A Surnames from 
History of the Great Lakes by Charles published by J. H. Beers & Co. in 1899 
Vol. 2 - Biographical
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Adams, Lewis B. 462
Adler, Charles W. 549 
Ager, Charles E. 1077 
Alexander, John 707 
Allen, Capt. Christopher C. 270 
Allen Family 82 
Allen, George L. 673 
Allen, Nathan Elmer 656 
Allen, Capt. S. C. 82 
Allison, Lewis 700 
American Steel Barge Co. 1100 
Ames, James N. 513 
Andersen, Niel 1065 
Anderson, Capt. Alexander 695 
Anderson, Alexander 997 
Anderson, August E. 692 
Anderson, George H. 839 
Anderson, James 883 
Anderson, Capt. John 761 
Anderson, Capt. John G. 1078 
Anderson, Capt. Joseph 908 
Anderson, Capt. Mathew 948 
Anderson, M. M. 1026 
Angell, Capt. George 1055 
Angell, William G. 1049 
Anthony, Capt. Charles H. 553 
Anthracite Coal Association 227 
Armson, Arthur 449 
Armstrong, Capt. William 357 
Arnold, Capt. Joseph 797 
Arnold, Theodore F. 906 
Ashley & Dustin 339 
Ashley, Walter O. 335 
Atkins, Capt. Barton 309 
Averill, Capt. J. W. 885 
Averill, Capt. John W. 882 
Axe, William W. 793