P & Q Surnames from 
History of the Great Lakes by Charles published by J. H. Beers & Co. in 1899 
Vol. 2 - Biographical
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Index of Surnames P

Packer, M. L 876
Packer, Capt. William 750
Padden, Capt. John D 663
Padden, John Elmer 663
Palmatier, John M 211
Parker & Millen 133
Parker, Aaron A 533
Parker, Clarence L 1007
Parker, Capt. H. F 878
Parker, Capt. Orlando J 131
Passano, Eugene 1066
Patterson, Capt. William 808
Payne. Henry G 499
Pearson, Capt. John J 1077
Peck, Capt. E. M. 281
Peck, Richard W 672
Peck, Roy Lee 672
Peck, Mrs. Susan E 281
Pederson, Capt. Charles K 855
Peil, Capt. John 525
Peltier, Capt. C. A 517
Pennington, B. L 795
Penny Family 399
Penny, Newton W 399
Perew, Frank 501
Peters, Capt. Andrew 1004
Peters, Capt. Harvey 706
Petersen, Capt. P 925
Peterson, Capt. John 351
Peterson, Capt. John Decatur 351
Peterson, Capt. Peter
(of the Winnie Wing) 127
Peterson, Capt. Peter
(of the Maxwell) 194
Peterson, Capt. Peter (of the Christie) 420
Pfohl, Louis, & Son 400
Phelan, John 476
Phillipie, William 264
Phillips, Charles H 746
Phillips, Capt. H.W 1030
Phillips, John N 486
Pitman, Capt. A. F 94
Pleasance, Capt. G. H 790
Pomeroy, Clarence 755
Pomeroy, Capt. Phineas 755
Pope Capt. Frederick L. R 185
Porter, Capt. Alexander 1040
Potter, Charles A 693
Potts, Frederick 453
Powell, John H 458
Powell, Capt. Lewis Hancock. 458
Pratt, Scott 574
Preston, Capt. Wallace A 274
Preston, Capt. Fowler J ?215
Pridgeon, Capt. John 421
Pridgeon, John, Jr  507   Photo
Prince, E. W 1007
Prindiville, Capt. John 28
Pringle, Capt. William J 262
Prior, Capt. James N 374
Purdy, Lewis C 126
Purvis, James G 635
Pyne, James R 894

Index of Surnames P

Quayle, Mrs. Anna L 1009
Quayle, George L 558
Quayle, Thomas 691
Quayle, Capt. Thomas E 1008
Quinn, Capt J. J 778
Quinn, Capt; James 879
Quinn, John 1081
Quinn, John F 1031