, married Sophia Robinson in Kingston, ON, and died at sea while sailing a small boat that he had built on Lake Huron in the late 1920s (in his mid to late 70s). 2) HART, Frederick Closson, born 1848, died 1916 in Detroit. He was Captain of the "Michigan", the first double-decked schooner on the lakes. She was owned by Owen Transportation, and he later was manager of their sailing fleet. Still later, he was somehow involved with the formation of D & C Transportation. Both of these men were my Great-Grandfathers (one maternal, the other paternal). Any information will be most welcome.

STURTRIDGE posted by Lisa Sturtridge on Thursday, February 12, 1998

Information on RICHARD STURTRIDGE, ships captain, active during 'teens and '20, involved with storms of 1913

DECATOR posted by John Decator on Thursday, February 12, 1998

I am searching for information on my great-grandfather, John DECATOR. A sailor on the Great Lakes, he drowned in Lake Erie on October 4, 1888. He is buried at Wallaceburg, Ontario.

ANTHONY posted by Richard Anthony on Friday, February 13, 1998

My grandfather, James Hook ANTHONY was a Chief Engineer on the Great Lakes during the period of 1890-1906. Lived in Detroit, MI on National Ave. I am looking for links to this family. E-mail me at

posted by Gert Free on Sunday, February 15, 1998

Searching for any information on the Steamer Cayuga and its crew. I know is was in service between 1870 and 1889 on the Great Lakes.

GAULT, GUTHRIE, LOTHIAN, RICHARDSON posted by Dave Lothian on Sunday, February 15, 1998

Any info the following Names would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. (Dave)

CONNOLLY, HIGGINS posted by Tom Higgins on Monday, February 16, 1998

Seeking any info on Timothy & Thomas HIGGINS. Both active on the lakes from 1870 - 1935. Mostly in the Buffalo Habor area. Also any info on John & Edward CONNOLLY - shipbiuilders in Buffalo 1870 - 1940.

BOLS posted by Shirley Lynn on Tuesday, February 17, 1998

In 1893 my g-g-father, Peter BOLS, and his family left Schleswig-Holstein and entered the U.S. at Port Huron according to the naturalization papers. I'd like info on how they most likely got to that port of entry without landing elsewhere in the U.S. or Canada first.

HOLBROOK posted by Richard Holbrook on Tuesday, February 17, 1998

My GGrandfather Henry Winchester Holbrook was born " Aboard Ship " somewhere on the Great Lakes 1 May 1848. His father was Simon B. Holbrook, mother was Sarah A. ( HARRIS ) HOLBROOK. I have no idea what capacity Simon was abroad the ship. I would like to know where to start this search.

DOSS, EBERT, MILLER, STOEBER, WENGER posted by Arlana Nickel on Wednesday, February 18, 1998

John William MILLER (born Johann Carl Wilhelm Mueller) in 1866 in Germany to Johann Christian Fredrich MUELLER and Christine "Ricky" Frederike EBERT. Came to St. Clair Co. MI with his parents and siblings between 1873 and 1877 from Germany. Married Julia Caroline STOEBER in 1891. He was a sailor on the Great Lakes and was washed overboard during a storm C1900. Brother in law August STOEBER born1859 in St. Clair MI to Gottfried STOEBER and Frederika Buchler of Germany. He was also a sailor on the Great Lakes. He married Anna DOSS in 1889, later divorced and married Lena Wenger.

HITCHCOCK, MILES posted by John Gunder on Thursday, February 19, 1998

William MILES ws employed on the ships on the Great Lakes. He was Married to a Martha HITCHCOCK. Date of marraige March 24, 1878 in Erie Co., OH. He was lost in a ship disaster about 1884-1885 or later exact date is unknown. All is known is the Martha went to Chicago to find out what happened about the above dates with out any results. I thank you in advance for any assistance you may give me. John

BRUNELL, LEIMBACH, TROMBLEY posted by Liana Trombley on Saturday, February 21, 1998

Frank Leimbach (Franklin Ambrose Liembach) 1872- 1945 began as a cabin boy on Great Lakes ships. He ended up as Captain of a "Light Ship", according to family stories. I have a photo of him and 3 others on a ship. Their job was to repair the lights on the buoys and to deliver mail to the ships in the area. Area: Lake St. Clair (Port Huron, Michigan) to the Toledo, Ohio port. He spent his winters in Trenton with brother-in-law Louis Andrew Trombley. He later married Florence (?) of Detroit. Looking for any background on him, his wife, and his work. Need research addresses/sites to contact.

BRUNELL, LEIMBACH posted by Liana Trombley on Saturday, February 21, 1998

John George Leimbach (1880-1909) died of typhoid. His obit: "A Promising Life Ended" The funeral of John Limebach, Jr., was held from St. Patrick's Church on Monday, Jan 18th at 9:30 a.m. Rev Fr. Heidenreich officiating. Deceased was 28 yrs old. He left home about 8 years ago and went sailing on the lakes, and at the time of his death he was mate on the steamer "Zenota", and had he lived until the season opened on the lakes he would have been made captain. He was taken sick and died from typhoid fever. He attended the funeral of his father, John Limebach, six weeks ago. He was unmarried. Interment in Stoney Creek cemetery. [Exeter Twp, Monroe Co, Mi]. Looking for any and all background.

BRUNELL posted by Liana Trombley on Saturday, February 21, 1998

James Henry Brunell (1927-1990) "worked the lakes" as he put it, when he was about 15 (abt 1942). He said he lied about his age and he was on Lake Superior. Don't know how long he was employed or what kind of work he did. Looking for any information and any references for research.

WAGNER posted by Michael A. Coffman on Saturday, February 21, 1998

My great grandfather, Wilhelm (William) Wagner worked as a sailor (according to family members) on the Great Lakes. Based on what I've been told, his sailing career probably began around the turn of the century and lasted for 5 or 6 years. Eventually, he ended up working for Ford Motor at the Rouge complex. I'm looking for any information about his maritime career, ships he sailed on, etc.

BAXTER posted by Sharron Wofsy on Saturday, February 21, 1998

I am told that the BAXTER family was in ship building in Michigan. I also have a Henry BAXTER listed as being from Monguagon, MI where he died. He is listed as being formerly from Fayette, in Seneca County, NY which is my primary research area. Any information on this person or the BAXTERs in ship building would be appreciated. Thank you. Sharron

CARLTON, GRAVES posted by Kristin Graves on Sunday, February 22, 1998

He was a Great Lakes captain for 35 yrs. I'd like the name(s) of his ships. He died after retiring by drowning on Lake Michigan in 1907. I'd like info on what ship may have gone down in 1907. Or I wonder if he fell overboard.

MCGILLICUDDY, ROSE, WESTON posted by Pat Ellis on Wednesday, February 25, 1998

Looking for info on William J MCGILLICUDDY. May be known as Bill MACK. Have a Lake Carrier's Asso cert of membership dated 23 APR 1930 (#55609) certifying that he was an Oiler. W.F. Norris was commisioner that signed document.Was issued at Ashtubula OH. Ship may have been Cleveland Cliffs Steamship. Picture of my Dad (Bill MCGILLICUDDY) with Willie WESTON and Earl ROSE.

SIMONEAU posted by Dennis Kelly on Thursday, February 26, 1998

Searching for any information on the Steamer Iberville (d'Iberville prior to registration) Unregistered until 1913. A.K.A. "St. Jean d'Iberville" and my grandfather, Marcelin SIMONEAU. I know the ship was built in Sorel, Quebec in 1897 and was in service until 1950 on the Great Lakes when it was removed from register (broken up). Last known owner was Marine Industries of Montreal, Quebec.

LARACQUE, MCGOWEN, TROMBLEY posted by Larry Snyder on Friday, February 27, 1998

Looking for info on Edward J. McGOWEN (1818-1900) Spent most of his life sailing the Great Lakes on the Haver, Texas, J. J. Willis, Atlas, Ontonagon, Baltimore, Pontiac, Buckeye, Vincennes, Big Hubbard, City of Madison, Mary Stockton, H. P. Bridge, Harvest Queen, Mary Howard, Fessenden, and F. C. Leighton. He m. Mary Trombly (1833-1924) Oct 24 1847 and they had 14 children in Port Huron, MI. Mary's parents were Louis Trombley & Sara Laracque.

CALKINS, CAULKINS, CHURCH, MCMILLAN posted by Ceridwen Keeley on Saturday, February 28, 1998

James Caulkins learned his trade from Capt. Church in Huron, OH. Married a McMillan (daughter of James McMillan of Oneida, NY) and went to live and continue working in Cleveland, 1843. Went to CA in 1851, returned to ship-building in about 1854, Cleveland. At one time James and his brother Roderick carried on an extensive business in Cleveland building vessels. Built on Grand River and the Consoello. Two-masted A Jacks and Mares Tiegsin, Cleveland. This from a family history. Ceridwen Keeley.

CAMPBELL posted by Steve Fawell on Saturday, February 28, 1998

Mr. Campbell was living in Honeoye Falls, NY around 1866. He was a sea captain on the Great Lakes. (maybe) His wife died around 1874 & left two childern named Joseph and Jenny Campbell. Since Mr. Campbell couldn't care for his kids, they were shipped out. One was sent to "Thomas Fawell" living in Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada.( I found a Fawell in the 1871 census) I don't know what happend to Jenny.

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