T-U & V Surnames from 
History of the Great Lakes by Charles published by J. H. Beers & Co. in 1899 
Vol. 2 - Biographical
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Index of Surnames T

Talbot, Henry C 532
Teare, Thomas R 596
Thayer, Capt. C. R 764
Thomas, Matthew 614
Thompson, A. P 514
Thompson, Capt. Charles 268
Thompson, Capt. E 892
Thompson, Capt. George L 863
Thompson, Capt. Peter 683
Thompson, Sheldon 514
Thompson, Capt. William Andrew 376
Thorkildsen, Capt. Thomas 795
Tibbetts, Charles P 249
Tibbits, D. C 532
Tilton, Warren G 798
Timothy, Joseph 624
Todd, Capt 405
Tomlinson, William 350
Tormey, Capt. E 1000
Tower, Charles C 1044
Towne, George W 825
Townsend, Capt. Bernard D 623
Townsend, Capt. Gilbert 571
Townsend, Capt. Hoyt H 618
Trimm, Harry P 739
Tripp, Capt. Benjamin 154
Trombley, Edward 911
Tulian, Gaius D 755
Turnbull, W.D. 345
Twitchell, Horace 73
Twitchell, Capt. John M 73
Tyler, William H 874
Tyler, William W 446
Tyrney, John 1037
Tyrrell, Edward 15

Index of Surnames U

Upper, Frank Clayton 155
Upper, Frank J 834

Index of Surnames V

Valier, Capt. Anthoine 1029
Van Every, Charles A 805
Van Every, Capt. Samuel 805
Van Stan, Capt. Thomas 978
Vaughn, H.A 908
Venator, Frederick 820
Vogt, George 238
Voisine, Capt. Abel 845
Voshurgh, Capt. E. D. 996
Voshurgh, Capt. L. G. 842