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This site is a part of the USGenWeb project and our home port is the MIGenWeb project, although it will encompass "all" Great Lakes shipping areas.  


Inland Seas is the quarterly journal of the Great Lakes Historical Society. Article subjects ranges from the past to present history of Great Lakes and the shipping industry. Each issue includes a calendar of shipping news, book reviews, and roundtable discussions. Another section found in each issue is dedicated to new members, gifts to the museum, and news about the Great Lakes Historical Society. The articles in each issue have been organized into thirty-eight categories.

Note: These publications are on CD and available to purchase from 1945-1969 Information is at the bottom of the page.

Animals | Associations | Biographies | Canals/Bridges/Tunnels | Carferries | Coast Guard/Lifesavers | China Plates | Company Histories | Cruises/Voyages | Expos/Shows | Ferries | Fiction | History - General | Hymns/Songs | Industries | Lighthouses | Magazines | Maritime History | Merchant Marines | Misc | Paintings/Portraits | Places | Poetry | Races | Resources | Sailor Tales | Ship Histories | Ship Registers | Shipbuilders | Shipbuilding | Shipping History - General | Shipwrecks/Disasters | Terminology | Trivia | War History | Weather | Yacht Clubs


Lake Electronics in Ohio has put 1945-1969 on CD in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat).  I downloaded the sample and these are searchable. 

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