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Downward Bound - Great Lakes Shipping Ancestors

HAMMOCK, LOCKHART, MATTESON, PREVATT posted by M. Hammock Prevatt on Friday, January 2, 1998

looking for infor. on the above surnames... especially George LOCKHART from Scotland c.1850 marine engineer on the Detroit River. V.O. HAMMOCK from GA c.1850's family names of Joseph, Benjamin, MATTESON's New England 1600's moving westward ..NY, MI, etc. PREVATT'S from France across to southern usa...

ELY posted by Sandy on Saturday, January 3, 1998

I am looking for my GG Grandfather who was a captian on the Great Lakes......Ira ELY - Thanks, Sandy

MCKEOWN, WOODROW posted by Dan Woodrow on Saturday, January 3, 1998

I am looking for information on John WOODROW 1834 - 1970 who sailed the Great Lakes mostly in Lake Ontario on the Mary Ward(s) and the Cibola between 1840 and 1865. I would appreciate receiving any information on the ships or my relative. Thanks.

MCKEON, MCKEOWN posted by Dan Woodrow on Saturday, January 3, 1998

I am interested in any information on my grandfather John Edward MCKEON or MCKEOWN, who used both spelling of this name. He was first officer on the SS Cayuga, and sailed as mate and possibly sailor on the SS Chippewa and other ships on the great lakes. If you have any information on these ships or my grandfather please let me know. He was sailing from about 1890 to 1920. Thanks.

BARTLET, MCKEON posted by Dan Woodrow on Saturday, January 3, 1998

I am searching for any information on Joseph Austin BARTLET who sailed the Great Lakes from Cleveland Ohio. He died in the late 1860's and married Catherine MCKEON. Any information would be appreciated.

AUSTIN posted by Jim Austin on Saturday, January 3, 1998

Jessie AUSTIN was born in Niagara Co. NY in June 1858,,,George AUSTIN was his father and either George or his father (name unknown) was suppose to have sailed the great lakes, would like any information anyone might have, George was born around 1830..

FINK, KROHN, PAESEL, PASEL posted by Albert G. Krohn on Sunday, January 4, 1998

My Great-Grandfather, William KROHN, was a Harbormaster in Chicago, Illinois during the late 1800's and early 1900's. Looking for any information concerning him. Also any information about the occupation of Harbormaster. Thanks in Advance. Al Krohn

HAZLETT posted by Delores Brown on Sunday, January 4, 1998

I am looking for information on George Crux HAZLETT 1865-1920. He (by family stories) was on a ship or ships on the Great Lakes and was some kind of federal? officer on board at least one ship that sank.

WENDEL posted by Charles "Bud" Grant on Tuesday, January 6, 1998

WENDEL, Fred - US Coast Guard 1923-1950. Chief Warrant Officer on cutter Storis during WWII. At time of retirement was in charge of station in Frankfort, MI or Manistee, MI. Most duty stations were on Lake Michigan but also served Middle Island, Lake Huron and Chattanooga, TN on TVA project lakes. Born in Iowa - died in Manistee, MI around 1962.

GRANT posted by Charles "Bud" Grant on Tuesday, January 6, 1998

GRANT, Charles L. Sailed on Lake Michigan in early 1920's on the Milwaukee Clipper and the Puritan.

MOORE, SMITH, WARD posted by Cheryl A. Stromberg on Thursday, January 8, 1998

Willard A. SMITH or Wesley A. SMITH One of the above owned a boat on the Great Lakes estimated between 1895 and 1925. I have no information about the boat, other than it sunk. It probably was based out of Port Huron, MI. Minnie MOORE / Last name could have been Minnie WARD was a cook on a Great Lakes Ship, sometime between 1895 - 1930, most likely between 1895-1910. She lived in Detroit, MI at the time.

LORD posted by Greg Wickenburg on Saturday, January 10, 1998

A brother of one of my ancestoers was the Capt. on the ship Constance. A cargo ship, it went (at least a few times) from Cleveland to Quebec in the early 1870's. Broke adrift and hit rocks and filled with water once. I have to letter he wrote while on it. Not much of interest in them, but thought I'd ask if anyone had info on the ship? Capt. William LORD, from The Isle of Man, living in Cleveland. Thanks much, Greg

ALBERT, WARROW posted by Gert Free on Sunday, January 11, 1998

My g-grandfather Thomas WARROW b.1849 m. Euphemia ALBERT in Anderdon Ont. His brother Louis WARROW b.1851 m.Philomene ALBERT. They were seaman on the great Lakes. Thomas had his Masters certificate, and the last boat he was on, was the F. E. Spinner, from the port of Detroit. He was on it from Apr to Aug 1896 and left on a disability. His brother Louis WARROW had his First Mate papers, Louis left the Great Lakes abt 1891. Their brother Felix was also a seaman, he died in 1872. They may also have been from the Port at Amherstburg. Looking for info on what boats they may have served on. Any info on the F.E. Spinner and its crew. Was Thomas captain of the steamer?

LOCKHART posted by Marilisa Hammock on Monday, January 12, 1998

George LOCKHART was a marine engineer (?) during the time from 1850's through the 1880's. I know he had a home in Detroit and across the Detroit River in Walkerville. (now part of Windsor) Any information would be appreciated. What were boats, ferries, ships, operating on the Detroit River during this time that I could possibly research the records of? He came from Scotland. He lost the sight of his left eye in an accident on the job, on the River. Any ideas, anyone? Thank-you

BUSH, ROBINSON posted by Keith Anderson on Monday, January 12, 1998

Looking for descendants of Capt. William ROBINSON, lighthouse keeper at White Lake, Michigan. Daughter married George/Edward BUSH.

LILLY posted by Bill Harvey on Tuesday, January 13, 1998

Orin LILLY was a mate on various "props" on Lakes Erie and Ontario during the 1850s and 60s. Interested in confirming his actual role as a mate. From his diaries of 1857 and 1859, it appears that he had significant responsibilities for loading and unloading freight and supoervising crew. I have a list of boats that he sailed on or encountered during those two periods. However, gaps exist. Does anyone have a collection of crew manifests for Props owned by the various shipping companies and railroads during that period. Specifically interested in the Lady of the Lake owned by Chamberlain & Crawford out of Cleveland on March 26, 1859, when it blew its bloiler off of Fairport, Ohio.

MCTAGGART posted by Randy MacTaggart on Tuesday, January 13, 1998

Information sought on James Wood MCTAGGART. He worked on the Great Lakes c. 1910-1919. Captain tug Vaper and on larger ships.

ROBERTSON posted by Jim Robertson on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Looking for any information on William P. ROBERTSON. He sailed on the Petoskey of the Northern Michigan line, was captain of the Manistique between Manistique and Frankfort, sailed on the Ann Arbor line from Frankfort, was in the fishing business at Nothpoint and was captain of Chief Wawatam from Mackinaw City and St Ignace. Also looking for any information on any ROBERTSON who sailed on the C&O ferries from Ludington.

HAWLEY posted by Jim Robertson on Wednesday, January 14, 1998

Information on Zilpha ( Robertson) HAWLEY. She sailed on the Ann Arbor line from Frankfort

ROGERS posted by Jane Klotz on Thursday, January 15, 1998

Searching for any information on Hugh T. ROGERS who's ship sunk in Lake Michigan 5 Dec. 1869. His family lived in Sanilac Co., MI, but he and his wife were previously from Canada (city unknonw). Oral history tells us he was the Captain of a produce ship.

HAMANN posted by Catherine (Brooks) Clarke on Thursday, January 15, 1998

I am John HAMANN's only grandchild. He was a lighthouse keeper on the Great Lakes just prior to the Coast Guard taking over the care of the lighthouses as I understand it. No query - just for your information

ROBINSON, WITTER posted by Gordon Grimm on Friday, January 16, 1998

Capt. A.R. ROBINSON. Captain of SS Olcott from fit-out to 1917. Died aboard vessel. Lived in Cleveland, OH with family. Surviving daughter was Aleatha Isabel (ROBINSON WITTER. Aleatha WITTER was married to Chief Engineer WITTER on SS Harvard from fit-out to approximately 1903 when he joined Standard Oil Company as an engineer.

BIELMAN posted by lynn bielman on Saturday, January 17, 1998

I have found that the name BIELMAN has some connection to the shipping industry on the Great Lakes. They owned a shipping company. Anyone with information regarding the name please e-mail me. Lynn

HOWELL, KESSLER posted by Kathy Mc on Sunday, January 18, 1998

John HOWELL (cir 1852 Norfolk cty, ON - 1923 Sault Ste Marie, MI) married Alice KESSLER and had Leonard Bernard (died 1954 in Toledo) and Jay (or John). John was a sailor in 1901. Have information on John's ancestry and am interested in descendants for family history. Kathy

DOWELL, MITSON posted by Kathy King on Sunday, January 18, 1998

I found an ancestor on the 1850 census who lists his occupation as sailor. As this census is for Fulton Co, OH the Great Lakes seem to be the best place to start. How would I find this Robert MITSON age 22 in 1850.

HEARN, OHEARN posted by Carol Lee Radford on Monday, January 19, 1998

Don't know if this site is the right one or not. Here goes. Edmund T. O'Hearn born in Black River, Michigan in 1896. His parents came down from Guelf, Ont. Canada to have him and they worked the lumber camps throughout the area. That is what I was told. Edmund's father Edward Francis O'HEARN/Hearn and his two brothers, Joseph and Mike would work with them. I cannot find Black River of my maps, I don't know whether it is "Upper or Lower" there is no county seat I can check. At one time I was in contact with a man who use to live in the area and said he knew Black River well, there were two Black Rivers, one in Upper and the other Lower. He said the upper iis now a dirt road with some houses on it. isolated and hard to find. Mail is delivered there. I only half listened much to my sorrow and now I can't remember where it was. If you have any knowledge of where Black River is and where I might search the "records" I would appreciate hearing from you. By the way, both Mike and Joseph O'Hearn also were according to my father, "sea faring men" and worked the Great Lakes as "mates" when they were not working in the camps. Thanks for any help in locating Black River. Enjoyed your site. And am still looking it over......Carol Lee Radford

GRUBE posted by Judy M Grube on Tuesday, January 20, 1998

Looking for Martin GRUBE, mysterious grandfather known to have been involved with Great Lakes shipping between the years of 1913-1958. Can't figure out how he could have disappeared for all these many years, leaving very little trace of himself. His death certificate (Minneapolis, MN) states his occupation as ship's fireman. Would greatly appreciate any info at all Thanks

HARRISON, MILLER posted by Alice Mantey on Friday, January 23, 1998

My mother spoke of taking my grandfather, Harrison MILLER, to Cleveland to drop him off at the shipyard. All I know is that he would be gone months at a time. He died around 1952.

MCGUIRE, QUINLAN posted by Nancy Franklin on Friday, January 23, 1998

James J McGuire (GUncle) was a vessel Captain in 1897. He lived at 505 McClellan, Detroit, MI. Thomas Patrick Quinlan (GGUncle) b. 1867 worked on Great Lakes boats in the Port Huron, MI - Sarnia Ont area in the early 1900s

AMES posted by Kathy Scott on Friday, January 23, 1998

I'm looking for information concerning my great grandfather, Frances Ames, or his father or brothers, who were reputed to be captains, possibly out of Algonac. Thank you.

COVELL posted by Al Covell on Friday, January 23, 1998

Looking for information on the last Lighthouse Keeper at Split Rock Light House north of Duluth, Frank COVELL. I've been told that there may still be members of his family residing in the Duluth area.

FOX, WORTHY posted by Ken Fox on Friday, January 23, 1998

George T. Worthy and William T. Worthy were from York, Toronto, Canada. Might have sailed on the same ship as John W. Fox. 1890-1903 era.

DICK posted by Jarema Mykitschak on Friday, January 23, 1998

Am interested in Capt. Thomas Dick and his brother Capt. James Dick, both were steamer captains from what is now Toronto. They sailed the Great Lakes in the mid to late 1800's. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks

TIBBITS, TIBBITTS posted by Wayne L. Tibbitts on Friday, January 23, 1998

Trying to locate someone who can lead me to information on the names of vessels operating in the Detroit area in the period 1800 to 1805. Benjamin Tibbits (Tibbitts) my 3rd great-grandfather was a sea captain. He was said to have died accidentally on his ship in August 1804 during the time it was docked in Detroit. I'm hopeful, not only of finding the name of his ship, but also something about the circumstances of his death and where he may have been subsequently interred. Would be most appreciative if anyone could lead me to potential sources for info or data on him.

MONTNEY, SMITH posted by Sally Koes on Saturday, January 24, 1998

Looking for any information on John SMITH. According to my g-grandmother's obituary her father was a captain on the Great Lakes and died while on a trip up the lakes when she was a little girl. She was born March 7, 1854, so he must have died sometime within the next 5 years or so. He married Elizabeth Montney who came from Waupoos, Prince Edward County, Ontario. They were living in Cape Vincent, N.Y. when my g-grandmother was born. Census records of my g-grandmother state that her father was born in London. Any ideas on how I go about finding more information on John SMITH would be greatly appreciated. Please respond to me at

MCLACHLAN posted by Mary Holzheuer on Sunday, January 25, 1998

Seeking information about Duncan McLachlan,Malcom McLachlan and Archie McLachlan. All were to have sailed the Great Lakes in 1880's. Born in Argyleshire, Scotland and in 1869 located in Watford, Ontario. Duncan was a Captian on the City of Detroit and sailed for many years with the Detroit/Cleveland line. Lived in the Detroit area. Any information regarding these saliors would be greatly appreciated.

MUMMERY posted by Robin Bloomberg on Sunday, January 25, 1998

Looking for information about Arthur Joseph Mummery. He worked in the shipyards at Wyandotte and helped build the "E.B. Ward", the first ship built at that place.

DUFOUR, OVEN, PECK, VIVIAN posted by Joan K. LeVeque on Monday, January 26, 1998

VIVIAN, Stewart "Mike", born in Houghton Co., MI, served on the lighthouse tender, AMARANTH, serving the Great Lakes, assigned to the 11th district, which included "United States waters of Lakes St. Clair, Huron, Superior, and the Detroit River. While he was serving on this vessel it was under the Dept of Commerce. He died in about 1933 of jaundice. Anyone heard of this ship, or know about my uncle Mike Vivian. E-Mail

DUFOUR, OVEN, PECK, VIVIAN posted by Joan K. LeVeque on Monday, January 26, 1998

DUFOUR/OVEN, William, looking for anyone who knows about this family. They came from Odgensburg, St. Lawerence Co, NY, several of the family were working on the boats down the St. Lawrence...came to Duluth, MN and William came to Alpena, MI and married. Would like to correspond with anyone knowing this family. Jleve10494

DELAMORANDIERE, PECK posted by Joan K. LeVeque on Monday, January 26, 1998

PECK, Capt, sailed out of Sault Ste Marie, MI. he was maried to Josephte deLamorandiere, she was born in 1801 and died at the Soo in 1854, she might have been married to Thomas Prior before Capt. Peck, would like to hear from anyone knowing these families. Josephte was my gr. grandmother's sister.

RICHARDS posted by Casey J. Haas on Tuesday, January 27, 1998

George RICHARDS, born about 1840, worked on Lake Superior during the mid 1860s to mid 1890s. I do not know the name of the ship,or ships that he worked on. He married Barbara Huffman in about 1862, in northern Ohio, or southern Michigan. She was still living in 1898, whereabouts unknown. Thank You Casey J. Haas

THORSON posted by Audrey DiTella on Tuesday, January 27, 1998

Looking for info on Peter E. Thorson born about 1832 in Norway, Shown in Chicago in 1850 listed as a sailor. Possibly with friend named Smith

RELAFORD, RILEY posted by Patricia Swayne on Wednesday, January 28, 1998

William Howard Riley born in Cincinnati,Ohio, work for Crosley, Cincinnati, Ohio. Was forman Merchant Marine WWWll. In 1944 was 25 yrs old. Married to Alma Mae - maiden name Relaford.

DILLON, GROGAN, LANGSTON, MACDONALD posted by M.J. Mitchell on Thursday, January 29, 1998

Looking for info on Capt. Stephen LANGSTON of Detroit B. abt 1832 Ireland; d. 1912 Detroit. m. Eliza Grogan abt 1854 NY?; children: Isabella, Emma Dillon, Eliza MacDonald, William S. Langston

LAURENCE, NORDHOFF, NORDOFF, SAUNDERS posted by Alfred SAUNDERS on Saturday, January 31, 1998

John NORDOFF (NORDHOFF) born in Germany 1827 Was a Foreign-Going Master of deep sea freighters before becoming a captain of Great Lakes freighters and residing in Two Creeks WI, USA where he married a Minnie Laurence. He emigrated to Canada circa 1862 and settled in Collingwood ON. He had 5 children - Edith, Selina b. 1867, Minnie, John Jr. and Emma b.1865. His daughter Selina married Nelson Saunders in Collingwood. Therefore, John Nordoff is my grear grandfather. Any information would be appreciated.

WALSH posted by Patty Knab on Saturday, January 31, 1998

Looking for information on Capt. William Walsh who lived and sailed the Great Lakes from Buffalo, NY in the 1850's and 1860's. I have very little information on him other than the fact that he was married to Catherine and had a daughter Sarah who both remained in Buffalo after he was "lost on Lake Michigan" in approximately 1865. Any additional info would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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